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Provide Support Live Chat module offers Provide Support Live Chat system integration with Joomla-based websites. It will help you to add the Live Chat button to a specified position on your website pages quickly and with minimum effort.

The module is offered for free. But it requires an account in Provide Support Live Chat system ( for proper functioning. Accounts in Provide Support system are offered on a subscription basis, the pricing is available at , for testing purposes free 10-day fully functional trial is available. The trial is provided without any limitations, all features are supported during it.

The module supports Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.x.

*** About Provide Support Live Chat system ***

Provide Support ( is a live chat and real-time website monitoring service provider. The service has been available since 2003, and Provide Support has proven to be the one of the most stable and reliable Live Chat vendors on the market.

*** Features available in Provide Support Live Chat module for Joomla ***

The following features are available in the Provide Support live chat module:

  • Possibility to add a chat button or text chat link to any position predefined in the theme chosen for your website
  • Ability to tie your chat button or text chat link to a fixed position on the browser window, so that your chat button / link is always visible, even when the page is scrolled up and down
  • Possibility to choose specific menu items or single posts to show the chat button / link
  • Possibility to monitor the whole website even if the chat button / link is hidden on specific pages.

*** Key Provide Support Live Chat features ***

With Provide Support Live Chat tool you will take advantage of the following features:

  • Real Time Visitor Monitoring – lets you follow your visitors and see the pages they browse in real time
  • Proactive Chat Invitations – invite your website visitors to chat while they are browsing your website
  • Secure Connection – Enable secure connection if you share sensitive information in chat sessions
  • Rich set of features which make chatting experience exceptional – while chatting with your visitors you can insert emoticons, send files, push pages, navigate them through your website, invite your co-workers for assistance and much more
  • Customizable Visitor Live Chat Messenger – make your brand recognizable by uploading your logo and greetings to the chat messenger, let it seamlessly blend with your website design
  • User friendly interface – upload your agents' photos and add individual greetings to make chat experience more pleasant.
  • Customizable Pre-chat and Leave a Message Forms – request additional information from your visitors before chatting with them or while they leave you messages during your offline hours.
  • Ask your questions in Provide Support's 24 / 7 support chat

Provide Support Live Chat

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Nov 19 2014
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Nov 19 2014
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