Banner Management, SEO & Metadata

FMJ-Banners Supercharger extends the default Joomla Banner system in terms of SEO and target selection, providing a lot more flexibility and less hassle.

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  • SEO (direct) url links - instead of the internal click-registration and 303 redirect, we set the destination-url directly in the href attribute of the banner and calling the 'click-counter' with javascript.
  • Automatic (and optionally manual) target selection. This sets the target attribute to visit the target in the same window or open up a new one.
  • Flexible settings using defaults in the plugin and customizable settings directly in the "Banner Details" tab of each banner's settings.
  • Hassle-free default settings! In most cases, users probably will not need to change any settings, either in the plugin or in the banners.
  • Saves the user bandwidth (especially important in mobile networks), as the response to the plugin's javascript 'click-counter' request disables Joomla's redirect call and returns an empty response.
  • Deals with the case where second call throws errors because your site is on https and the 'click' call is redirected to a non-secure (http) site.
  • Freedom of putting Banners in any banner module, regardless of the module's target setting! While manipulating the anchor code and if 'Banner SEO-Link' is activated, the plugin removes the target settings that are defined in Joomla's Banner modules' settings.
  • Works with jQuery or MooTools! Also, if the time comes to disable MooTools on your site, this plugin will just keep working as before. Future-Proof!
  • Performance optimized code! The plugin avoids unnecessary database calls, as well as unnecessary code execution. For the user this means faster response times as well as saving cpu cycles and energy, which helps the environment.


  • Most users will find that the default settings of the plugin and the corresponding Banner-settings will yield the best results, without having to change anything.


  • Joomla 3.x or newer
  • PHP 5.4 or newer


Provides a direct link to an advertiser's site. Internal vs External link autodetection, debugging and optimization options.

Ease of use

Easy setup. In our case we just turned it on and it worked with default settings.


Was not needed.


Good documentation on the labels (mouse over)

Value for money

Good value for money!

I used this to: a news portal
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FMJ-Banners Supercharger

Frank Mayer
Last updated:
Nov 26 2017
Date added:
Aug 07 2016
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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