Vertical Markets, Vehicles

Are you looking to increase your car dealership's online presence and attract new customers?
JS Autoz help you online presence

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Major features

-Easy Installation
-Vistor/user can add vehicle
-User can edit vehicle
-Radius search on GeoCoordinates
-Multiple image support [Admin configurable] -Automatic image upload, resize, and thumbnail creation
-Support for youtube video
-Support for google map api
-Unlimited Custom Options Fields
-Multi currency formatting support
-Tell a friend
-Meta description for vehicle
-Meta Keyword for vehicle
-Basic Hit Counter per Listing
-Sale Pricing
-Built in search
-Search Engine Friendly URLs
-Buyer can search vehicle by radius


-Seller (visitor) can add vehicle
-Seller (user) can add vehicle
-User can edit vehicle.
-A comprehensive vehicle from
-Add unlimited images [Admin configurable]
-Auto resize images


-Buyer can view new/used vehicle
-Buyer can filter vehicle on location, geo-coordinates, make, model, year and condition based
-Buy can search vehicle
-Buyer can browse vehicle on condition base
-Buyer can browse vehicle on make base
-Buyer can browse vehicle on city base
-Buyer can browse vehicle on model year base
-Buyer can browse vehicle on price base
-Buyer can browse vehicle on vehicle type base

So much promise...

Posted on 25 November 2017

The extension is pretty powerful but lacks styling. So typical of many devs - make a good product but lack any clue how to make it look good

Ease of use

Fairly simple. However, Geolocation fails. Can't find an address in California.


Hahahaha - you jest right? Look at the graveyard of a forum. Dozens of posts with no answers.


Link points to the joke of a forum.

I used this to: Practice uninstalling a component from a Joomla website. Alas, on uninstalling it destroyed the website and I had to rebuild it. ALl I got after uninstalling was a white screen.


inspect all code before installing this!

Ease of use

Over complicated

I used this to: We installed this on a system and the site owner contacted us that in Google search results, their site was redirecting to a malicious fake Microsoft site. We uninstalled and had to restore a backup of the entire Joomla installation to get rid of it.

Good Component, Good Support.

Posted on 04 February 2014

It's the first time i'm using this component and it is really good, it is what i've always wanted and it has an excellent support. Thanks to the creators of the component.Keep up the work.

JS Autoz

Posted on 09 January 2014

An amazing quality joomla component! Not to mention the quick and professional support. Will not use any other component for any vehicle site. Keep up the good work guys.

I installed the free version of this extension and it met my basic expectations. After a few days of testing, i bought the PRO version, Its da bomb..... All the issues i had were sorted by support for not more that 12 hrs. Thank you for the Great Support.

excellent component

Posted on 09 October 2013

and great support!! I'm testing several extensiones like this, but definitely I love it. Module "vehicles by makers" shows that i want.

Many thanks.

Best extesion

Posted on 27 June 2013

The best free extesion for joomla autodealer website

thanks for free version :)


Posted on 20 June 2013

It was overwhelming at first, with whole myriad of configuration options, but sticking with going through and learning it all - pays off! I'm in the process of making a site for a motorcycle shop/dealership, and this extension helps!

Great component, thank you!

I am really happy with the support provided by developers. They sorted my complex issues like fetching records on list view, sorting, thumbnails etc... Really happy with support. Recommended !!!


