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Version: 1.2.0 is now Joomla! 3.7.0 Ready... 100%

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Flyout Tabs © 2012-2017 by GraphicAholic is a GPL Joomla! J3.x module is a complete re-write from the original release. You can use Flyout Tabs to display a series of tabbed images on the left or right hand side of your browser that will 'flyout' when you hover your mouse over them. This module will display up to FIFTEEN (15) tabs in a very pleasing 'eye-candy' way and it's potential is endless only to your imagination. Flyout Tabs uses the jQuery Library script that Joomla 3.x pre-loads so there is no need to worry about this! This module has been tested and tested and tested again and found to be bug free, feature rich and crazy fun to use! Download it and take it out for a test-drive. I'm sure you'll find a need for it within your Joomla website.

Style Settings
Tabs position: Options are Left side of screen | Left side of screen with dropshadow | Right side of screen | Right side of screen with dropshadow
Inside Tab Color-Idel: Set as needed
Border Tab Color-Idel: Set as needed
Inside Tab Color-Hover: Set as needed
Border Tab Color-Hover: Set as needed
Flyout Tabs Top Position: This will adjust the distance between the top of your site to the first used tab. Default is 50px
Flyout Tabs Width: Adjust the Flyout Tabs width. Default is 100px
Flyout Tabs Height: Adjust the Flyout Tabs height. Default is 65px
Flyout Tabs Left Offset: Adjust the Flyout Tabs offset to show more or less of each tab. The higher the minus value, the less the entire tab will show on your screen. Default is -60px
Flyout Tabs Right Offset: Adjust the Flyout Tabs right offset to show more or less of each tab. The higher the minus value, the less the more the entire tab will show on your screen. The higher the value without the minus symbol, the less the entire tab will show on your screen. Default is -20px
Image Position: Adjust the position of your image icons. The greater the pixel value the more your image icon will to the right. Default is 20px.
Top Image Position: Adjust the 'Top' image position within the tabs. Default is 0px
Left margin on mouseover: Adjusts the left margin position on mouseover. Some professional templates require this setting to be adjusted as much as -20. Default is -2
Right margin on mouseover: Adjusts the right margin position on mouseover. Some professional templates require this setting to be adjusted as much as -80. Default is -60px
Spacing between tabs: Adjust the amount of spacing in-between the tabs. Default is 73px
Tab Behavior: Options are Fixed position | Scroll with template

Tab Settings
There is a total of 15 available Flyout Tabs you can use and customize. All offer the same options as each other.
Add text to this tab?: Yes|No.
Title for Tab X: If 'Add text' is set to Yes, type in your tab title here. Please... keep it brief!
Left-Right title position: If 'Add text' is set to Yes, use this option to move your title Left/Right position.
Top-Bottom title position: If 'Add text' is set to Yes, use this option to move your title Top/Bottom position
Title color: If 'Add text' is set to Yes, use this option to change the title's font color
Image path for Tab X: Select your tab icon. The default path is your Joomla 'images' base folder.
Hyperlink for Tab X: Type in the link path for this tab.
Link Behaviour: Options are Same Window | New Window | URL in Lightbox | Image in Lightbox
Width of URL: Set the width of the popup lightbox (if Lightbox is being used)
Height of URL: Set the height of the popup lightbox (if Lightbox is being used)


Great Extension!

Posted on 06 July 2018

{functionality}Works as advertised..perfect for what I needed.{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Easy to install and setup. Very intuitive and straight-forward.{/ease_of_use}\n{support}Exceptional..I had a couple extension conflicts with my website and they went above and beyond to help resolve the issues.{/support}\n{documentation}Not needed..easy to use.{/documentation}\n

I used this to: A sports and social website

{functionality}What can I say that Ed Hathaway has not already covered in his detailed overview of this great product? All features work as described.{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Piece of cake. Detailed instructions - super intuitive - even for a relative novice such as myself.{/ease_of_use}\n{support}Had one little problem. Contacted Ed and he responded with a solution in almost the blink of an eye. Who could ask for more?{/support}\n{documentation}Again, detailed instructions that had me up and running in minutes. As high a quality as the product itself.{/documentation}\n

I used this to: Our church's website. Exactly what I had been looking for. To be perfectly honest, more than I had hoped for.

Excellent module

Posted on 04 August 2016

{functionality}Installed the Module, half an hour later had it customized and working beautifully. Great Work.{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Very Easy{/ease_of_use}\n{support}{/support}\n{documentation}{/documentation}\n



I have 5 years using this extension.{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Really easy to use.{/ease_of_use}\n{support}The developer is very friendly.

Repeatedly answered my emails{/support}\n{documentation}Exellent!{/documentation}\n

I used this to: University site:

Very nice module

Posted on 28 October 2015

{functionality}Vey usefull{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Very easy to use and to design{/ease_of_use}\n{support}{/support}\n{documentation}{/documentation}\n

I used this to: I use it on a local site without any difficulty. However i state that the scroll with template parameter does not change the behavior... it does not scroll .
I use it with the latest Joomla version (3.4.5)
ANway.. thanks for this module i looked for...

Good, but...

Posted on 20 October 2014

I think it is a good extension but there's a big problem. Tabs are on the left side only. It means that if you reduce the browser window or use a mobile device the optimal position is on the right side. I was disappointed I can not control this option. In my experience it creates me a lot of trouble.

This module is definitely great but it would be perfect with the possibility to position it also on the right side of the screen non only on the left one.

The site where I have installed it has menu at the left side (as most sites actually) and, if you browse through tablet or smartphone tabs often do cover part of the menu making hard to select any manu voice.

With the possibility to move tabs on the right side of the screen the problem would be fixed.

5 Stars anyway!



Posted on 10 August 2013

First of all thank you to developers. I even read post and use transparency :) as advised in one of the posts.

Brilliant extension. I went to check how much I spend on this and then realised it is not commercial. Couldn't believe my eyes. I tested many extensions and some are paid for various purposes. And when I find some gem like this and realise it is not commercial it is mind blowing!



Seamlessly easy

Posted on 31 July 2013

Not many of these type of modules for free on the JED and this works better than most of the paid ones. I have sent a request to the developer, lets hope his support is as good as his module... Got a funny feeling it will be :) 10/10


I am giving this Extension 5/5 as it does everything and is very easy to use. looks good and we can do a lot of changes to the styles. great work!!

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Flyout Tabs

Ed Hathaway
Last updated:
Apr 29 2018
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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