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FW Gallery Grand is a full featured gallery with photo and video support, 4 different design themes, front-end manager and powerful tags system in addition to slideshow, slider, map and latest module and a powerful Content Plugin that allows add files and full galleries in Joomla articles and modules.

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FW Gallery Grand features:

5 Gallery Designs
Default, Masonry, Pinterest, Polaroids and Classic designs for galleries and items.

Front-end Manager
Mobile friendly front-end management view focused on work with the gallery.

Tag Gallery
Make a unique multitype gallery by selecting all uploaded files with tags they are assigned to.

Responsive gallery
Mobile friendly layouts for best performance and look on any device.

Photo and video items
JPG, PNG, GIF and other web formats for images. Youtube, Vimeo, MP4 for videos.

Files batch upload
Fast and handy files management with batch upload feature.

EXIF data import
All meta information that comes with file gets imported including GEO location, keywords, camera settings, etc.

Images auto-resize on upload
Dimensions set in configuration will be applied on upload while original files will be kept as alternative.

Lightbox preview
Configure if you want to show your images in a lightbox or go straight to a an image page.

Language management
Adjust language interface translations to your needs or create translation for a new language.

Content gallery tags
Paste galleries or single items into Joomla! articles or Custom HTML modules.

Vote system
Public and authorized users voting with stars, hearts or thumbs.

Tags management and statistics
Tags section allow to review and edit existing tags and see usage frequency.

Disqus comment system
Integrates Disqus comment system into item view if configured.

Multilevel galleries hierarchy
Unlimited levels of galleries to build required folders tree.

Slideshow module
Autoplay gallery images according to configuration settings.

Joomla! search integration
Adds gallery items to standard Joomla! search results.

Items on google maps view
Based on imported GEO data shows media items on Google map.

Latest module
Shows recently added or random images in a module.

Facebook import
Allows Facebook profile or page images import into gallery folder.

Google Images import
Allows Google Images folders import into selected gallery folder.

AJAX or standard pagination
AJAX loads more items to a page without refreshing it.

Quick check info
List of key parameters to make sure gallery will function at its best.

JCE gallery button
JCE Editor button for FW Gallery to help include gallery or item in content.

Images rotate
Rotate manually images if camera rotation is not rendered correctly.

Watermark protection
Protect images from unauthorized usage on other websites or media.

Social share buttons
Allow your visitors to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest.

Galleries list view
Top level gallery view with all galleries included as a subfolder. No images in this view.

Single gallery view
A gallery with any number of sub-galleries and images included in a current.

Item view
Single photo layout with its display settings and options.

Gallery display settings
Configure galleries grid, number per page and ordering. Show/hide empty galleries.

Item display settings
Configure images display grid, number per page and ordering.

Menu item settings
Define specific gallery and image settings via menu item options.

Default gallery image
Select default preview image among the images in a gallery.

Item details
Set image name, owner, upload date, description, copyright note. Choose what is shown.

Gallery details
Set gallery name, owner, create date and description. Choose what is shown.

... and more.

- Slideshow module
- Latest image module
- Map module (shows images location on Google map by meta tags)

- Disqus Comment Plugin
- Content Plugin
- Search Plugin
- JCE Button Plugin
- Facebook Import Plugin
- Google Images Import Plugin

Version 4.8.0 - minor release
- New Default design for Gallery, Image and Lightbox.
- Old default design comes as a separate design called Classic.
- Every gallery and gallery file has its own layout in a different design.
- Combined Gelleries List and Gallery views to simplify front-end configuration and improve usability.
- Layout options for a gallery album.
- Layout options for a file in a gallery.
- Option to select gallery information underneath a thumb or on hover.
- Option to select file information underneath a thumb or on hover.
- Design can be set for any menu item.
- Gallery and file layout global settings can be reconfigured via menu item settings.
- Gallery can be set by selecting several galleries to a menu item.
- Gallery can be created with by selecting tags assigned to files in different galleries.
- New design for Single item layout with a gallery slider underneath.
- Show/hide parameter for a Single item view.
- View files in a gallery with a lightbox rather than on a separate page.
- Layout and design parameters for Content Plugin.
- Update for Picasa plugin and renamed to Google Images Import Plugin.
- New Map module design to show thumbs on map.

