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The plugin integrates the JComments and the SLogin component by inserting into JComments form buttons for authorization through social networks.

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SLogin component allows to login to Joomla web site via following social networks: Vkontakte, Twitter, FaceBook, Odnoklassniki, LinkedIn, Yandex services, Google, and Mail.ru.

This plugin requires JoomLine SLogin component version 1.4 or higher.



Free | Authoring & Content | smart
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The Proofreader extension for Joomla allows site visitors to report the administrator about found typos on the site. The site visitor is able to select found typo by mouse and press the key combination Ctrl+Enter to send the message to site administrator. After this the popup window will be shown and he will be able to write some comment about found typo. The report about typo will be available in administrators panel and the e-mail notification will be sent to administrator. Uses the AJAX to send the report without reloading the current web page Sends e-mail notifications to administrator Supports the spam protection by Joomla's CAPTCHA Supports dynamic form loading User can post comment about found typo
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The JComments is a powerful and easy to use AJAX based comment system for Joomla with flexible ACL, smiles, BBCodes and avatars support. Working on this release took extra eight months, all this effort was spent to make the component more stable and usable. Considerable time was allotted for code optimization and improved compatibility to third-party extensions. Features * Advanced ACL system * Antispam (CAPTCHA) and flood protection * Multilanguage support (more then 20 languages) * Smiles & BBCode support * Avatars * Easy migration from 3rd party components to JComments (50+ extensions!) * Simple integration with 3rd party extensions (more than 40 extensions!) * Joom!Fish support (separate comments for each language) * E-mail subscriptions * Quick moderation (from e-mails) * Report to administrator * Ban IP * RSS feeds * Automatic updates (require Joomla 1.7+) Support avatars from 3rd party extensions JComments Avatar plugin adds support avatars from Agora Forum, CommunityBuilder, ccBoard, Contacts, FireBoard, IDoBlog, JomSocial, JooBB Forum, JoomSuite User, K2, Kunena, iJoomla Magazine, Ninjaboard, phpBB3 (Blogomunity p8pbb bridge, JFusion bridge, RokBridge), vBulletin, Gravatar and more; Easy migration from 3rd party extensions JComments supports import of comments from third-party components: AkoComment, BeeHeard, CC Comment, Chrono Comments, Cobalt, DatsoGallery, EasyComment, Easy Blog, Ice Gallery, ImproveMyCity, JA Comment, JMovies, JMyLife, JomComment, JoomlaComment, JooComments, JoomGallery, J!Reactions, JVComment, JXtended Comments, K2, Komento, LinkDirectory, LyftenBloggie, Mosets Tree, MusicBox, Music Collection, mXcomment, RDBS Comment, Remository, RS Comments, MightyExtensions Resource, RSGallery2, SliComments, SOBI2, TPDugg, VirtueMart, UdjaComment, ZOO
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JComments - SLogin

Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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