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JBuildozer is a component and module creator for Joomla! Very easy to use, we made sure to simplify to the maximum the creation of an application. We work hard to provide you the easiest way to create an app or custom component for Joomla.

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JBuildozer allows you to create custom apps for Joomla!
Create custom fields and integrate them easily anywhere in your application.
Manage your form, list, details, users views and modules !
All is totally customizable !


Create your own form, details, list & search, user and modules templates.
JBuildozer allows you to manage your own Css in each view.
Each template uses user permissions. You can allow or disallow access.


You can create applications and children apps. Very useful!


Create your first app in few minutes!
Do not waste time to program or search the best extension and let you be guided by the power of JBuildozer!


Geocoding with the GoogleMap API
Design your own map (colors of roads, seas and a lot of others parameters).
Customize from a to Z the GoogleMap popups and markers!


Manage emails which will be send to admin or user when :
- Adding an entry
- Modifying an entry
- Deleting an entry
- Publishing an entry
- Unpublishing an entry

Customize from a to Z the emails templates.


Create and customize slideshows. Fully customizable.


Backup and restore your apps in one click.
Duplicate apps on several websites.
Share your creations.


Import datas from a CSV file easily. Select the fields where you want to put your datas and let you be guided ! It's very fast and useful.
You can also export datas to a CSV file.


Your frontend creations are totally multilingual because it's you who create pages.
Backend can be in English, French or Polish language.

JBuildozer est un créateur d'applications pour Joomla. Plus communément appelés composants ou modules, il vous permet de créer tout ce dont vous avez besoin en quelques clics. *Exemples d'applications possibles de créer : annuaires, petites annonces, gestion d'événements, gestion de fichiers, vitrines, offres d'emplois, gestion de données diverses et variées...etc* ###MULTI APPLICATIONS Créez autant d'applications que vous le souhaitez dans un même site. ###GAIN DE TEMPS ENORME JBuildozer vous fera gagner énormément de temps dans la création de votre site internet. Centralisez vos données, créez vos différentes vues et templates en quelques clics. Vous pouvez gérer l'interfaçage de votre application très simplement depuis l'administration Joomla!. ###MULTI LANGUES Puisque vous créez de a à Z vos applications, le frontend est totalement multilangue et dépend de vous. L'administration du composant quant-à-elle est prévue en langues française, anglaise et polonaise. ###CHAMPS PERSONNALISES Créez les champs dont vous aurez besoin dans votre application (text, radio, checkbox, select, image, file, textarea, richtext, dailymotion, youtube, wikipedia...). ###FORMULAIRES Créez autant de formulaires (ajout/edition) que vous souhaitez pour la même application. ###LISTES ET RECHERCHES Créez autant de vues liste/recherche que vous souhaitez. Créez votre propore formulaire de recherche. ###DETAILS D'UNE ENTREE Créez autant de vues détaillées que vous souhaitez. ###VUE UTILISATEUR Créez autant d'interfaces utilisateur que vous souhaitez. Utile pour voir les entrées ajoutées par tel ou tel utilisateur. ###MODULES Créez autant de modules que vous souhaitez pour votre application. Modules de recherche, ingégration de GoogleMaps, modules d'affichages de données etc. ###GOOGLEMAPS JBuildozer intègre une gestion très complète de cartes GoogleMaps. Visualisez vos entrées créees sur la carte, changez les couleurs de la carte, son type, ajoutez des popups et configurez-les de a à Z. ###CREATION DE SLIDESHOWS Créez et personnalisez vos propres slideshows ! ###SOUS-APPLICATIONS Créez des applications et leurs applications enfants. ###BACKUPS & RESTORE Sauvegardez et restaurez vos applications à tout moment. Possibilité de restaurer vos applications sur d'autres sites équipés de JBuildozer. Idéal pour partager vos créations ! ###IMPORT/Export CSV Importez des données depuis un fichier CSV très simplement. Vous pouvez aussi exporter vos données vers un fichier CSV.


Posted on 01 November 2016

Works like a charm. Very useful.

Ease of use

Easy to use for a beginner like me.


Complete documentation. No comment.

Value for money

Very good for the price.

I used this to: Creating websites with custom forms.

Fantastic !

Posted on 23 April 2016

I can do all what I need. Create fields, forms, modules...very easy ! I can put elements where I want and manage emails triggers...Good !

Ease of use

Very easy to use. The easiest CCK I've tried, for sure. Well structured and understandable.


The technical support is reactive. I had a good response 15 minutes after sending my question.


The documentation is very complete. Available online.

Value for money

Very satisfied ! I can do big projects with a minimum of time. Although JBuildozer is not free, it's me who am the winner, really !

I used this to: I am creating a dating website for one of my clients. All is based on the JBuildozer extension, homepage, search, modules and GoogleMaps geolocation (excellent !). I am very happy to use this extension and I look forward to future updates.


Absolutely flexible. You can do almost whatever you want. You can create fields, types of contents and fully styled all types of views.

Ease of use

Very easy. Enough to know basic Joomla and some CSS. No need to know PHP at all - all fields pull out as tags then place&style. Excellent :)


Brilliant !! Full assistance with anything you have problem with. I build quite complicated site and help from them is priceless. Cheers :-)


Very good videos for start with, and if you have more advanced problem, you just email support, they will be more than happy to help.

Value for money

Uncomparable. Great functionality, great support and frequent upgrades make it definitely worth to have a silver or gold plan for Jbuildozer

I used this to: I am building a portal with many types of contents, all with custom fields. Jbuildozer helps me to achieve the architecture of content nested into types or categories. For months I checked all CCKs for Joomla, and other CMS. Jbuildozer wins definitely and is a must have extension
Owner's reply: Hello Dariusz and thank you for your review ! Special thanks for your Polish translation and your good ideas for the next releases.


Everything I needed is in this component. ++ for the modules creation.

Ease of use

Very easy to use. No need to be a programmer. I’m impressed of the speed to create an application !!!


Support is included in my subscription. I have used it to better understand the slideshow creation.


I have seen the video tutorial on the website !

Value for money

This extension is not free but it’s for me a very good investment. I’ve won a lot of time in development, for sure.

I used this to: I just want to create a directory website with, but I have now new ideas for other projects !

Very good CCK for Joomla

Posted on 16 December 2015

Very good CCK for Joomla
Many features to create different types of web pages, there is almost everything you could expect from a CCK

Ease of use

It is the strength of this component, ease of use, have the habit of using various components of CCK kind, it is very easy to use.


The developer responds quickly to our questions, it is always essential in web projects. Thank you for its responsiveness


It lacks a bit of documentation sometimes, but there are videos fortunately no doubt that it will progress.

Value for money

The price for the service is actually not expensive at all, because the integration is fast

I used this to: I use it for a new web project, a website that has a great home page, where the client struggling to use JCE, this will allow me to have fields like news category , places, simplify administration for my client. Without dévelloper some complex things.

Formidable CCK

Posted on 26 November 2015

Des fonctions inombrables pour une extension si jeune (un mois !) ... quelques suggestion en vue mais

Ease of use

beaucoup de plaisir et simplicité à travailler avec sur de gros projet


Un petit bémol sur le paramétrage Google maps mais à part ça c'est impeccable !

Value for money

Cela vaut largement les 119 € ! Aucun doute sur le potentiel

I used this to: directory websites
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Last updated:
Sep 27 2016
Date added:
Oct 23 2015
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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