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If you are passionate about your arts and crafts and DIY things you should definitely check out this Pinterest widget display. If you download it you can place a Pinterest display on any website of your choice and people will be able to see your Pinterest page.
The Pinterest widget is easy to install and easy to use so download The Pineterst widget today and make sure that the people who visit your website will be able to see your Pinterest profile as well. The visitors of your website will easily be able to see the Pinterest widget display on the page and click it in a matter of seconds. Just imagine how many more people will see you Pinterest page.
Advertising your Pinterest page with this Pinterest widget display is much better that advertising the Pinterest page by email or by texting. The Pinterest widget will fit on your website well because you can adjust the height and width however you want. You can also adjust the header on the Piterest widget and choose different shades of colours for the Pinterest widget so that it fits well with both your website and the theme of your Pinterest profile.
Anyone will be able to see what is going on with your Pinterest profile with the Pinterest widget in real time. No need to worry about updating the Pinterest widget, it will do that by itself. And the Pinterest widget will not take too much space on your webpage; the Pinterest widget will only become fully visible if you hover with your mouse over the Pinterest widget.

And you may think that with this Pinterest widget that you can display only images or only text, but with this Pinterest widget you can do both. People will easily see what you Pinterest page is all about with this fun and playful Pinterest display widget. Your Pinterest page will surely get more followers after you download this Pinterest display widget. So download the Pinterest widget today and make your Pinterest page the one people follow and talk about.
The Pinterest display widget supports all kinds of browsers so you don’t need to worry about that. You can even load new posts from the Pinterest display widget without going on your Pinterest page. That will make it easier to manage your Pinterest profile.
The Pinterest display widget is the thing that will make your social media experience a better one so do yourself a favor and download the Pinterest display widget now.

Pinterest Display Shows Pinterest Profile on your website.

Configuration Details:

Pinterest User Username: Put your pinterest profile username.

Width: Pinterest Display Width - example: 292

Height: Pinterest Display Height - example: 630

Board Height: Profile Board Height Size

Facebook Page Display

Facebook Page Display

Free | Social Display | Robert Wilkinson
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Why you use Facebook Page Display Displaying your facebook fan page on your website is easy with the use of facebook widget and facebook likebox. It is easy to download and install facebook widget and facebook likebox on your website. The facebook widget is of great benefits as it displays your facebook fan page, facebook comments, likes and shares. In addition, you can customize the facebook display widget to distinguished features on your website and facebook fan page. The widget makes it easier for visitors of your website to follow and like your facebook fan page. Besides, the visitors can view your facebook updates, friends, followers, links and photos you post on your website. The ease of the facebook widget is likely to make the visitors to be your followers. You can control whatever you want displayed on your facebook page by customizing the facebook likebox in various ways. Importance of using Facebook Page Display The facebook likebox widget display is a connection of your website to your facebook fan page, hence increasing traffic to the site. Installation of the facebook likebox widget display is much easier, and requires no technical skills. The major benefit of the facebook widget display installation on your website is that, only the facebook header displayed and the cover photo of your facebook fan page is hidden. The number of your facebook likes, and profile photos of your facebook followers is displayed below the cover photo. The facebook likebox widget display attracts more friends and followers to your website by displaying your facebook likes, comments and profile photos to friends of your followers. Therefore more traffic and followers are attracted in your site. Facebook Widget Display Features If you have always wondered how to connect your site with your facebook fan page, the facebook likebox widget display is the best solution. The facebook likebox widget enables visitors of your website to not only follow and like your facebook fan page but also post and see your facebook updates directly on the website. Below are some of the Facebook Page display characteristics: Small facebook likebox header The facebook likebox widget display hides the cover photo The facebook likebox widget shows faces of those who like your facebook fan page Has an adapt container width The facebook likebox display page height has specific number of pixels The facebook likebox display page width has defined number of pixels Timeline, events and messages tabs are also available on the facebook likebox widget The facebook likebox widget has text field which displays the facebook page name The facebook likebox displays your facebook fan page on your website Your facebook page URL on your website is displayed by the facebook likebox widget. The facebook page display attracts more facebook user which can get your more facebook followers and facebok visitors to your website by displaying the facebook photos, facebook likes and facebook comments of those who like to their facebook friends, hence building confidence with the site. All you need is to download the facebook likebox and link it with your site. The facebook likebox brings more facebook user follows and visitors to your website. You can also customize the facebook likebox height and facebook likebox width as displayed in your site. KEYWORDS facebook, facebook page, facebook page display, facebook page plugin, facebook page widget, facebook page like, facebook page like box, facebook page plugin widget, facebook page module, facebook page joomla, facebook page joomla module, facebook width, facebook height, facebook stream, facebook followers

Pinterest Display

Robert Wilkinson
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May 29 2016
Date added:
Jan 23 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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