The Basketball Manager for Joomla 2.5 has been constructed based on the framework of our popular Fastball Baseball Manager & Gridiron Manager (football) extensions. The basketball extension features a basketball component and modules which allow users to quickly and easily construct a dynamic basketball team website or league website with full statistical capabilities.

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Manage players, teams, schedules, venues/courts, statistics, and more. Ability to manage multiple teams in a league setting. Front-end admin privileges can be granted to any registered user of your website for specific team administration from the front end and configuration options allow the webmaster to select which areas can be accessed.

Modules included are W/L (also can be used to create standings module), Game Results (shows x number of previous game results and x number of upcoming games), and Stats (configurable for team/individual/category).

Has potential but...

Posted on 20 July 2012

It seemed a great extension from the "outside" as well as worth the investment. But despite it has a lot of potential, it is just that: an extension with potential to be the best.

Imputing the games, venues, players, etc is very intuitive an easy, it has some (only some)relevant stats and it has a decent layout

The developers are extremely friendly and accessible.


* You do not have the chance to have the totals of the player in the player page, you can only see the averages but, even worst, you cannot even see some very basic stats: games played, games started not even displaying individual games you can see if the player was a starter or a bench player, you have to guess based on minutes played.

* You cannot track "historical stats", that is all time leaders, all team team leaders or anything else.

* You cannot have the totals of all the seasons of a player, you never get it, you can just track the stats season by season but never together.

* Same thing in the player stats option from the team stats, no games played, no games started, etc.

* To track league leaders, again, you can only track 1 season not even 2 nor all and you do it through a module that only can show 7 stats categories (minutes, ppg, rebounds, assists, steals, FG% and 3PT%). Again, no games, no games started, no blocked shots, no total points, no FT%, no rebounds/game, etc, etc. The worst: you cannot add/edit or choose, you have to edit the code (if you can...)

All this boiled with the price of the extension makes the component the best potential basketball component for Joomla, from my view, it needs heavy development, improvement before becoming decent extension. If you add the fact that there is a no refund policy (which I would ask for straight away if possible), it is a to-be-done extension at an expensive price.

If you are going to track stats, for the time being, forget about this component there are cheaper and more complete solutions in the market.

Owner's reply: Feedback is much appreciated but we feel it is important to clarify a few statements as they could be taken out of context. #1) The stats page in Full Court was modeled after ESPN's player page list (2011) with the following stat columns: Minutes, FGM-A, 3PM-A, FTM-A, OREB, DREB, AST, STL, BLK, TO, PF, and Points. The stats page lists cumulative totals for each season with links to the player page which can be expanded to show individual game detail, please see our demo site. The user has requested additional stat categories and we are planning to add those for the component and module in the next release. #2) Historical stats for games entered using the extension can be viewed by selecting the season in the drop down list for team stats and player stats. Combined season data (all-time stats) will be added in the future. #3) A league leaders module has 7 stats to track and we plan to add additional stats and a Stat Leaders page in the next release. All feedback is welcome, our user community is growing and we look forward to continued development.
Gridiron Manager

Gridiron Manager

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By popular request, we have created a solution for managing (American) Football teams and/or leagues. "Gridiron Manager" is a football manager software extension which will allow Joomla webmasters to quickly create and maintain websites for football teams and/or leagues. The component creates a comprehensive database which allows the administrator to create/edit teams, rosters, players, schedules, game results and stats, game summaries, stat leaders, and individual player pages. Registered users can be selected to have front-end admin rights to enter results and update schedule information for their specific team(s). The package includes modules to help keep your site dynamically updated: Win/Loss/Standings Module - can be configured multiple ways to use as simple W/L Module or Standings module. Game Results Module - for showing x previous games and x upcoming games. Stat Leader Module - configurable to show individual or team leaders in offensive and defensive categories. There are lots of stats, with the ability to enter plenty of detail in game boxscores, including scores by quarter, scoring summary, team stats comparison, and individual player statistics including offensive and defensive stats, and special teams. Various bug fixes and new features have been added since the original release, including the ability to turn on/off individual front-end admin functions, show English or Metric height/weight values, sort roster by name or jersey number, NFL or NCAA passer rating formula, and other options.
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Brook Lyter
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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