An easy way to display the current on-air DJ. You will need to know basic HTML.

1) Edit mod_jock.php to match your DJ schedule
2) Install
3) Put this into any module position

It works...

Posted on 02 February 2016
It does what it says, and so far I haven't found another extension that does
Ease of use
Definitely not for those who are afraid to edit PHP files.
I used this to: A radio station website
This is a life Saver! thank you very much.

Best of all it is free!
Absolutely love this extension. You need to know how to code in PHP and HTML but to be honest its very basic knowledge which is required.

Great module, thank you!!


Posted on 09 February 2012
Yeah it's a hard one to figure out - definitely not for the casual html/css coder. This is php mixed with html. It takes a while to figure out how to convert all the times and days but when you get it down - it's really amazing. Everyone on my radio station loves it. So basically it does exactly what it says it does. Too bad it's not an actual component though - that would be killer. But just a simple php file works for me.
Well it does seem to work however I think the developer missed the whole concept of what makes a module useful. If done right they should make it easier to work on websites so those that don’t know HTML can do it and this misses that mark by a long shot. The developers own website is done is Wordpress so that should tell you something right there. Make the options available and editable within the interface of the module and you may have something here.....otherwise, what's the point? At the very least you should have the option to assign a module class......
Owner's reply: GraphX,

This module was created almost 3 years ago when I was still actively developing with Joomla!. I've since moved to WordPress and make a much better living within that community.

I apologize the module wasn't customization via point-and-click, and one day I'd like to achieve that sort of functionality.

Out of all the reviews here, and on my website you are the first to complain. I'd like to offer any assistance I can to get you up and going. Just send me an email.
Thank you SO MUCH for this module. It is very flexible and easy to set up. The examples on your page were a big help also.

I was even able to embed a Flash swf file into one of the rotations.

This was truly a life saver for the project I've been working on.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


Posted on 29 March 2010
Thanks for sharing....Pretty straight forward...useful little module if you need time based rotation.


Posted on 09 January 2010
We had been searching for something to do what this module does for some time, and now we have it. It is so easy to customise just by following the examples included. We have quite a variety of shows that change from day to day, and often start on the half hour, but this module is capable of handling all of that no problem. Thanks so much for your efforts and sharing this with the Joomla community. Awesome!

Jock Rotator

Greg Rickaby
Last updated:
Jan 15 2009
11 years ago
Date added:
Jan 15 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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