Posted on 29 November 2012

Good! But need to more options or configurations for output iformation

JS Jobs

JS Jobs

Free | Jobs & Recruitment | Joom Sky
89 reviews
JS Jobs for any business, industry body or staffing company wishing to establish a presence on the internet. JS Jobs allows you to run your own, unique jobs classifieds service where you or employer can advertise their jobs and job seekers can upload their Resumes. JS Jobs offer to employer to register his company and post jobs. Job seeker register him self and add his resume. He can search job and apply on it. Employer will get resume in applied resume section. Highlighted Features * Easy, simple and powerful. * Latest design. * Mobile ready responsive layout. * Unlimited jobs * Build-in search * Refine search on job listing page * Job listing with latest style (job auto load on base of scroll, no need to click for next page) * Unlimited user fields (text box, drop down, multi-select, check box, radio button, date, email address, text area, depended field and upload field) * Highly configurable with 200+ configurations available for admin * Multi-language * Radius search on Geo Coordinates * Google Map * YouTube for job * Applied resume * Meta keyword & description for job * Enforce unpublisheded job by number of x days * Admin can change field ordering of company, job and resume * Email templates * Stats * Search Engine Friendly URLs * Modules * Plug-ins * and more ... Employer * Control panel for employer * Packages for employer * Employer add company with logo * Powerful post job form (35+ fields for form job) * Save time with flexible and powerful resume search interface * Search resumes by application title, name, nationality, gender, availability, category, job type, salary range, education, experience * Save resume search * 60+ configurations for employer * Departments * Meta description & Meta Keywords for job * Google map for job * YouTube video for job * Professional display of job searches and resumes * View job applied resumes with number of applied resume * Download resume file * Resume export to PDF * My stats * Notification on company approval / rejection * Notification on job approval / rejection Job Seeker * Control panel for job seeker * Package for job seeker * Powerful resume form with 70+ fields * Resume manager (resume form, upload resume file, resume editor, image upload) * Job listing with latest style (job auto load on base of scroll, no need to click for next page) * Job listing by company * Search jobs by title, category, job type, job status, salary range, shift, experience, duration, publishing date, company, location etc * Save job search * Allow multiple resumes * 75+ configurations for job seeker * Cover letter manager * Allow multiple cover letters * View my applied jobs * My stats * My purchase history * Notification on resume approval / rejection Administrator * Administrator control panel with latest style * Graph at admin control panel * Highly configurable with 200+ configurations available for admin * Companies listing with filter * Companies approval queue * Companies user fields * Jobs listing with filter * Jobs approval queue * Jobs user fields * Jobs applied resume * Resume listing with filter * Resume approval queue * Resume user fields * Departments * Packages for employer * Packages for job seeker * Categories * Salary Ranges * Email Templates * Manage locations in address data * Manage job types * Manage job status * Manage shifts * Manage educations * Manage age * Manage career level * Manage experience * Manage currencies
c m p
JS Support Ticket

JS Support Ticket

Free | Help Desk | Joom Sky
7 reviews
JS Support ticket is a simple, easy to use, web-based customer support system. User can create ticket from front-end. JS Support Ticket comes packed with lot features than most of the expensive(and complex) support ticket system on market. The best part is, It completely free. Major Features - Unlimited Tickets - Front-end ticket creation - Strength & Flexibility - Easy to Use - Notifications & Autoresponder - Responsive Design - User Fields - Unlimited Departments - Shortcodes for the My Tickets and New Ticket Form - Email Templates - Priority - Attachments - Fully Customizable & Configurable - Easy To Translate Add Ticket Support system in your Joomla website so you can help your customer in professional way. Delivering enterprise-level quality and features, backed by a name you can trust. Unlimited Tickets No limit on tickets at both side front-end and admin. They can create unlimited tickets. Admin can limit user ticket on email base. Strength & Flexibility JS Support Ticket is built using Joomla best practices both on the front and the back end. This results in an efficient, robust and intuitive plugin. Easy to Use Ticket system build on the basis on latest style. You will find it very easy to use. Notifications & Autoresponder Autoresponder is the term used for acknowledgement email dispatched when a new ticket is created in helpdesk. You can configure it, and also modify the content as well as layout. Email notification send to admin and user on certain action i.e reply ticket, close ticket etc Responsive Design Full responsive layouts, user can use ticket system from his laptop, tablet or smart phone. Layouts auto adjust according to devices. User Fields Custom fields are required in scenarios, wherein additional information from clients is required. For example, if a client registers his account, additional information like company name, company profile etc. would be required, OR while submitting tickets related to technical issues, server access is required in tracing technical issues. This can be gathered by using Custom Fields. You can create different types of custom fields i.e text field, drop down, check box, date, text area. Unlimited Departments Create departments that relates to the various business units in your organization. It will be sale, support, billing, you can create any department in admin panel. User will select department when he create the ticket. Email Templates Customize the predefined email templates that can be sent to users when alerts are set. Avoid the time spent to create the alert message every time you need to set one. Priority Priority associated to the ticket defines the importance that is to be given to the ticket. Change the priority of the Ticket from High or Medium or low from the Priority field. Admin also define priority color admin panel. Attachments JS Support Ticket allows your customers to attach files with their messages.

JS Autoz

Joom Sky
Last updated:
May 22 2017
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

Demo Support Documentation
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