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Klixo Watermark protects your images by automatically applying a text watermark or copyright notice and/or an image watermark to the Joomla articles images of your site.

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The plugin code automatically replaces the original images by a watermarked version of them before the page is served to the client browser.
Klixo Watermark plugin is non destructive, all original images are kept untouched and can be reused at any time by simply unpublishing the plugin.

Support all Joomla articles images

** - Articles content images**
- Articles Intro image
- Full article image

- Compatible with many popular Lightbox plugins

Powerful features

Klixo watermark can create text and image watermarking simultaneously.
Apply the watermark only to specified image classes. You can specify one or several classes in the settings to filter which images the plugin should process.
Compatible with JPEG, PNG, GIF and 24 bits BMP images

Select output format
The plugin includes several options for image format.
- Save images in their original format.
- Save all watermarked images in PNG format
- Save all watermarked images in JPEG format

You can also adjust compression level for Jpeg images from the plugin settings, to optimize quality and file size.

Text and image based watermark

Image watermark
Upload any png or jpeg image to use as a watermark
Adjust size in pixels or percentage of the target image
Select position
Adjust opacity
Adjust rotation angle

Text watermark
Type a custom text
Select the text font
Adjust text color
Adjust text opacity
Adjust text size in points (pt) or as a percentage of the target image size
Orient and position the text on the watermarked images.

Klixo Watermark plugin is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x.


Perfect and versatile

Posted on 02 March 2015
Well thought plugin to protect images in Joomla articles. Many options, offers both image and text watermarks with classes filter.
Ease of use
Worked out of the box. Install, adjust the settings and publish. Great because it doesn't change the original images.
Most settings are self explanatory. There is also a full page of doc on developer's site.
Value for money
It's cheap and saves my time.No more Photoshop needed to watermark photos before upload.
I used this to: Protecting photos on my blog.
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Klixo Watermark

Jeff Thier
Last updated:
May 31 2016
Date added:
Dec 17 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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