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Scroller with Tabs is the first component for Joomla that makes so simple to import data and looking good . A simple system , fully customizable , allow to user with no special knowledge to import data and show them at the site simple as that .

Scroller with Tabs System Features:
You can setup up to 10 columns and unlimited rows! Every field has unique tools which determinate the color, size and width of the field.
Also the user has the option to put comment under the main data line.

The component provides the user with the following options:

1. Creating a table with 1 to 10 columns.
2. Unlimited table rows.
3. Customize the style of every field of data in a table(color, size, width)
4. To add comment for every field.
5. To specify the width and height of the main table.
6. To have maximum from 1 to 5 tabs.
7. Option to change the order of the rows.
8. Option to add a banner on the footer with link.
9. Easily Import / Export of the data with CSVImproved.

10.MVC Style
11.HTML supported on the comment fields for images, links etc.
12.ACL Support so you can give access to it to particular group users.
13.1 Year free updates.

The Component package consists of:

1. Component with language support.
2. Module.
I was testing the extension and couldn't get it to work as it should. I used 5 tabs, but the scroller only showed on the first tab.

After posting my question on the forum I had a response 15 min. later. It seemed the extension wasn't causing the problem but my template was.

Theo, thanks for the super fast support!!
I purchased this extension to display some statistics on my site. I studied the product features list thoroughly before buying it and I can say it does exactly what is written in the feature list and is easy and straightforward to use. However, I've met with a problem: there was a typo in the feature list that said there will be 6 columns available, just the number I needed. But when I got to the settings, there were only 5 columns. I contacted the developer and asked to issue a version with 6 columns. In the morning of the next day, I got mine with 6 and I'm very satisfied with the support provided. The only question that still comes to my mind - why not make the number of columns even bigger, maybe someone needs 8 or 9? But still, as I said - excellent job!

Elegant job indeed

Posted on 01 September 2012
I m using it on my magazine site. I have modify the css and its a beauty !! Thanks guys also for the support.

It does what it says.

Posted on 01 September 2012
Well I have made a clean installation with no problems at all.

Finally now I have my data organized in my site and also a cool banner as a sponsor for my news . I have to admit that is a very good job!! Well done to projecto team

Scroller with Tabs

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Nov 19 2014
5 years ago
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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