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**Ozio Chat **is the classic multi-user Chat in the bottom of every page of the site and now finally for Joomla. Useful to give support and build relationships and interactions with visitors. Completely "responsive", fast and intuitive. Customizable in color and position. Authenticate users to login with their Joomla site login or with one of the most popular social networks login and as well as anonymously.

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Please note that the module of this extension shows a small banner ad by Google Adsense to support the development of this project.

To use Ozio Chat you must register and open a free account on Ozio Chat uses the API of this messaging service in real time, the free plan of provides a maximum of 20 people chatting and 100,000 messages daily maximum.


Posted on 04 June 2016


Ease of use








Tiene buena pinta y se instala facil, pero hay veces que no consigo ver al resto conectados.

Ease of use

Tiene buena pinta y se instala facil, pero hay veces que no consigo ver al resto conectados.



Chat gratuita e di semplice utilizzo la migliore per joomla

Ease of use

ho risolto tutti i problemi del mio sito


Posted on 06 November 2015

Se ve prometedora pero le falta

Ease of use

sencillo pero es un poco complicado



Free | Geotagging | Alexred & Ste
47 reviews
Component, Plugin and Module for Joomla! 2.5 and 3 easy to use that let insert Google Maps in Joomla contents. With this powerful extension you will be able to insert geo coordinates directly into the article parameters. The plugin automatically displays a Google map at the bottom of the article, with the geographical place assigned to the article through the geo coordinates. The module collects in a single Google map multiple markers associated to the articles, the website visitors can choose the articles to read by clicking them on the map. Plugin -> Google Maps with one marker in a content Module -> Google Maps with multiple markers Supports custom icons for markers, infowindows and all kind of maps (street, satellite, terrain, hybrid). It doesn't require Maps API knowledge. ContentMap Plugin and Module have been created by and have been released freely under Gpl license. ----- 21/07/2016 Version 1.3.8 ----- Fix Google API key module param. ----- 21/07/2016 Version 1.3.7 ----- Fix Cluster groups markers icon; Google API key param in evidence; Minor bug fixes. ----- 17/09/2015 Version 1.3.6 ----- New advance module parameters JSON Map Style to modify the default color and style; New module parameters Hide commercial activities; New module parameters Show button "Uncheck All"; New parameters Show Read more; New parameters Maximum image width/height for the image in the balloon; Fixed multilanguage problems; Modal message on istalla/upgrade; New module parameters Filtering type by Tags and Articles; Move CSS and JS in the media folder; New plugin parameters Show more Marker; Minor bug fixes. ----- 14/08/2014 Version 1.3.5 ----- Fix performance in map with many marker. New color module parameters for the Geochart map mode. New plugin params to select where to get the text that appears in the marker ballon of the map: in the same article or its meta description. New params to show the current weather in the map. New params to allows you to write a text that will appear below the map .Minor bug fixes. ----- 01/06/2014 Version 1.3.4 ----- Some new marker icon and link to all default icons preview. New Geochart map mode by TAGS. New plugin params: Position - Exclude in specific Articles - Exclude in specific Categories. Minor bug fixes. ----- 11/05/2014 Version 1.3.3 ----- Joomla 3 TAG compatibility. Fix module top margin. New streetview mode. New maps params to enable HTML tag in the marker balloon. New maps params to set a Watermark. New zip library. Minor bug fixes. ----- 13/03/2014 Version 1.3.2 ----- Https full compatibility. Fix module top margin. New streetview mode. Improve performance in map with many marker. Fix zoom icon. Added Czech and Russian language. Minor bug fixes. ----- 01/01/2014 Version 1.3.1 ----- Joomla 3.2 full compatibility. Added dynamic filter by category below the module map. New module parameters: "URL Track KML file" to indicate a KML file to show the route on the map. Minor bug fixes ----- 06/08/2013 Version 1.3.0 ----- Joomla 3 compatibility. Disable mouse scroll-wheel scaling. New module parameters: Streetview, Marker preview, Show 'Get Directions' link. Minor bug fixes. ----- 19/04/2013 Version 1.2.11 ----- Display multiple markers with different icons (Thanks to Paul van Haren). ----- 18/01/2013 Version 1.2.10 ----- Minor bug fixes. German languages added. ----- 28/11/2012 Version 1.2.9 ----- Fixed conflicts with other Joomla modules. Spanish and Dutch languages added. ----- 24/05/2012 Version 1.2.8 ----- Swedish and French languages added. ----- 18/05/2012 Version 1.2.7 ----- Automatic content filter based on content's and module's languages. Minor bug fixes. ----- 3
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Ozio Chat

Alexred & Ste
Last updated:
Oct 16 2015
Date added:
Jul 13 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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