This is a free component for Jquery FAQ management.

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Simply create FAQs and categories display the categories in a menu item and customize as you wish.
For more information click here.
FAQ features:

  • 3 designs for faq display.

  • JQuery effects.

  • Select categories shown.

  • ask a question from the front-end and email option.

  • Full support of text alignment.

  • Many customization available.

  • Back to top and print buttons appearance and behavior customization.

  • Plugin to allow Joomla! search on FAQs.

  • Plugin to show categories and faqs in articles.

  • It's awesome.

3 Primary designs: Simple, Default and Standart.

Default: As seen in the demo, nice with graphics.

Simple: simple with no graphic but the back to top button (if displayed).

Standart: simple and small as in the joomla back-end.

New to version 1.3.0:

-Fixed a bug causing text back to top to not appear.
-Fixed a bug causing the email to be sent anyway.
-Fixed a bug causing question to be sent even if not valid.
-Fixed style when ask a question could not be shown due to access restrictions.
-Added option to change background color.
-Added option to show empty categories.
-Changed question font, answer font and background color can now
recieve any type of color template (e.g: #FFFFFF,FFFFFF,white).
-Added print option to each FAQ (Print template is still in beta, feel free to suggest).
-Now supports Joomla! 3.x.

FAQFTW Content Plugin
-Now supports Joomla! 3.x.

Any bugs, reviews and suggestions are welcomed in support@extensions.4u2.co.il


Есть всё, для простого, не большого FAQ. Без наворотов

Ease of use

Очень просто. Поставил и пользуйся


В принципе всё понятно и без документации

I used this to: ????????? ?????? ???? ??? ?????????? FAQ, ???????? ?????????

Love it!

Posted on 13 June 2015

Love the way it looks on the front end. Very fast to load on a page. Couldn't ask for more.

Ease of use

Easy to use. Install the extension, take 2 minutes to read the documentation. Had it displaying an FAQ within 5 minutes.
Thank you!


I am satisfied! Very simple to install and configure.

An additional field for eMail-Adress in frontend by submitting a new faq would be great, so the admin could answer the user personally via mail.

Had contact with the developer and got answer in one hour with solution!

Tipp: Just be sure when you enable the "ask a new question" for users to have not two form-names (instances) in one page, so edit just the form name and send function. Have fun!

Completely happy with this component. Provided a clean looking, organised faq section for my client's website - No fuss, no bugs, simply brilliant.


Posted on 30 December 2012

Hello is part really versatile, lightweight with good features such as posting a question.

On this issue the question of sending a mail sent but never arrives.

Is otherwise well aesthetically.

Greetings and Happy Holidays.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to enter the question (as the title) and the answer (As the body text) not quite as the body text label explains. Documentation would be nice even if it is only on the demo site.

This would be really kewl if this component had categories or tags to go along with the permissions.

It might be nice if the templates used percentages rather than pixels to ensure adequate display on many site layouts.

A great start to a great FAQ component.

Owner's reply: Exact comments and more features are integrated and will be available in a day or two.
Thank you for you review.

Simple and Easy to use

Posted on 01 September 2012

Thank you! It's really help me alot!

Owner's reply: Thank you. Nice to see this kind of comments.

The component have a small bug with a unclosed div, not a big deal.

But after fixing that it just works like it should! Maybe in future developer can make a module to make this even greater.

Owner's reply: Thank you for your reply.
bugs reported fixed, and your suggesions and requests are been implanted.


FTW Extensions
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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