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BookLibrary is a powerful book extension. Book component provides a full-featured book library or book collection management environment on a Joomla-based website. Book manager allows you to manage large book libraries. Library manager can also be used to easily set up a book selling shop using Amazon if you want. With an Amazon Associates ID (as an Amazon affiliate) you can earn credits with book sales through Amazon, while Amazon takes care of the handling and shipping.

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  • Full category and subcategory support
  • Full authors and books support
  • BookID for internal administration
  • Lend/Return management, with frontend lend request possibility
  • Possibility of frontend book reviews by users, reviews management in the backend
  • Built-in ebook support
  • Book information and covers retrieved from Amazon through ISBN or entered manually
  • Import and export options (CSV, XML, Full)
  • Remote files accessed through CURL for added security
  • English included, additonal language files can be downloaded from the website
  • Requires PHP5 with GD, CURL, XSL
  • MB_STRING (for 1.0.x only)
  • all popular media format
  • all popular ebooks file format attachment: epub, zip, pdf, fb2, txt, doc, ....
  • support audio and video with HTML5

This is the Basic version of BookLibrary, with limited functionality compared to the commercial Pro and Pro Shop versions. Those are available from the OrdaSoft Shop.

On the website you can find language files, manuals, support forums, additional modules and plugins.
Please see the included README for upgrade instructions from previous versions.

General Fixes in this version:
- Fixed rights: higher privilege assigned now includes lower privileges
- Fixed rights: admin can now select multiple groups
- Checks for SOAP, CURL, XSL, GD extension in the PHP installation
- Fixed error new book entry when [ebook support] is set to NO
- Fixed empty main category not showing up with only filled subcategories
- Category & Subcategory now show in Joomla pathway (breadcrumbs)
- Full language name shows in book description frontend (English instead of ENG)
- Category tree now shows subcategories in main list
- Dropdown boxes backend now default to "All Books" and "All Categories"
- Subcategories are shown clearer in dropdown boxes
- Added checks for empty BookID to [Book Manager]
- Added UTF-8 decoding for ISO character set DB (special characters)
- Improved CSV and XML import/export

New options in this version:
- Button [Add Review] with AJAX show-hide form in frontend
- Sorting improvements in [Book Manager]
- Pull in book details also with ISBN-13 (for ca, com, uk)
- Possibility to customize eBook download URL
- Administrator can add a direct link to an eBook
- Possibility to assign different folder icons to Categories
- MySQL BookLibrary tables import/export (easy backup and restore)
- Added explanations in [Import/Export Books] tabs
- Sample Data for starting users
- Added explanations and links to BookLibrary website

For more details about the extent of BookLibrary features see:


Posted on 14 November 2013
In general, this component is useful, although the free version lacks many functions. The source mode is quite messy: mixes html styling tags with css styles, the look of the codes is awful, terrible alignment of the codes. It uses some deprecated html tags and tables instead of divs. The css styling is very weak and lacks the possibility of customizing. The security update causes fatal error in the component, I had to spend a lot of time fixing and realigning the source code in order to run it normally. The design and layout of this component is mediocre and have many typographical errors. It is needed to edit the source very profoundly. Some parts needed to be totally rewritten. Maybe the Pro version is better, but this Free version does not worth to be downloaded.
Owner's reply: Hello,

I am sorry, but we use CSS and HTML at places where WWW standards permit that.
Component built for give users possibility simply check and edit code.

BookLabrary Pro

Posted on 09 August 2013
Very good component, lets me manage a library for a club without any effort. Superfast and excellent support. I've placed an order for some additional functionality and Andrew made it completely to my demands at a very affordable price and in a minimum of time.

Thanks Andrew, keep on with the good work!

Very Good!

Posted on 07 July 2013
This is an excellent extension, I read the reviews, tried it and loved it. I didn't even try the other extensions. It is very intuitive and also comes with sample data for example purposes. Got it up and running in under an hour.

Some serious work has been obviously put I this extension. The PHP code is easy enough to understand, so you can make your own little tweaks. The import function is a life and time saver. especially the csv import. Just create your own id# for each book and get the books ISBN# (ASIN works too) and voila! just select Amazon for the lookup and Title, Authors, Publishers, Publish Date, Edition and other information gets automatically populated. You will have to edit each book to select Amazon and add description (unless you are a MySQL data jockey, so you can do it from the database with simple queries).

All this an more is in the FREE version!! I did not but the Pro because the free has all I need for now. But if Pro is what you want...It's worth the money.

Great Job Guys!!
Ordasoft-team just have done a overwhelmingliy great extension. It is just the best extension out there. I have not seen any other..

great extension.. great support..

thank you
Installed Booklibrary Pro to manage a library for our guild. As many members do have a lot of books, it is now possible to manage a full inventory and lend requests of those books, all without being a software nerd. Very good and fast support

Easy and complete

Posted on 13 December 2012
Excellent component to handle a library.

