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One of the best looking and easiest to use image galleries for Joomla! Built around a beautiful and modern responsive design. The demo is a must-see. You'll love it!

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Justified Fixed-Width Layout...

Add beautiful edge-to-edge image galleries to your site with clean, crisp edges, without cropping or changing the aspect ratios of your images. The effect is just like what you see on Flickr, Google Photos and the Windows 10 Photos app - why should the big companies be the only ones with such great photo layouts?

Easy to Use...

It's easy to add RC Justified Gallery to any article on your site, with just three clicks from the article editor. That, plus automatic thumbnail creation, make this an incredibly easy plugin to use - You can get your first galleries up and running in under 2 minutes.


RC Justified Gallery looks great on all screen sizes, from phones and tablets up to desktop monitors. It also dynamically resizes as the browser window changes size.


Some high quality add-ons are already available, and more are currently in development.

Optional Built-in Shadowbox / Lightbox...

RC Justified Gallery includes a gorgeous jQuery based shadowbox (or lightbox), with silky smooth animations done in a way that'll really make your images pop. If you prefer, you can use it with whichever other shadowbox or lightbox plugin you normally use.


You can change the image spacing and the size of the rows in your galleries, round off corners on your thumbnails and choose whether or not to show the image names, depending on your needs.

Detailed Documentation...

While the plugin is very easy to use, its functions are documented in detail in the extensive user guide.

New in version 4.0.0:

This is a pretty big release...

WebP Thumbnails (if supported by server)
WebP thumbnails are now created alongside jpg ones, and are served up to supported browsers, reducing download size by ~33%.

Support for additional image formats
.webp, .bmp and .wbmp image formats are now supported, alongside the existing .jpg, .png and .gif.

Show image titles in the shadowbox
This has been the one of the most requested features for a little while. Well, now it's here!

Loads of new customisation options
* Thumbnail background colour (for while the images are loading)
* Image titles are fully customisable
* Rounded corners for thumbnails
* Sepia and greyscale options for thumbnails
* Change overlay colour and opacity in the shadowbox

Image sorting
Another heavily requested feature. Images can now be sorted by either file name, date or just random. Date is based on the exif data, if available.

Lazy loading
Images now load after the initial page load, meaning that your galleries won't slow down navigation around your site. Don't worry though - this doesn't result in content moving around on the page as the images load. Instead, the thumbnail placeholders are shown on the page already in the correct size for the images to pop into.

Image rotation
The gallery now respects any rotation data in the image's exif, making sure your images are always the right way round

New in version 3.4.0:

  • Curved corners for image thumbnails.
  • Open images in the shadowbox at a smaller size (Several requests were received for this feature. I hope you enjoy it!)

New in version 3.3.0:

  • Support for the Joomla update system
  • Better handling for when a user closes the shadowbox while an image is still loading
  • Some code housekeeping

New in version 3.2.1:

  • PHP 7 support - There weren't any errors, but have now removed a deprecated API call.

New in version 3.2.0:

  • Support for a new addon! There's now a social addon, which lets you add buttons to the shadowbox to share directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Tumblr.
  • Support for anchor links. Anchor links allow directly linking to an image in the gallery. When the page loads, it scrolls to that image in the gallery, and opens it in the shadowbox seamlessly.

New in version 3.1.3:

  • Update to the image sizing algorithm, to keep images much closer to the target row height, for a cleaner, more organized look.

New in version 3.1.2:

  • Minor bug fix release

New in version 3.1.1:

  • Now supports touch gestures! Mobile users can now swipe left or right to navigate through images in the shadowbox (note that if you're updating from an older version, you may need to change to the newer shadowbox in the plugin's settings to get this feature).

Design inspired by Flickr and Google Photos

Excellent gallery

Posted on 15 February 2018

It's a simple and responsive gallery that works fine on mobile devices too. It is recommended if you have a large number of photos.

Ease of use

It is very easy to set up, with its editor button addon you need only one click!


I asked Rich a little question and his answer was very quick and resolutive.


The documentation is rich and very clear.

I used this to: I used it in the website of a gardener, in its photographic showcase.


Smart plugin, with works great an Desktop-PC's AND on mobile devices.

Ease of use

Very easy and fast to use!


Nice and fast fast contact! Thanks a lot for your help!


Perfect and easy to understand!

I used this to: I use the plugin for my portfolio-presentation and also in articles if I have a few pictures to show

What a find ! Superb.

Posted on 16 December 2016

Very easy to use. I did find that I needed to make sure my site wasn't caching then it started working immediately and perfectly.

Ease of use

Very easy to use.


I got support in a timely manner from the developer when it wasn't yet supporting php7 now it is.


I didn't need it and perhaps this needs to be a bit easier to find on his website, it is there !

I used this to: I use this for in module (make sure you prepare the content in module settings so the tags render) and content gallery for my Best Antigua website.

Almost perfect

Posted on 29 September 2016

Nice gallery effects and great on mobile devices too.
Only thing I miss is option to show title on large popup-photo

Ease of use

I love the compatibility with sigplus (same activation tag, same labels.txt format) made switching over so much easier!


Nice, complete instruction manual

I used this to: All my galleries of world wide scuba diving and travels


Posted on 24 August 2016

The plugin works great and I use it for my photography website.

Ease of use

With this plugin insert galleries in joomla articles is super easy


Great! I had a problem with the plugin and within 5 minutes the developer has answered me.


The documentation is very clear and simple.

