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Related Articles Tags plugin will display related articles at the bottom of your main article.

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The relation between your main article and the related articles is done by using the keywords (tags) that you've written into your backend, in each articles of your website (in the tab "Publication" of your articles backend page). Every kewords of your main article are searched into the others articles. When an article has a at least one same keyword, this latter is displayed into the related list of articles.

Le plugin Related Articles Tags permet d’afficher sous un article une liste d’articles en rapport avec l’article principal de vos pages.

Les articles proposés sont récupérés via les mots clés (tags) entrés dans votre backend, dans l’onglet “Publication” de vos articles. Tous les mots clés de votre article principal sont recherchés dans l’ensemble des autres articles de votre site Joomla. Lorsqu’un article possède au moins un mot clé similaire, ce dernier est affiché dans la liste des articles relatifs à votre article principal.

Ultimate Media Manager for K2

Ultimate Media Manager for K2

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Utimate Media Manager for K2 is a K2 component plugin which allows to add images, videos and sounds to your K2 articles. For each media added to your articles a token is generated (42 char length computed with numbers and letters). You only have to copy this token and place it into the body of your article at the place of your choice and that's it! You can add as media as you want and of course you can combine all media into the same article (image, video and sound).
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Related Articles Tags

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Last updated:
Jan 12 2016
Date added:
Jan 03 2016
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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