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Social Media platforms (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+) are a growing driver for traffic to your blog and integrated responsive Social Media sharing buttons are facilitating community engagement and promotion. But often integrating Social Sharing buttons on your website can break your website's performance (because they load a remotely hosted script) and look-and-feel. Often you are limited as to where these Social sharing buttons are placed on your blog or website. And what are those cookies for that they place? Who asked them to track your visitors? What are they doing with that data?

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ochJSsocials LIGHT version has support for the following most used buttons: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Email.
Looking for Whatsapp, Mix, LINE, Telegram, Viber, Pocket, Facebook Messenger, vKontakte, SMS, Reddit buttons? Please checkout ochJSsocials (FULL)!

Time to take control again over your website and protect your visitors!

This Joomla! content plugin integrates the open source js-Socials script seamlessly into your web pages. The script itself is only 10K big and because it is installed locally it can be cached and thus is lightning fast!

You get full control on where you want to place the responsive Social sharing buttons: simply by entering the tag {jssocials} anywhere in your blog / article or on any page via a custom module.


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  • tr-TR (partial)

Don't like the labels on the buttons? Change them via Joomla language file.... It's your site, you decide what to do with it :)

Or you can place them automagically in the top / bottom / read more (or any combination of) positions on your Joomla! articles (configurable per category). And that's not all! you can even choose to have the buttons automagically appear on your featured or category (blog) view: this makes sharing articles from those pages very easy for your visitors.

With one click of the mouse you can change the look-and-feel of all the responsive Social sharing buttons all over your website: all from the plugin's back-end. You want the look and feel to perfectly match your website? No problem: with the custom CSS option you can make them look (and feel) exactly the way you want them to!

And that is not all... it's free for you to use on your website!


Beautiful Social Buttons

Posted on 03 March 2017

{functionality}So simple yet so powerful and functional.{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Easy-peasy!{/ease_of_use}\n{support}I needed extra support and Ruud was so kind, so patient and so thorough with his help. He clearly has a solid grasp on the term 'community'.{/support}\n{documentation}Excellent! Again, simple so there isn't pages and pages but explained well. FAQ/T&T are great too :){/documentation}\n

I used this to: Travel-related, map-based website.

Alredy wait for longtime

Posted on 23 December 2016

{functionality}Working perfect on my Joomla 3.6.5{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Absolutely very easy to use{/ease_of_use}\n{support}Ruud give very good support{/support}\n{documentation}Clear information{/documentation}\n

I used this to: I use for my office site

Just what I needed

Posted on 15 October 2016

{functionality}awesome{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}terrific{/ease_of_use}\n{support}haven't used yet{/support}\n{documentation}haven't needed yet{/documentation}\n

I used this to: Inserting social sharing buttons into my articles. I love this plugin's features to automatically insert the sharing icons into your articles and even determine which categories apply.

{functionality}This plugin is probably *the* Social Media plugin for your Joomla website with the most configuration options and best use cases.{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}As simple as automatically placing social sharing buttons on articles to as complex as advanced replacement of text and custom css, utm, etc{/ease_of_use}\n{support}As fast as the plugin :) Always very responsive, not only to questions but also very open for ideas and new use cases{/support}\n{documentation}Well documented both on documentation page as in the plugin itself!{/documentation}\n

I used this to: We use this for our community website where we blog about leadership. This plugin pushes attention to our blogs on Social media to the max!

Best social sharing plugin!

Posted on 05 September 2016

{functionality}Does everything I needed{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Install, configure - thats all!{/ease_of_use}\n{support}The response on forum received from the developer during the day{/support}\n{documentation}Easy to use docs{/documentation}\n



Posted on 30 August 2016

{functionality}Very fast and clean plugin.{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Very easy to use{/ease_of_use}\n{support}Excellent support.{/support}\n{documentation}Very detailed{/documentation}\n

I used this to: For social share buttons on several web sites.

Fast, Clean, Flexible

Posted on 03 April 2016

{functionality}Unlike several other social share plugins, this one is fast. No drag or extra calls to the server. Clean look and feel that is very flexible{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Simple to implement, even for newbies. Clean speed for veterans of Joomla.{/ease_of_use}\n{support}I haven't needed any, but the online documentation is extensive and answers just about anything.{/support}\n{documentation}Excellent, outright impressive. Gives a lot of idea.{/documentation}\n

I used this to: A commercial website. A note to the developer: Thanks! I'm not sure why this one is so much better than the rest.

