Powerful Email Editor makes changing content of emails to send out manageable through the Joomla BACK END. Easy to use and supports multilingual sites.

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With HTML email support, it will make your email content more colorful and attractive.
With "Parameters" and " Format Parameters" support, it will make your email content more meaningful.

  • Supports both HTML email and Plain text email
  • Manageable fields

    • From name
    • From email
    • To email
    • CC
    • BCC
    • Subject
    • Body
    • Attachments
  • Ability to send emails to all users who Receive System E-mails = Yes

  • Multiple files attachment to an email
  • Multilingual support
  • Dynamic parameters which make emails more meaningful and flexible.
  • Ability to format Dynamic parameters
  • Ability to add more emails to send out

No core hacks.

Now Powerful Email Editor supports the following :

  • Joomla standard emails
  • Kunena emails
  • Virtuemart emails


Works ok with registered customers. Guest customers never receive any email.

Ease of use

Not so easy to use. Wrong examples. No testing capability. You need to actually place an order on your site to view emails you create.


Completely non-existent! Send an email to the President of the USA. You have more chances to receive an answer than from these guys.


Nothing at all. Guess as you go. Trial and error. And believe me, there will be much error, error, error...

Value for money

No value at all. Probably a scam.

I used this to: My eshop. I can't even begin to imagine how many customers I lost due to this extension. STAY AWAY!


Not able to install any of their plugins in J3.4.5, but can be patched manually. However its also inserting wrong information in emails!

Ease of use

Relatively easy to use, but this is not really relevant in this case!


Not existing...! At best I received receipt, but not any answers of any use.


Nothing relevant

Value for money

No value, money down the drain. I would call this a scam, when you sell software not working and not responding or helping in any way!

I used this to: I'm never gonna use it. Been working with Joomla since ver. 1.0.5 and never seen worse than this.....


It doesn't work

Ease of use

if it worked


no support..

Value for money


Recently I purchased the extension for a virtuemart website. Unfortunate the software is not working as intended. Testing of the different email messages is not working by clicking the preview buttons, so I need to place an order before I can check if the email message is working correctly. Contacted the developper for several times, but no reaction at all.

Software looks promissing so I hope to get things fixed in the end...

Simple, easy and work...

Posted on 09 December 2012

Nice addon to Joomla site. Installation is pretty easy. Supports multiple languages. A lot of parameters available according to each email. Especially parameter fields from table, that idea is really appreciated.

It help turn my joomla site emails look more professional.

This extension is definitely one of the most useful extensions out there and should be used with nearly every website.

The extension lets you modify the wording for all the Joomla e-mails and will even let you add custom profile fields that you have added yourself.

Support for this extension was on point as well!

Greate component

Posted on 14 April 2012

The installation is very easy. It supports multiple language site and it does work well. It offers link which send you to the test page for each email which make it more easy to test.

I like the idea of "Parameters" which allows me to add more data such as user id, user name, name,email and all possible profile fields for registration emails. The team also offer great support which worth every penny spent on it

Keep up the good work

Great !!

Posted on 30 March 2012

This extension is really easy to used, your can add, images, colors, or whatever you want in all the emails send by joomla (email to user, email to admin, forget password, etc...) and it's multilang !

And also for the content you can add all the parameter from the #__users table, the date, the ip adress, user_id, etc... and the best? it support all the field add with the cck Seblod !!!

If you need someting, you can ask the team to help you and for me, I haven't seen such a good support, so professional!!

It save you a lot of time!

thank to the team


Powerful Email Editor

Version 2.0.23 & Version 3.0.5
Powerful Email Editor Team
Last updated:
Sep 08 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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