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BookLibrary is a powerful book extension. Book component provides a full-featured book library or book collection management environment on a Joomla-based website. Book manager allows you to manage large book libraries. Library manager can also be used to easily set up a book selling shop using Amazon if you want. With an Amazon Associates ID (as an Amazon affiliate) you can earn credits with book sales through Amazon, while Amazon takes care of the handling and shipping.

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  • Full category and subcategory support
  • Full authors and books support
  • BookID for internal administration
  • Lend/Return management, with frontend lend request possibility
  • Possibility of frontend book reviews by users, reviews management in the backend
  • Built-in ebook support
  • Book information and covers retrieved from Amazon through ISBN or entered manually
  • Import and export options (CSV, XML, Full)
  • Remote files accessed through CURL for added security
  • English included, additonal language files can be downloaded from the website
  • Requires PHP5 with GD, CURL, XSL
  • MB_STRING (for 1.0.x only)
  • all popular media format
  • all popular ebooks file format attachment: epub, zip, pdf, fb2, txt, doc, ....
  • support audio and video with HTML5

This is the Basic version of BookLibrary, with limited functionality compared to the commercial Pro and Pro Shop versions. Those are available from the OrdaSoft Shop.

On the website you can find language files, manuals, support forums, additional modules and plugins.
Please see the included README for upgrade instructions from previous versions.

General Fixes in this version:
- Fixed rights: higher privilege assigned now includes lower privileges
- Fixed rights: admin can now select multiple groups
- Checks for SOAP, CURL, XSL, GD extension in the PHP installation
- Fixed error new book entry when [ebook support] is set to NO
- Fixed empty main category not showing up with only filled subcategories
- Category & Subcategory now show in Joomla pathway (breadcrumbs)
- Full language name shows in book description frontend (English instead of ENG)
- Category tree now shows subcategories in main list
- Dropdown boxes backend now default to "All Books" and "All Categories"
- Subcategories are shown clearer in dropdown boxes
- Added checks for empty BookID to [Book Manager]
- Added UTF-8 decoding for ISO character set DB (special characters)
- Improved CSV and XML import/export

New options in this version:
- Button [Add Review] with AJAX show-hide form in frontend
- Sorting improvements in [Book Manager]
- Pull in book details also with ISBN-13 (for ca, com, uk)
- Possibility to customize eBook download URL
- Administrator can add a direct link to an eBook
- Possibility to assign different folder icons to Categories
- MySQL BookLibrary tables import/export (easy backup and restore)
- Added explanations in [Import/Export Books] tabs
- Sample Data for starting users
- Added explanations and links to BookLibrary website

For more details about the extent of BookLibrary features see:

Excellent complement and very good support for the pro version.

After much searching the Ordasoft Book Library Pro component along with supporting modules is exactly what I needed and is money well spent. The support is first class and response time very quick. I had a few minor teething problems due to my joomla settings and they were sorted out very quickly. Thank you for a great component.

Good extension

Posted on 31 March 2011

I just added an ebook collection to my library website, and it has worked like a charm. My only problems with the modules and component so far are these:

1. There is a typo in the search module. It says "Autors" instead of "Authors", and I can't seem to find the bit of code to correct it.

2. I don't want my students to buy the books from Amazon, but I can't get rid of the "buy now" icon on each record.

Other than those two issues, I really like this extension. Thanks.

Nice idea.

The next I propos is done on it is working on the display layout but first of all remove the requirement for ISBN, as old books miss this, books doesn't even need to have it, the number may be wrong and you might want to list articles, pamphlets etc

Owner's reply: Sorry,

Look like you not check as this Book library software work.
You not checked ordasoft site forum.
Because other you will know: you may fill to book ISBN any number!
Also ISBN - very important in ours component - because with it help many users more simply can add Books details with help Amazon!
Also this software for Book collections !!!
Yes, you can use it for some thing other like articles, pamphlets. But Main aim -this software BOOKs, and for all books NOW ISBN very important !

Booklibrary Pro Shop

Posted on 23 November 2010

Very important componet for a library. I have tried a lot of solution but this one it's the best.

Compliment for the excellent support by the authors

BookLibrary is a great component with a limited, by design, function and that's to catalogue books.

For those reading, I bought the Pro version right away in order to take advantage of its features which are needed for the library I'm working on which has recently received a donation from a former priest and Bishop who has donated some 300 books to our small town church. Some very rare and old.

I had a problem where I needed to change the default BookID and sort from numberic and unique to alphanumberic and allowing for duplicatons as the classification for this purpose is the Dewey Decimal Classification (shelving) which allows for and encourages duplication. The site admin was both helpful and quick to respond once we overcame the problems that arise between native english speakers and those who aren't.

If you collect things other than books then JCollection is the choice but for books this is the best component I've seen for Joomla at any price. Well supported and well coded judging by it's performance.

Excellent component

Posted on 10 September 2010

This is an excellent component.If you want a digital library for your site,then this is the component for you.Has whole lot of all the required features and works beautifully.I had a few problems with the download options of ebooks after installing ,mostly caused by my own misconfiguration of settings in the backend.I asked for a solution on the ordasoft support forums and within a few hours,the admin solved my problem.I m really very thankful to the developers of this component for their excellent work in developing this component.

This is my first review of any component at joomla and i wish I would have given 50 stars to it.....Made an account on joomla just to write this review for this wonderful component.Thanx a lot..ordasoft.

Great component!

Posted on 15 July 2010

This thing is awesome! (And I'm not known for going easy on reviews) Although the basic version is doing everything I need, I tried to buy the pro version just to say "thanks", but apparently they don't take paypal. Anyway, well thought-out component that works great.

This component had everything I need and is easy to use with the exception on importing the XML files. Support is very efficient in responding to request but their information and online iformation re. solving the problem is very vague. Admittedly, I am not a computer geek and need step by step, detailed information to quide me through this process. Support, like most other components, is geared towards those with greater knowledge of these things. If you know, how to do it, it a great component!

im using this for a digital library and its great and very easy to modify.

i needed some changes and support was great and fast.

keep the good job

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