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The Image Menu from Joomlamenus adds a nice looking "Image Menu" with SEF links to your website.

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The menu is easy to configure and style. All settings can be changed in the module manager, while the look and appearance of the menu can be changed in the included style sheets.

Options configurable in module manager:
1. Choose vertical or horizontal view
2. Set texts under the images
3. Set image sizes
4. Set distance between images
5. Pick the image from file manager
6. Choose link from Joomla!'s menu manager
7. Maximum of 6 menu items (more on request)
Added in update from 20-10-2014:
8. Add any type of url in a tekstbox
9. Open link in new window

CSS files included to give module your requested looks.

I looked everywhere for an image menu module that could meet my needs. It had to be responsive, among other things. I found this one. I am very satisfied with it. The Owner is very accessible and provides a very professional support. I requested his assistance a few times. It was offered very promptly. I highly recommend this module if you need an image menu for your site. I give it 5 Stars.

Extended Admin Menu Pro

Extended Admin Menu Pro

Paid download | Admin Navigation | Gertjan Mulder
4 reviews
Joomlamenus.com is giving you a very useful extension to the standard Joomla! Admin Menu, which saves mouse clicks and lots of waiting time. The Extended Admin Menu Pro gives direct links to all the edit pages for menu's, menu items, article categories, individual articles and active modules in the main admin menu. Besides these extra links, it is also possible to add your own Custom Links to the menu. Basic functions: Direct links to edit pages for: - Articles (devided per categorie) (10-6-2013) - Menu Items (10-6-2013) - Article categories (10-6-2013) - Direct links to all enabled modules (10-6-2013) - Add your own Custom Links to the menu (10-6-2013) - Sub menu items sorted on alphabet Functions included as option: All function below are included in the package. You can enable or disable these functions in the module manager. - Enable/disable Custom Links (16-6-2013) - Rename "Custom Links" (30-7-2013) - Hide link to front end in the menu bar (30-7-2013) - Hide link to User Details in the menu bar (30-7-2013) - Unlock the menu so it scrolls up with the page, this function is convenient when the menu gets too long and menu items are not visible anymore (30-7-2013) - Keep the menu enabled enabled on edit pages (30-7-2013) -Solved issue when "standard admin menu" and "extended admin menu" are activated at the same time. (8-9-2013) - Updated website with better looks and more convenience for users. (23-09-2013) - Fixed minor inconveniences reported by users. (13-10-2013) We want to keep developing this module to become the best admin menu. Please use our forum for feature requests, and you get a reply.
m p
JM Digital Signages

JM Digital Signages

Paid download | Miscellaneous | Gertjan Mulder
0 reviews
JMDigitalSignages includes a component and template which makes an on-line Digital Signage system from your Joomla! website in minutes. The on-line Digital Signage can be shown on any screen/display which can show webpages. This reduces further investments since there is no need for expensive hardware to show the digital signage on the screen. The component and template has the following characteristics: Create multiple Digital Signages on one Joomla! installation Create an unlimited number of slides per Digital Signage All slides are automatically added to the chosen digital Signage Create, edit and design slides with your favorite WYSIWYG-editor Choose how long the slides are visible Use the Digital Signage for news displays Use the Digital Signage for commercials Use the Digital Signage for advertisements Template with multiple module positions which makes the integration of other Joomla! modules possible Template settings like background colors, logo and sizes can be changed in the backend.


Paid download | Modules Panel | Gertjan Mulder
0 reviews
JMModuleSlider slides all the modules you want to slide, which makes the creation of a slider very easy. Install the module like any other module Select the position where you want to place the JMModuleSlider Add other modules to the selected position (moduleslider by default) Change the settings of the module in Joomla!'s module manager Change the style as you wish in the added stylesheet. JMModuleSliders makes it very easy to slide anything you want. You can slide all the modules that excist like Joomla! core modules, custom HTML modules and 3th party modules as long as they are positioned on the selected position (moduleslider by default)
JM Custom Login

JM Custom Login

Paid download | Site Access | Gertjan Mulder
0 reviews
JM CustomLogin adds a nice page where people can login or choose to register directly. This type of page is seen on many sites these days, but not a standard feature.

JM Image Menu

Gertjan Mulder
Last updated:
Dec 15 2014
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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