Complete and easy to use. Good import/export tools. Very good fetching tool from Amazon to import books data.

AMAZING technical support. I had a problem of malfunction of the component on my site and the support solved it quickly.

Very recommended!

Excellent Support!

Posted on 11 October 2012
I am still learning the component, but so far the support has been top-notch. Because of this, I will purchase the commercial version.

The stumble I had with the component was that I wanted to use it not to sell books through Amazon, but to simply use it to catalog business books where I work so employees may check them out. So I deleted the pre-filled Amazon tag info from the settings fields. If you leave the Amazon fields blank, the component will no longer fetch information (book cover, info, etc) from Amazon. It would be nice for an error message or some warning that those fields need to be filled.

Once my question was answered, the component worked beautifully!
I have used both Booklibrary basic, and the commercial, Booklibrary Pro version. The backend, book administration, is easy to configure and maintain. And, the frontend template has a very professional look. I'm very fussy about look and feel, but only needed to make some very minor css adjustments.

The support by Ordasoft is outstanding. I needed to achieve a very particular look for the front-end book slideshow module, and Ordasoft team worked hard to accommodate me (with php and javascript adjustments).

I've used dozens of Joomla extensions, and this is one of the best - both in terms of quality and support.
After using BookLibrary without problems, I had a system error and technical support solved it quickly and efficiently.
This book-module is just perfect for a heavy-load (regarding the book-extensions) user like me.

I have testes a bunch of Book-Extensions in the past years. I am experienced in Amazon-Web-Services-Things for allmost 6 years now.

Andrew and the Ordasoft-team just have done a overwhelmingliy great extension. It is just the best extension out there. I have not seen any other

that can compete.

It is very easy to install and there are many features to make it easy for any one to custom it without a single problem.

I installed it on my joomla 2.5.4 in just seconds.

What is great is that it supports also CURL which makes it a very very secure web-application.

The Support is very very good and makes me happy - i am glad that i found this great extension.

Andrew -the developer just answers very very quick and gives the word supppot a new meaning - he provides top-notch support.

To sume it up: i love this app from the bottom of my heart and i am very very happy that i found this superb extension.

@ the developer: keep up the superb work - it rocks!!!

You have friends all over the globe! Greetings

Well Done

Posted on 08 June 2012
This is an excellent product.

Words can not describe how amazing this developer is.

Thank you!!!

It works

Posted on 07 April 2012
This extension works fine for me, but it is a little frustrating as a few things really slow me down when adding books.

On the whole I like the ext. Although there was no manual to be found, it was intuitive and I could begin adding books in a matter of minutes. The library is formatted ok and the front-end functionality works fine too.

My only quibbles are at the backend, trying to input books. I'm fetching data from, and it's not displayed correctly, e.g. sometimes the publisher is wrong, or date of publishing is wrong, or price is wrong. I gather though that these mistakes come from Amazon's end so no fault of the extension, but something to bear in mind when you have to manually alter every book you enter.

Secondly, when the price is fetched, I seem to sometimes get a marketplace price. Often this is a just a few pence, and the price is displayed front end as .15 GBP (for example) - which looks like 15 pounds, not 15p. I have to change all these manually too. It would be better if the extension formatted prices as prices not numbers, i.e with leading zero and two decimal places. A price of 20p is displayed as .2 GBP.

Another annoying point is that books are automatically unpublished when saved - you can't select "publish" when entering the book info. Just another step but when you've got a lot of books it's time consuming.

My work flow is going like this: Add new book- copy/paste ISBN and give my own ID (should be auto if not filled in, imo), select category (should be auto-selected if previously filtered imo), select fetch from - SAVE (closes form- need an APPLY button). Re-open form to view fetched data, change to "on my own" for fetching data, correct mistakes (see above), SAVE (again), Click on publish. As far as I can see it would save a lot of time if I could hit APPLY to fetch the data without closing the form, and if I could also select "publish" from the form, or even better configure the ext so that it defaults to "publish".

Having said all that, it is free after all and just what I'm after in terms of frontend.
Owner's reply: Hello,

First of all on - exist forum - where to you may write about any errors and ask questions.

Bad why you show to us error from We can't give warranty about correct data what you take from amazon. - work as help for fill book details data.(Thanks for them - they do big work) If it bad for you you may not use it. If you see some error in book details - you always can self correct all.

About Book Price - Now you self may set any format as you wish. And as me seem that very important when human has possibility set any thing self.

We try create Book Library free version very useful with much features but any time you may buy Book Library pro version it has more features. And with that you wil lhelp to us add new features to next Book library version.

But yes Apply - may be will good features.

OrdaSoft team


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