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This is a module to display a revolver maps 3d globe (from displaying a dot (with flag icons and locations) for each current visitor on your website.

No registration required at, just change the parameters in your Joomla admin panel or visit and copy & paste the generated code they give you in the Joomla admin panel parameter.

Now uses HTML5 and compatible on iOS and non-flash enabled browsers. Advanced Live Statistics as long as the module is shown on every recordable page.

Important Note: The ID it installs with is for my demo site. If you want to reset the visitor count and associate it with just your site, you'll need to visit and take your generated ID from the script code they give you:

For example:


The Unique ID code would be "3jOSAW42Ch" (without the double-quotes)

- Enhancement: Updated widget from RevolverMaps uses HTML5
- Enhancement: Compatible with Joomla v3.x
- Parameters: Obsolete options removed (eg. Flash)

- Added Module Parameter: Custom Background Color
- Added Module Parameter: CSS3 Rounded Corners
- Added Module Parameter: Revolvermaps URL (rc.* or jc.*)
- Corrected short form PHP tags (ie. removed these).

- Upgraded to work with Joomla 2.5.x

- Checked compatibility: Internet Explorer v6+, Mozilla Firefox v3.5+, Google Chrome v5+
- Trimmed any spaces from posted data and html code.
- Used selection of "width x height" values.
- Added alignment parameter ("float") relative to its container.
- Added div and parameter "module class" so that class name actually works... 
- Added parameter to switch between Java (applet) or Flash (swf)

- Separated all parameters to be configured in the Joomla admin panel
- No need to visit to generate code
- Language file created (English GB only)

- Added GNU/GPL License information to xml/php
- Removed must agree to license
- Moved to section not requiring registration

Joomla 2.5

Posted on 01 December 2012
This extension is very good, you can use revolver map in joomla 2.5 by simply adding the web code (javascript) into a javascript module (search javascript extension module)

Not bad

Posted on 02 June 2011
Nice extension. Though it navigates the visitor away from your site. I agree with the person who requested for one which can open in a different window.


Great but...

Posted on 02 October 2010
Love the way this module (and revolver maps) works and looks. But why oh why can't the link open in a new window. The reasoning on the FAQ "your guests will come back, don't worry" doesn't really work for me ;-) Agree with earlier posts suggesting a commercial version at a reasonable fee without link and logo.

Great Mod

Posted on 22 September 2010
I couldn't use Google based visitor maps on one of my websites.

This was pretty simple to install and it took just a minute or two to get the "code" for my map.

I must confess I tried this several months ago and I didn't like it--- I never paid attention to the importance of changing the "code". Now it works great (and correctly). Thanks for the Module

Nicely done.

Posted on 24 August 2010
It's a nice module integrating Revolver Maps. However, I found a problem with the override script section of the module; hoping it would override the options displayed, on frontend it shows a cropped 3d globe and doesn't display what was in the override textbox. (perhaps this was geared more to 3d rather than 2d?)

If the override is to display the contents directly, then there's a problem with it. (I attempted to override using code that displays a 2D map)

but all in all, it's a great effort! Keep up the good work.

Nice extension

Posted on 01 August 2010
It would be helpful if you could add the Module Class Suffix parameter to the admin panel.
Owner's reply: Thanks for the vote strategist. I realized v1.1 didn't use this parameter and have fixed this with v1.2. v1.1 was originally just jokingly submitted for a friend who asked if it could be done. In v1.2, the module class suffix applies to the DIV layer of the module. If it is blank then the module ignores it.

Good Extention

Posted on 30 July 2010
There are some issues with this well thought out and executed extension. I would like to see a way of centering the display. Also, there is, as another user pointed out, a border next to the display?

One other issue, the display, using FireFox and a PC, is cut off at the bottom. This is not seen with my Mac using FireFox, too.
Owner's reply: Thanks for the vote!

Unfortunately I've been unable to recreate the border issue. Some parameters were not properly registering which I've fixed in v1.2. This may help. Another parameter I've added lets you switch between Flash (swf) and Java (applet) to see if this resolves the issue. I've tried adding the alignment parameter which will work for "left" and "right" (using float) but "center" depends on the container the module it is in.
Excellent little module!

Only one small gripe… when used in some Internet explorer sessions there is a large frame of white showing at the bottom and to the right of the flash image. This varies depending on size you specify. You would not notice this with a white page background only with dark backgrounds. The help on the site identifies it as a zoom setting problem on some browsers. Would be even better if you could workaround/remove this bug in some way?
Owner's reply: Thanks for the vote Bighare! :c)

I've added some parameters such as switching between Java / Flash and only allowing a selection of the width x height set by You can still download v1.1 if you don't want that restriction.
I must say I was in doubt when I loaded this into one of my test sites and I take back my words. :-)

Super little Module - EXCELLENT - Loaded First Time!

I would even donate to this module if it could do a bit more: Would be excellent if it could link to Users in the website from Joomlas Admin section showing where your friends were and not just map links.... thanks for module.

Very NICE !!!

Posted on 26 July 2010
At First i thought this was going to be the same as every other basic noob application you find on here nowa days, with the exception of the Talented Few.

I Installed this on both my sites, and would gladly say i would pay for this module, and i have NEVER SAID THIS ABOUT ANY OTHER MODULE ON THIS SITE.

not only did i Get a REAL TIME RESPONSE From the Developer, but he also gave me his personal Skype, for one on one Tech Support.

over the years i have tried and tested a LOT of Joomla Ext's and would give this a 5 Star Rating.

Very Original, and Refreshing.

***** Star Rating

Personal Recommended Retail Price





£4.99 Per month

Reason For added Price.

I think the Developer Deserves the Credit for his hard work, i have seen many people looking for this type of EXT and they simply cant find one. Not only this but the Quality of this Product is Flawless. Low Lag, Easy Customizable, User Friendly, Simple Install,

The Quality of the Work is Shown in this Product.

Peter Spiteri

Revolver Maps

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Sep 09 2015
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Nov 18 2014
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