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This is a Form2Content CCK specific extension.

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The Article Edit Plugin is a content plugin which adds the ability to create a custom EDIT BUTTON in your Joomla articles. The link re-directs directly to the Form2Content submission form. After save or cancel the user is again re-directed back to the Joomla article.

Form2Content on the JED:

Form2Content LITE Form2Content LITE

Form2Content LITE

By Open Source Design
Content Construction
Create 100% NATIVE Joomla articles using simple forms with front-end submission! Resize pictures with upload feature and set permission for new articles. All html is defined in article templates for consistent layout. Our goals is to make managing Joomla articles as easy as possible. Instead of using one html-editor (wysiwyg) you can define a simple form with fields in Form2Content. The field dat...
OSD Content restriction OSD Content restriction

OSD Content restriction

By Open Source Design
Site Access
The Open Source Design content restriction plugin allows you to control (show or hide) part of a Joomla article content. What is shown or hidden can be determined by six different variables, namely the user group, the user, the author group, the author, if on the homepage ! 1) Content restriction based on the Joomla! user group. 2) Content restriction based on the loged in user id. 3) Content res...

Form2Content Edit Article button

Open Source Design
Last updated:
Apr 14 2015
Date added:
Apr 14 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System