SDG Twitter Slider


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SDG Twitter Slider display most recent tweets from a user twitter profile. You can display this Twitter sidebar on left of your website.

SDG Twitter Slider displays on website absolute position. This Twitter sidebar don’t take any space for this reason. This Twitter sidebar is jQuery based social sidebar. We have used Joomla own jQuery version to develop this twitter sidebar. That make this Twitter sidebar very lightweight.

Why should you use our Twitter Sidebar Joomla Module?

Answer is simple. Some are written below:
- It is free social sidebar (twitter sidebar) module!
- Very easy to configure. You can edit Twitter Widget (internal tweet results) settings easily as well.
- It's Responsive. Mobile Friendly. Works well in smaller device.
- Straight forward use. No need to create any Twitter Widget API key. Just put on your Twitter username and you’re done.
- Many configuration options available to make your life easy.
- You can display this Twitter Widget on many languages.
- This module is a great way to increase your Twitter Followers.
- Fast and Helpful Support. That is also free of cost.

SDG Facebook Slider

SDG Facebook Slider

By Michael Keen
Social Display
SDG Facebook Slider is most popular and easy Joomla Social Sidebar Module. You can display Facebook like box using our Joomla Module. This module is most simple and very attractive way to display Facebook Page like box on your website. Why should you choose SDG Facebook Slider among other available Joomla Modules SDG Facebook Slider Sidebar is free social sidebar module! Very easy to configure...

SDG Twitter Slider

Michael Keen
Last updated:
Nov 02 2018
2 years ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4 Alpha

Uses Joomla! Update System