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SDG Facebook Slider is most popular and easy Joomla Social Sidebar Module (Facebook Sidebar Joomla). You can display Facebook like box (Currently known as Facebook Page Plugin) using our Joomla Module.

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This module is most simple and very attractive way to display Facebook Page like box on your website.

Why should you choose SDG Facebook Slider among other available Joomla Modules

  • SDG Facebook Slider Sidebar is free social sidebar module!
  • Very easy to configure Facebook Sidebar on your Website.
  • SDG Facebook Slider display Facebook Likebox or Facebook Page plugin on website sidebar. On Right side website visitor will be a nice looking Facebook icon. On click it will display a nice Facebook Like Box (slides from right).
  • It's Responsive. Mobile Friendly. Works well in smaller device. Display a Facebook Sidebar which works on your mobile devices too.
  • Straight forward use. No need to create any Facebook API key. Just put on your Facebook Page Web Address and you’re done.
  • We have received over 50000+ downloads so far. So can say most trusted Facebook Sidebar module.
  • Many configuration options available to make your life easy. Standout your Facebook Likebox Sidebar from everyone else.
  • You can display your Facebook like box on other languages.
  • This module is a great way to get Facebook user likes on your Facebook fan page and rapidly increase your business in social media (Facebook Social Networking).
  • Helps to connect website visitor with Facebook pages.
  • Fast and Helpful Support. That is also free of cost.

Facebook likebox is one of the most appreciable features of the social networking website for the companies that advertise its products on Facebook. Facebook Likebox is used by millions of members on Facebook and every “like” is counted as a clear evidence of the company’s reputation in the market. The SDF Facebook Like box Sidebar is a module that further simplifies and configures the appearance and functions of Facebook. This module is quite efficient is displaying the Facebook walls and friends that you are looking for.

Here are some of the benefits that you get by using SDG Facebook Like box Sidebar.

  • Easily Configurable: No technical knowledge is required to customize the Facebook Like box. The Joomla module believes in providing user-friendly interface so that the configurations can be made easily.
  • Supports latest Joomla Versions: The SDG Facebook Like box Sidebar can perform efficiently in the latest versions of Joomla, i.e. Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.x in Future Joomla 4.0. It makes the module versatile in nature. • No API needed: The extension uses the latest script which eliminates the need for Facebook API ID because it uses v2. • Switchings: You can switch between iFrame(Facebook) and HTML5(Facebook) as per your convenience to enjoy some advantages that are unavailable for members who don’t use Joomla Facebook Module. • Custom settings: The plugin facilitates custom settings in the view. You can change he width and height from backend to suit your preferences. • Two Themes: The SDG Facebook Likebox Sidebar offers two themes to the users. You can switch between light and dark themes for an eye-soothing experience. • Header hiding option: If you don’t like the header while focusing on Facebook likebox, the Joomla module gives you an option to hide it. • Border Hiding Option: Like the Facebook header hiding option, you can also remove the borders for your convenience. • Free of cost: You don’t need to pay a penny to get the SDG Facebook Likebox Sidebar. Therefore, all the features and benefits can be enjoyed for free.

SDG Facebook Slider Features

  • Our Facebook Sidebar takes no space as it will display sidebar on your website. If you are having space issues then it is ideal choice for you.
  • Can set your Facebook Page like box Width and Height.
  • Other options are: Show Facebook Faces, Hide Facebook Cover Photo, Use Small Header, Hide the custom call to action button on Facebook, Adapt Container Width, Language.

How to Add the Facebook Page Plugin as Sidebar on your Joomla Website.

Facebook like box also known as Facebook page plugin has become must widget for any Joomla website. Our Facebook sidebar module for Joomla helps user to add Facebook Page like box on their website. Remember our Joomla module works for Facebook Pages only. So to display it first you will need a Facebook page. Then you can download and install it on your website. Follow our documentation for full details.

Download our Similar Twitter Sidebar Joomla Module



Can you give me a list of Facebook Supported Language?
Look here (https://mypresta.eu/en/art/know-how/facebook-list-of-local-language-codes.html)

Will this work for Facebook Groups and Facebook Events too?
No, This Facebook Sidebar module is only for Facebook Pages.

What is my Facebook Page URL?
It will be like this

Your Facebook Username is facebook, facebookdevelopers

But if you haven’t setup your facebook page username then it can be long too.

