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The component considers and manages 4 basic elements:

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Joomtv 6 is a webtv component for Joomla! CMS.

  • Video (VOD: Video On Demand);
  • Live (Youtube live or RTMP / HLS livestream);
  • Playlist (ordered sequences of VOD and Live);
  • Palimpsests (TV channels, elements with planning on more days).

The component uses also plugins for the view of contents, for the chat, comments in frontend and the rating of every element. The Joomtv6 modules and the plugins makes customizable the component as you want.


1) MP4 conversion
When you upload a video from local machine, joomtv convert it to mp4 format. Joomtv accept follow extensions: AVI, ASF, MOV, WMV, MPG

2) Vimeo / You Tube import
Add a video through copy and paste http url from YouTube or Vimeo platform. Joomtv make a thumbnail image preview, retreive title and description, video length from both platform directly.
For Vimeo policy limitations a Vimeo video can't be inserted into a playlist and the player doesn't allow to insert personal brand.

3) Resize video
Function is available during video import, from local machine or CDN node. You can decide to keep original video ratio and original framerate or edit both

4) Thumb video preview
After uploading or http import video, joomtv make a thumb image preview (jpg format)

5) Video preroll
Add video untill one, for example a video advertisement

6) RTMP support
Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is supported for live streaming and recording.

7) HTML5 / Flash
Players switch to HTML5 or Flash where supported

8) Full responsive
All component views an players fit size with device resolution

9) Logo brand
Joomtv show company logo over players where you can customize skin

9) HTTP share video
Share a video through a simple copy and paste of http url

10) CDN management
Manage repository remote nodes and decide where upload video or where video is stored

11) Palimpsest management
Compose daily palimpsest of contents videos easily with drag and drop scheduling interface: joomtv change hourly each video automatically

12) Calendar view
Compose monthly palimpsest with a drag and drop calendar view

13) META Informations
Each element, video, live or palimpsest channel has meta title, meta keywords and meta description settings

**14) Full Embed Video/Palimpsest **
Export and embed your videos with player and informations using provided iframe

15) Live preroll Video/Image
Insert an image or play a video before live streaming starting

16) Wowza/U-Stream/Livestream support
Broadcast services that provide an RTMP or HLS string can be supported.

17) YouTube Live integration
Supported via Youtube string url, the youtube live is an joomtv live item that can be inserted into a playlist or a palimpsest.

18) Live event on Scheduled Palimpsest
Joomtv live item can be inserted into a scheduled palimpsest.

19) Multi Live management
In Joomtv live streamings are a simple items that you can insert into playlists and palimpsests or use them as a standalone items.


Will update once I can truly test out this extension.
See Support/I use this for more.

Ease of use

Appears to be very easy to use. Use on the demo site was nice and simple to comprehend.


Support is there, but very slow on response time and when it comes through the language barrier is huge if you only speak english.


some, not much

Value for money

At this point cannot comment on value. Once I get through the support issues I can answer this properly.

I used this to: Film group. Showing films by our members.
To elaborate on support -
You get 1 reply a day. The company is in Italy and the person who handles support is not fluent in english. This causes issues with understanding of support questions. Dude tries though, and I appreciate th
Owner's reply: Dear Chris,
thank you for your valuable feedback and sure we will improve our english.
BUT WE THINK THAT OUR ENGLISH IS POOR LIKE YOUR JOOMLA COMPETENCES, because we do not solve any site structural problems of our customer.

So, first solve your problems, then judges the people better.

Thank you,

Joomtv Support

Amazing JoomTV!

Posted on 22 August 2016

We use it for live streaming. Perfect image and no lag at all!

Ease of use

We got it installed by the company, but it's very easy to administer.


Amazing support! Can't praize them enough!


You've got all you need on their website! If it's not there, just ask! :)

Value for money

Very good value!

I used this to: We push a live video stream from our aircraft down to a live portal.
JoomTV proved the perfect solution :)

Thanks guys!

An excellent extension

Posted on 10 August 2016

Functions well. The palimpsest is much better in the latest, Joom TV 6, version, than in previous versions.

Ease of use

Very easy to learn and use.


Superb, prompt support.

Value for money

Great value for money.

I used this to: I have used this for a personal project.

Great and cheap

Posted on 08 July 2016

Top for broadcasting and manage live event.
Benefits to subscribe an enterprise membership i found it very clever.

Ease of use

Very simple compinent. It based on some plugins such jwplayer and flowplayer, i used them with profit.

Value for money

I thing i've invested very well my money in joomtv and i think this component will grow in the future.

I used this to: I was looking for a solution that allow me to broadcast live events, elearning session and other ondemand video using Joomla.


Superb! Because guys have released new 6 version with improves and new features.

Ease of use

More easy than 5 version, calendar plan of palimpsest schedule is mostly important.


Fast and free! Sometime staff answer by phone.


Support content area help me to understand use of features and setup component plugin and other features.

Value for money

I buy enterprise membership and i'm building my own webtv with additional benefit as Joomla hosting and 1 month live broadcasting.

I used this to: To build my own webtv, i'm entrepreneur a little tv channel


Well you can install it on Joomla and see the settings and change them. But other than that, it does not function.

Ease of use

Sure it is easy to use, if using means the above mentioned in the functionality section...


Now we are talking the important part. The Support is none. It does not care, that its product is described wrong and that he will not help.


What documentation? The demo with the supposely FaQs and helping sections, which do not help at all because they dont really exist?

Value for money

Value for money? What value? That i got an useless extension for a price, and the developer does not refund for his non working "product"?

I used this to: I can not use it. Because it does not work. Because it was described wrong. Because the support is not existing. Because the Developer does not refund at all, even if he knows that it does not work.
It was the worst decision on software i ever made. I think it is a scam.
Owner's reply: Mr. Hans Wurst is not our customer i believe,
because we do not received any support request from him.
If a customer send a support request we replay in 12h mainly. We have customer that read our support contents or ask us by email or phone!

Excellent tool

Posted on 22 April 2014

Tested on several direct and to the structuring of a webTv with Universitaria risuktati more than encouraging.


Posted on 17 April 2014

This extension is just fantastic. In addition, the staff ensures a ready and effective support. Highly recommended.

Joom TV

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Jul 05 2016
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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