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Free | Social Display | Ole Bang Ottosen
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Simple plugin that let you show your slideshare presentations within content. 1.4.0 for J3.3 and J2.5 (21/6/2014): Fixed issue to allow multiple different slideshare embeds in same article. for J3.x and J2.5.x (27/4/2014): Added update server and corrected image path for editor button image, and adjusted for bootstrap CSS. 1.2.1 for J3.x and J2.5.x (20/7/2013): Updated to use latest embed code, and tested for J3 compatibility. Editor button plugin can be downloaded, installed and activated on its own. 1.2.0 for J!2.5.x (05/2/2012): Initial release of J!2.5.x compatible version. Added Italian language files. 1.1.8 for J!1.5.x (17/7-2009): Corrected an error notice by adding a missing isset check. 1.1.7 for J!1.5.x (1/4-2009): Version 1.1.7 updated to use new player url, and added support of new PDF type and to switch to correct player when slideshare shortcut url includes type=d. 1.1.5 for J!1.0.x and J!1.5.x (7/3-2009): Correction to allow new embed url from slideshare. 1.1.4 for J!1.5.x (feb. 2009): Fix to avoid PHP error notice. 1.1.3 for J!1.0.x and J1.5.x (31/01-2009): Added param to choose if related slideshows are shown after the last page of your presentation. 1.1.2 for J!1.0.x and J1.5.x (28/12-2008): Corrected to generate valid XHTML by excluding the standard slideshare embed tag. Minor correction of typo for 1.5 to allow alignment to work properly. 1.1.1 for J!1.0.x and J1.5.x (30/11-2008): Mambot and plugin modified to fetch correct id and url from slideshare. 1.1 for J!1.5 (10/1-2008): Plugin for J!1.5 added. Language files added. 1.1 (6/1-2008): In new version 1.1 its no longer needed to use only part of embed code. Now you just add the full 'Embed from wordpress' code between your {slideshare} tags. + added option for choosing size and alignment.


Ole Bang Ottosen
Last updated:
Apr 20 2015
Date added:
Apr 20 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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