I used this to: The plugin works great and I use it for my photography website. There are not many photographers who use this for your web cms because wordpress is more comfortable to create galleries. Now with this plugin there are no excuses for photographers to use joomla !!!


A++. Updated, always current / updated, and continuous development. You can't hope for better, refreshing and appreciated.

Ease of use

A++. That's the entire reason I use this - it's easy to use, looks fantastic. I work with thousands of images, this is now my go-to gallery.


A++. I asked, Rich answered. Kind, skilled, and even added functionality based on our conversation. Almost unheard of these days. Thanks!


A++ Solid, and you don't even need it - it's SO easy to use and does a perfect job of managing and displaying content.

I used this to: Displaying thousands of photos on my sites. I tested dozens of joomla gallery extensions over the last month, this is the best one of them all. I don't need crazy bling/flashiness, I need quick, smart management and pleasing display of photos. Nothing compares to this one.


Simple, original, coherently and perfectly working plugin.

Ease of use

No problem. A "Editor Button Add-on" is also available to further simplify a work that's simple itself.


Excellent! I had a problem concerning the ajax codes I'm using in a site: the answer was immediate and richly resolutive!


Nearly exagerate.

I used this to: a site of mine to manage events photos.. I think I'm going to use this plugin in other contexts.


Le résultat est très élégant et "responsif" !
Pas fait pour gérer des milliers d'images, mais ce n'est pas ce qu'on lui demande.

Ease of use



Documentation claire et complète

I used this to: Pour montrer les réalisations d'une TPE
Owner's reply: Salut,

Merci pour votre commentaire. J'ai remarqué que vous avez marqué 0 pour le soutien. Comme je n'ai jamais entendu parler de vous autre que cette critique, je suppose que c'était une erreur. Cela semble avoir un effet négatif sur le score global de la galerie, donc si c'était une erreur, cela vous dérangerait-il de corriger le score s'il-vous-plaît?

Toutes mes excuses pour mon français. J'utilise Google Traduction.




This extension is very simple, usefull and looks great

Ease of use

This extension is very simple to use!


Support is fast and professionaly

I used this to: I use this extension for galleries in k2 items with responsive websites.


Just all functions included you need for a professionalgallery look!

Ease of use

If you know joomla!, you really don't need a documentation at all! All options are very clear and simple to handle!


I had an issue with blurry thumbnails, and just sent a request. A day later, Rich digged into the issue and followed up, till it was solved!


Very clear and easy to understand!

I used this to: I will now use this gallery for all my sites! Because it looks so good, it is adapting to my template and it is easy to use! I want to take the opportunity to thank Rich for his great support and for sticking with me, until the problem was solved! Thanx again - you made my day!!!
RC Team

RC Team

Free | Thematic Directory | Rich Court
1 review
RC Team RC Team is a completely free, easy to use, team profile component for Joomla. Features Easy to Use Add as many teams and team members as you need, through a simple and intuitive interface. Responsive RC Teams looks great on all screen sizes, from phones and tablets up to desktop monitors. It also dynamically resizes as the browser window changes size. Gorgeous RC Teams takes on the style of your template, but also uses some of the latest CSS3 styling options to really make your site pop. Customisable Choose the number of columns you want to use, so you can make sure RC Team always looks great with any template. You can also choose between a light and dark theme. Contact Icons RC Teams supports a big range of contact icons, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and loads more. If there's one you want that isn't in there - let me know! Detailed documentation While RC Team is very easy to use, its functions will be documented in detail in an extensive user guide, coming in the next few days.
Editor Button Addon for RC Justified Gallery

Editor Button Addon for RC Justified Gallery

Paid download | Editor Buttons | Rich Court
0 reviews
Editor Button Addon for RC Justified Gallery is an addon for use alongside RC Justified Gallery, that lets your site authors easily and quickly add beautiful galleries to their articles. Flexible... Even though the interface is simple, this plugin still gives you all the inline gallery options RC Justified Gallery offers. Only 3 Clicks... Galleries can be added to articles with only 3 clicks, right from the article editor. Makes Your Life Easier... So simple, you can let all of your site's authors add their own galleries, without having to train them on entering the correct markup. Note that this plugin is ONLY designed to work in combination with the RC Justified Gallery plugin, which is available here: New in version 5.0.0: Rebuilt front-end, no longer relies on Bootstrap, jQuery or any other JS libraries. Clean new responsive design Support for the main gallery's latest features (see New in version 4.1.0: Support for the main gallery's latest features (options for curved corners and smaller images in the shadowbox) New in version 4.0.0: Pretty much completely rewritten. Now uses Bootstrap to display popup, which fixes compatibility issues with the latest TinyMCE editor
RC Share Bar

RC Share Bar

Free | Social Share | Rich Court
0 reviews
RC Share Bar is a lightweight plugin for adding social share buttons to your articles. Lightweight... RC Share Bar doesn't load all the usual social APIs or libraries you get along with share buttons, just a tiny bit of HTML and a few small images, so it loads faster, and your visitors aren't tracked by the social networks, like they would otherwise be. Beautiful... RC Share Bar makes use of CSS3 transitions for a simple, modern and elegant feel that works well in any template. Easy to Use... As with all my plugins, RC Share Bar is very simple to use. You can just install it and leave it, or customise using the various plugin options. Image Preloading... Images are preloaded when the page loads, so to give really smooth hover animations.

RC Justified Gallery

Rich Court
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Nov 08 2018
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Jan 05 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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