Read More - https://www.sdghouston.com/sdg-facebook-joomla-sidebar-slider/


Version 1.0 - Initial Facebook Sidebar Release
Version 1.1 - Fix CSS issues on SDG Facebook Slider
Version 1.2 - Fixed some CSS and jQuery issues. Facebook Version Updated
Version 1.3 - Switch Facebook Likebox to New Facebook Page Plugin
Version 1.4 - Facebook Version Update v2.4
Version 1.5 - Facebook Version Update v2.5
Version 1.6 - Facebook Version Update v2.6
Version 1.6 - Facebook Version Update v2.8
Version 2.0 - Fully Responsive Facebook Likebox with New Look

Very Good Facebook Slider. Like the way it appear on click the facebook icon on sidebar. I do have some problem with jQuery conflict but fixed it easily. Otherwise and very good extension to go.

Owner's reply: Thanks - If you are having jQuery problem please make sure their is no other jQuery version added to your site.
SDG Twitter Slider

SDG Twitter Slider

Free | Social Display | Michael Keen
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SDG Twitter Slider display most recent tweets from a user twitter profile. You can display this Twitter sidebar on left of your website. SDG Twitter Slider displays on website absolute position. This Twitter sidebar don’t take any space for this reason. This Twitter sidebar is jQuery based social sidebar. We have used Joomla own jQuery version to develop this twitter sidebar. That make this Twitter sidebar very lightweight. Why should you use our Twitter Sidebar Joomla Module? Answer is simple. Some are written below: - It is free social sidebar (twitter sidebar) module! - Very easy to configure. You can edit Twitter Widget (internal tweet results) settings easily as well. - It's Responsive. Mobile Friendly. Works well in smaller device. - Straight forward use. No need to create any Twitter Widget API key. Just put on your Twitter username and you’re done. - Many configuration options available to make your life easy. - You can display this Twitter Widget on many languages. - This module is a great way to increase your Twitter Followers. - Fast and Helpful Support. That is also free of cost. Twitter Sidebar Widget Configuration Options Twitter Username: Here you can put your Twitter Username. Example: If your Twitter profile url is – http://twitter.com/twitter Then your Twitter Username is : twitter Margin Top: Twitter Sidebar display absolute position on your website. Margin Top pixel will be top margin from Twitter icon of your Twitter Sidebar. Twitter Feed Width: Your Twitter widget box width in pixel. Put integer value only. Twitter Feed Height: Your Twitter widget box height in pixel. Put integer value here as well. Twitter Theme: Twitter Widget have default two color theme. Light and Dark. You can choose as per your preference. Link Color: Twitter Widget may contains some links. You can select your link color from here. Use the color picker or input your hexadecimal color value. Language: Twitter Widget language select here. Use two word language code here. Example – To display Twitter Widget feeds in English – Input value should be “en” For Twitter Widget feeds in German – input “de” For Twitter Widget feeds in Spanish – input “es” French Twitter Widget Language code is “fr” Like this – You can see complete Twitter Supported Languages here https://dev.twitter.com/web/overview/languages Quite simple. Twitter Feed Top Left Icon or image can be selected from module as well. Twitter Widget or Twitter Sidebar Display FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Can I display other people twitter accounts feeds on my website? Do I need any special permission? Twitter profile feed display doesn’t require any special access or creating any Twitter Widget API. So you can display any people public user profile feed. Note: Twitter profile need to be public for sure. You can’t display any feeds from Private Twitter profile. Will embedded Tweets adapt to my responsive site? An Embedded Tweet will adjust to the width of its containing element when inserted into a page. An Embedded Tweet requires a minimum width of 220 pixels and will fill up to 550 horizontal pixels. Can I display multiple Twitter Profile user feeds on my website sidebar? No you can’t. You can display one profile user feed at a time. To display another profile you will need to create new module and display it somewhere else. Twitter Widget not working. Displaying no tweets. You can check if your Twitter User profile is public or private. If your Twitter Account is private it won't display any tweets. Another thing you can check if that user posts any tweets or not. Compatibility of this Twitter Widget Sidebar It's compatible with all Joomla 3.x version. Note: This Twitter Widget Sidebar (SDG Twitter Slider) requires jQuery loaded on website. We are using Joomla default jQuery version so you can be less worried about that. Twitter Sidebar icon not popping any Twitter Widget This can happen if you have jQuery conflict on your website. We recommend, check your website console errors. You can also try jQuery Easy Plugin for Joomla to fix the issue. Liked our Twitter Widget Sidebar? - Don't forget to put a honest review about Widget/ Module You can also download our same Twitter Like Facebook Slider from here https://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/extension/social-web/social-display/sdg-facebook-slider/ Changelog Version 1.0 - Initial Twitter Widget Sidebar Release Version 1.1 - Fixed some CSS and jQuery issues. Version 2.0 - Fully Responsive with New Look. Best Twitter Widget Slider Sidebar

SDG Facebook Slider

Michael Keen
Last updated:
Jan 01 2018
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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