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mePRO User Activation is a Joomla 3 system plugin.

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This plugin activates the user who creates an account in the frontend, when the user has verified the account, by selecting the verification link in his/her email and before the administrator has approved the account.

This is reflected in the Backend User Manager by showing to the administrator that the user is activated (has verified his/her email) but still not enabled.

MEPRO Human Resource

MEPRO Human Resource

Paid download | Jobs & Recruitment | MePro
4 reviews
mePRO Human Resource is a Joomla package (a component and a plugin) for Human Resource Management. It is your professional, value for money solution for managing your employees schedules (roster), attendances, absences, entitlements and balances. mePRO Human Resource Modules Company Hierarchy Structure Work Positions User Management (Joomlas' Core) Employee Titles Management Absence Management - Also, includes frontend Absence Application submission and Approval module Entitlements Management Work Schedule (Roster) Management - Also, includes a frontend List view combining employee work schedule and absence application Attendance Management - Also, includes frontend Attendance recording
c p


Paid download | WebBased Tools | MePro
1 review
MEPRO UcoScan is a web tool that helps you construct all possible URLs based on a string and published suffixes and it scans them to detect their CMS. So if you are looking for other Joomla sites or perhaps potential customers for your Joomla extensions or for any other reason, you can find the site. MEPRO UcoScan is comprised of 4 modules. 1. Suffixes : The last part of a URL i.e . com or or org etc 2. Domains : The middle part of a URL i.e 3. UcoScan : This the module where all work takes place. Create a NEW UcoScan List by selecting the Domain, which CMS(s) to detect (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, ExpressonEngine, WebsiteBaker, phpBB). UcoScan will consider all published suffixes and construct all possible URLs. CMS detection for each URL takes place when the record is Published. 4. Categories Execution time depends on 1. Input domain + Number of characters 2. Number of published suffixes 3. Internet Speed 4. Hardware speed PHP Settings Requirements Increased... 1. maxexecutiontime 2. memory_limit 3. maxinputvars Important Note : Depending on the number of URLs you are selecting to publish, execution time will vary. Do not try publishing a large number of records in a shared environment since unknown server factors get involved that may cause an abnormal termination of the system. Test your server and Publish as much URLs as it can cope.

MEPRO User Activation

Last updated:
Jun 15 2017
Date added:
Mar 20 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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