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This is a lead capture and management tool. With a 3D rotating entry form placed on your landing page to greet your visitors you will add an extra dimension to your marketing campaign.

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The Goform Cube

It can be used as a simple, but fancy, contact form too.

More effective lead generation
Frontend affiliate management system
Inline PDF viewer

The Goform cube has both a component layout and a module to ensure that it will perform on all templates.

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By rmisOS
Modules Panel
Put content inside slide-out blocks at the edges of your page. Place any URL in the box and display content from other parts of your site. +Ajax driven content retrieval +Place any component in the block +Place any URL in the block +Place the pull-out tab left or right +Include any number of required CSS and Javascript files right in the header +Include inline CSS and Javascript too +16 different...
Search Out Search Out
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Search Out

By rmisOS
Site Search
Slide-out, AJAX driven search box. + Instant search results + Implements the existing Joomla search framework + Straight replacement for the standard search component/module v1.1.8 minor strict PHP notices removed v1.1.5 fixes problem with install on Joomla 3.4 v1.1.3 fixes errors in the language file v1.1.2 fixes the missing DS constant that prevented it from working on Joomla! 3.2 v1.1.1...
Mailcow Mailcow
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By rmisOS
Mailing & Distribution Lists
Mailshot component for Joomla 2x/3x - check out the DEMO! + Email all of your registered users + HTML formatted emails + Embed images as attachments + No more "View remote content?" from email clients + Simple but powerful website interface + View history of mailshots sent + Merge user data with content to give a personalised touch + Send attachments, uses jQuery multiple file uploader...


By rmisOS
A document management system based on the Media Manager component (com_media) Familiar Media Manager layout Drag and drop functionality Users have their own document area 3 levels of storage 2 separate storage locations for added flexibility and security Multiple layouts for viewing by category Module for displaying by category Can store HTML with each document Plugin to easily embed documents in...
Dotmailer Dotmailer
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By rmisOS
Mailing & Newsletter bridges
Connect your Dotmailer address books with your Joomla! site. A module and a component that allow your users to subscribe directly to your Dotmailer address books through your site. + Highly configurable + Ajax enabled + Allows multiple forms on the same page + Works with white labelled dotMailers + Uses jQuery form validation You have the option of using either the components view and layout o...


Last updated:
Feb 13 2015
Date added:
Jan 27 2015
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System