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With JV-HelpDesk, you can provide a highly efficient and professional 1-on-1 dedicated ticket support to your customers. Deeply integrated with Joomla, JV-HelpDesk provides support services on your site, the easy way with BBcode editing, Email replies, Multilingual support and advanced ACL, and much more!

JV-HelpDesk is a FREE, simple and professional Help Desk and support ticket extension suite for Joomla! 3.x.

Prominent Features include:

  • Unlimited Categories
  • Frontend Customer Dashboard
  • Custom Fields for Tickets
  • Extremely Safe for Customers
  • Ticket Priorities
  • Ticket Statuses
  • Manage Tickets in Frontend and Backend
  • Access Control Permissions
  • Email Templates
  • Attachments for Tickets
  • Auto Close Tickets
  • Staff Member Group
  • Assign and Re-assign tickets
  • Auto Assign Tickets using Rules
  • Create ticket type options and manage them like bug, feature request, task etc...
  • Signature for users to be used in ticket post and replies
  • Notification to Whatsapp group (of staff members) whenever ticket of certain priorities are opened
  • Notification via SMS to pre-configured staff member mobiles whenever ticket of certain priorities are opened
  • Allow customers to rate support received in a ticket when they close the ticket
  • Allow customers and staff to tag tickets
  • Create Related Ticket
  • Show history of tickets of the customer to staff for quick reference
  • Twitter Bootstrap Compatible
  • Prevent Spam with Captcha
  • Easily and Heavily Customizable
  • Modules for Frontend include Recent Tickets, Recent Replies, Un-Assigned Tickets, Tickets in a Status, and Tickets Tag Cloud
  • Migrate from other Ticket Systems
  • Mobile ready!
  • Staff can add private notes in tickets
  • Set max number of simultaneous open tickets that can be opened by a user
  • Measure and track First Response Time of Staff members
  • Public tickets or discussions
  • Like a Reply, Follow a ticket, Upvote a ticket
  • Group Tickets - Users of the same Joomla user group can view and reply to tickets
  • Ability to mark a reply as confidential in Public and Group Tickets
  • File Downloads - Provide file downloads facility to Help Desk users
  • Blurbs or Canned Responses for Staff members
  • Comprehensive Permission based matrix system
  • Integration with Community Builder
  • Options for categories to decide the type of tickets that can be created in them viz. Private, Public or Groups
  • New! Lockers to share confidential information with staff members
  • New! Multi-Lingual support
  • New! Flag tickets by Staff members
  • New! Global message across Help Desk
  • New! Create ticket on-behalf of customers
  • New! Browser Event notification

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Nice visual interface

Posted on 20 November 2020
Backend is easy to navigate and frontend allows to use your own styles
Ease of use
Visually, the frontend offers an nice user experience. It is easy to access the features such as retrieving a ticket, viewing tickets.
My first day practice, can't judge. I am sure that the support of this extension is great by looking at other user tickets.
A dedicated website where they take you through each step. Each procedure has a step by step description.
I used this to: Tracking issue management of various user groups including service issues related to my projects.
For my usage it is the best functionality I could find within the helpdesk extensions. Not overloaded by or to less functions.
Ease of use
I like the simple designed back- and frontend. Very clear and straight forward to use.
The support is incredible. It's every € worth. Fast, reliable and competent. And the best: Open for new features!
The web based documetation is clear, on the point. Some points were not clear at first, but it was immediatly updated after my questions.
I used this to: providing ad-hoc-coaching, support of my framework ans general data modeling support. My customers like the easy to use HelpDesk.

Brilliant support

Posted on 29 October 2018
The free version is nice and easy to use, very customer friendly.
Ease of use
Couldn't be any easier to use!
Very impressive, despite being a free customer at the moment, it was fast and the response very clear and easy to follow.
I used this to: A simple ticket system for clients to use.
Good on basic HelpDesk function. A little bit improvement points are 1. Assign ticket on front end 2.Overall count ticket (now, count by PIC
Ease of use
Easy and high quality application. Not found any bug.
No need to get support. Found story to solved my doubt or issue on google.
Not much but helpful. I used forum and document for setup.
I used this to: I evaluated this extension for initial IT Request ticket process. I believed that this extension have ability to support basic Help desk. Also, meet my basic requirement. Happy to use extension which hard to find out the bug.
Paid download


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May 30 2020
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Sep 23 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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