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Huge-IT Lightbox
This awesome extension is made ​​for your photos & videos. The purpose of the extension is to show your photos & videos in increased and good-looking lightbox, which will decorate your website and give the unique interest for its visitors. You will also love all 5 views that it has. They are specifically designed for you and will not leave you indifferent.
The extension is providing as for 2.x and for 3.x versions of Joomla. So choose the one you need.
The free version offers “Internationalization” section, which is available for free usage. You can change the style, transition type, closing & opening speed opening and enable title
Our company works on constant updating and improving our products, so we added a new feature - to use video in lightbox. You are allowed to use the link for the video from Vimeo and YouTube and enjoy watching it in our beautiful lightbox.
What is amazing in Huge-IT Lightbox extension, is it’s easy usage. All you should do is install and activate extension, and it will start working! Now it’s time to install and see the results.

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User manual

Stage 1. Addition of extension

In order to add the Huge-IT Lightbox to your Joomla website you just have to install it through Extensions>extensions manager>choose the zip file>upload>module manager>activate
And it’s done!

Stage 2. Inserting Lightbox

To make the lightbox work you need:
After activation of Lightbox module, you need to add images, which are usually wrapped by link with real size of the images, and lightbox will automatically work on those images.

Stage 3. Free Options of Lightbox

Here you can make some changes on Lightbox
Lightbox style. Choose one from five beautiful views of Lightbox
Transition type. Choose how lightbox should act
Opening speed. Choose rapidity level of lightbox opening process
Closing speed. Choose rapidity level of lightbox closing process
Show the title. Select this to see the title in lightbox (but after adding it into images code )


Free version is worthless

Posted on 06 June 2017
All features not available in the free version. This would be fine if it did the basics, but it doesn't size properly making it unusable.
Ease of use
Very Easy to Use

Works nice

Posted on 20 June 2016
Convenient if you want to open pics in your page.
Ease of use
I followed the instructions in user manual, was able to use successfully.
The team answers my questions quickly and very friendly, they were helpful.
User manual explains the way it works and gives instructions for easier usage.
I used this to: opening photos in my website

Bad Documentation

Posted on 16 August 2015
Difficult to use.I would not recomemd this for someone wanting to quickly create a gallery.
Ease of use
This extension does not say how to choose the images folder after install. The option is not available.
This extension does not say how to choose the images folder after install. The option is not available.
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Last updated:
Feb 12 2018
Date added:
Jan 19 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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