Amazing plugin

Posted on 03 March 2016

{functionality}Very good{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Yuo don't have to do anything {/ease_of_use}\n{support}Very very very fast{/support}\n{documentation}The plugin is very simple{/documentation}\n

I used this to: I use it on my Sample site


Posted on 03 March 2016

{functionality}Exactly as expected... {/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Couldn't make it easier myself {/ease_of_use}\n{support}Unbelievably fast. Based on my request, the author added a feature, and working on another. {/support}\n{documentation}I am not sure you need one. It is so easy. {/documentation}\n


Amazing plugin

Posted on 17 February 2016

{functionality}It works as expected. Simple, yet powerful. Highly configurable, neat interface. It reduces the loading time of the pages. Nice CSS.{/functionality}\n{ease_of_use}Very high ease of use. Just install, enable it, touch a pair of buttons in the back end and you got nice social buttons in your page.{/ease_of_use}\n{support}Peharps the best. Instant support via forum. {/support}\n{documentation}Even though it's very easy to install and use, the documentation is very detailed.{/documentation}\n

I used this to: All my content pages.
ochOpenGraph ochOpenGraph
Paid download


By Ruud van Lent
SEO & Metadata
Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Google+, etc. are ideal showcases for your content. But how do they determine what text and images to show when somebody shares your content? Facebook introduced the Open Graph Protocol. With this protocol meta-tags are added in your blog / article source code. These meta-tags tell Facebook what the article is about, which image to use, which...
ochSEO|SMO Toolbox ochSEO|SMO Toolbox
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ochSEO|SMO Toolbox

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SEO & Metadata
New: Switch to Joomla's 3.8 new router and remove your Article IDs from the URL WITHOUT loosing your #SEO ranking and breaking links to your website! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) is an important factor in increasing the popularity of your website. There are many manual ways to tweak and tune your site's SEO and SMO parameters. This package consists of the oc...
Ochjssocials Ochjssocials
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By Ruud van Lent
Social Share
Social Media platforms (Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp, Mix, LINE, Telegram, Viber, Pocket, Facebook Messenger, vKontakte, SMS, Reddit) are a growing driver for traffic to your blog and integrated responsive Social Media sharing buttons are facilitating community engagement and promotion. But often integrating Social Sharing buttons on your website can break your website...
ochCall2Action ochCall2Action
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By Ruud van Lent
News Display
Your online channels are important for you and your business. You spent a lot of time and effort to write high quality blogs for your visitors. You spent a lot of time on social media to draw attention to these blogs. You polish your content and website to be SEO optimized. But what is it you want these visitors to do on your website other then read your blog and leave? What is your call to action...
ochGotNews ochGotNews
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By Ruud van Lent
News Display
Marketers in a content-driven landscape are responsible for producing huge amounts of content, day in and day out. But most of us don’t have the time, staff, or budget to publish enough great (or even good) content. We do the best we can, but it’s often impossible to stay ahead of the demand. Time to enable your community to easily generate curated content for your website! Content curation...
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Multimedia Display
Adding video's (youtube, vimeo, tedx, kickstarter, prezi) to your website and blog is an excellent way to attract visitors to your website, share your message AND extent your visitors 'on page duration'. One of the important criteria of search engines in determining if your content is as good as you think it is, is the time visitors stay on your page. With an ever increasing number of mobile visit...
ochBlog ochBlog
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By Ruud van Lent
Joomla! has a long history of being the perfect CMS (Content Management System). in previous versions (1.x / 2.5), although maturing, the Content (articles) generation and displaying lacked Blog functionality. There are different requirements in having a Blog then in having an article. Time to leverage your Joomla! CMS into a fully fledged Blog platform! ochBlog comes with a brand new ochImage f...
ochResponsiveImages ochResponsiveImages
Paid download


By Ruud van Lent
Are you struggling with 'tuning' your images on your site for best performance and Google's page speed ranking? What looks great on a desktop is a complete bandwidth waste on mobile devices. When optimizing the image for mobile devices, how will they look on all different sizes of devices out there and how will they 'blur' on the desktop? Time to automate Image (jpg/png) optimization and use HTML...

ochJSsocials LIGHT

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