Version 4.7.0 - minor release
- Hotkeys for Single Image view to navigate through gallery with ←, →, ESC to go back to parent gallery.
- Fixed Front-end gallery setting saving its value and allow front-end editing. Also added a little hint to help configure Frone-end Manager.
- Fixed admin navigation after saving image or category in the middle of a listing.
- Fixed high thumbnails in gallery preview.
- Tested gallery with Joomla 3.8.10.

Version 4.6.0 - minor release
- New gallery type is a Tag gallery! Set your gallery by choosing tags used for images and videos to create a gallery. Any image that have tags matching selected will be listed in that gallery.
- Custom images sizes configuration settings for small, medium and large versions to keep high quality at lowest resolution adapting it for used template.
- Improved design and layout settings for Galleries and Gallery view. Now design can be set for a front-end layout using Global Setting or Menu Item Options.
- Facebook import plugin update: according to Facebook security changes Facebook import was updated to work correctly. Now a user will have to create his own Facebook App rather than using common Fastw3b app we had setup, but the rest is the same.
- Bugfix: right data column is hidden is no data is shown, image is centered.
- Bugfix: images listing pagination in admin after editing.
- Joomla! 3.8.8 compatibility.

Version 4.2.4 - maintenance release
- pagination option: standard Joomla or AJAX load more
- 1 column display option
- active tag highlight in tags view
- HTML enabled for gallery and image descriptions

Version 4.2.3 - maintenance release
- Fixed bug with menu item parameters and their priority over default configuration parameters.
- Added default option for menu item parameters to use global configuration if parameters were not specified on purpose.
- Joomla 3.7.1 compliance check.

J'attendais depuis longtemps une extension de ce type avec principalement l'import des tags des photos, fonction qui m'étais indispensable.
Ease of use
Simple d'utilisation.
Le support est au top depuis quelques mois.
La documentation est mise à jour au fil de l'eau.
Value for money
I used this to: Un inventaire d'objets et sa documentation.
Meiner Meinung nach einer der besten Galerien für Joomla. Hat sehr viele Features und kann an die persönlichen Bedürfnisse angepasst werden.
Ease of use
Die Installtion ist kinderleicht. Es gibt eine in Joomla integrierte Administration, die eigentlich keine Wünsche offen lääst.
Leicht zu erreichener und sehr netter Supprt. Sehr schneller Antwortzeiten innerhalb weniger Stunden.
Die Dokumentation ist vollkommen ausreichend, um auch Anfängern die INstallation und Einrichtung sehr genau zu erklären.
Value for money
Der Preis ist mehr als Fair für die gebotenen Leistungen und dem sehr guten Support.
I used this to: Eine Bilderseite für kostenlose Downloads. Alle Bilder stehen unter der CC= Lizenz und können sowohl privat, als auch kommerziell ohne EInschränkungen genutzt werden.

Nice image and video gallery

Posted on 23 December 2018
Slideshow with great effects, responsive design, Google map module with images display on it, batch loading and much more.
Ease of use
It took me about 5 minutes to create a slide show.
The developer responded very quickly and clearly.
Good documentation with examples and explanations. Good structure and navigation.
Value for money
The extension corresponds to its price.
I used this to: create a slide show.
After waiting for another gallery component I've been happy with to become Joomla 3.x compatible, I finally decided to go with something different. Though pricey, this component looked to have all the options needed, and some "above and beyond" features, BUT, I find it odd that they choose to place lightbox capability in the categories yet NOT when viewing the main image. Clicking on the main image advances to the next image. Needed is the ability to click on the image and have it open (in lightbox) full browser. Writing to support did not get a satisfactory answer. Though quick to respond they wrote back instructions for adjusting the size of the existing lightbox.
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Grand Gallery

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