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I had a need to show the EU cookie disclaimer on my site so I wrote a neat little Module to help me with that. I have now packaged it up for you to use as well...

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The Pop-Out is seen on this page (every time you reload it). You can also trigger the Pop-Out from a simple link (Anchor) or create a button or even an image as long as it triggers a click event and has a specific Class set.

However, the mail idea behind Simple Pop-Out is to show information at page load and also to show "disclaimer" options like "Do you agree to terms?", "Do you accept cookies?" or "Are you 18 or older?", etc.

Check the other samples:

Cookie disclaimer: http://wasen.net/index.php/projects/simple-pop-out/cookie-disclaimer

Agree to terms: http://wasen.net/index.php/projects/simple-pop-out/agree-sample


It display the popup in EVERY page

Ease of use

It is very easy to use

Owner's reply: Well, it's a Module so it will display on the pages you chose to display it on through the Menu selection in the Module Manager.

Please try and understand the basic Joomla setup before reviewing extensions and I am always happy to try and help out, just send me a note through my Contact form and I'll respond in an e-mail!
Simple Pop-Up

Simple Pop-Up

Free | Popups & iFrames | Anders Wasen
82 reviews
PopUp anything on your site! PDF's, Youtube, image gallery, articles and more... Use Simple PopUp to show a message, as a image gallery, add any content to it from the Joomla Article editor. Pop-it up on page load (or not), pop-up only once for each user using cookies, add links through the Article as well. No need for menu items to pop-up the box! (version 1.1 only, see below). Simple PopUp will let you add a FancyBox Pop-up on any page. The message is written in the Article as "hidden" text or you can type it in to a Custom HTML Module and set the module option to "Prepare content" (see demo here: http://wasen.net/index.php/login). In both cases you just add the popup brackets {simplepopup} around the text/images. It will use the styling you give it when creating it in the Article complete with text styling, images, lines and/or tables regardless if you use the Custom HTML module or inside an article. How to use: 1) Install the plugin package. 2) Enable it in the PlugIn Manager! 3) In any article add the popup brackets {simplepopup} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NEWS: Version 2.1 released! 2015-07-02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All the features from 2.0 (of course) and a few bug fixes and the following new features: Open after a delay. Simply add "delayopen=3000" to wait 3 seconds (in milliseconds) to open the popup. Auto-close after a delay. Add "delayclose=10000" for closing the popup box after 10 seconds automatically. Open i iFrame. You can now load any external content into an iFrame. The property "boxstyle" can now be set to "iframe" and then you give the URL in the "url" property, e.g.: { simplepopup name="popJPG" boxstyle="iframe" url="images/headers/blue-flower.jpg" popup="false" }hidden{ /simplepopup } Open PDF in PDF Viewer (pdfjs). Set "boxstyle=pdf" and a URL to point to the PDF file to open it in a viewer: { simplepopup name="popPDF" boxstyle="iframe" url="http://wasen.net/downloads/Simple_PopUp.pdf" popup="false" autodimensions="true" }hidden{ /simplepopup } For iFrame you can also specify the mime type to make sure the browser behaves as expected, e.g. mime="application/pdf" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VERSION 2.0: Tons of new stuff packed into this one! The most exciting is that I have added support for Youtube videos and put in a lot more flexibility into the settings through a bunch of new parameters. Here is a list of all the added parameters: name, textalign, width, height, autodimensions, scrolling, cookie, popup, link, url, gallery, cssclass, articleid, title, titleposition, hideonoverlayclick, hideoncontentclick, closebutton, transitionin/transitionout, speedin/speedout, overlayshow, overlayopacity, overlaycolor, video, autoplay See the users guide for version 2.0 for a more detailed explanation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VERSION 1.1: I am quite excited about my new version... Features: - Simple PopUp, regular PopUp like the one demo:ed on the previous page. - Multiple PopUp's on the same page using links to open them. - Prevent the PopUp at page load (like on this page), but not on the previous page where the PopUp opens at page load. - Use external content through URL, e.g. adding http://myserver.com/mypage.html - Use image in PopUp, also using title (description) for images. - Use it as a Image Gallery, open the first image and then have "next" and "previous" navigation buttons to change image. - Cookie support added (2011-07-30)! You can chose to only show the pop-up once to each visitor. See the manual for more information. (For the cookie to trigger you will need to add a name and a cookie persistence, e.g. for 10 days: {simplepopup name=myCookiePop cookie=10} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you use Simple PopUp, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory. Take care! Regards, Anders
Simple File Lister

Simple File Lister

Free | File Management | Anders Wasen
27 reviews
The idea behind Simple File Lister is to use it in combination with Simple File Upload (http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/core-enhancements/file-management/8424) to list the files in a directory. Version 1.0 is tested and verified on Joomla 2.5! (2012-01-14) Use download for version 1.6/1.7! It can also be used to list any directory with files beside an article. Imagine you have a F.A.Q. and some PDF files that goes with it, then have your F.A.Q. article and add Simple File Lister as a module on that page and provide the directory for the directory with PDF's and Simple File Lister will automatically provide a list of URL's for each PDF. Another use is to use it for a user so that they can keep track, and use, the files they have uploaded through Simple File Upload. I have now worked a bit on the design and changed from using a UL/LI list which seemed to cause problems on several templates to instead use DIV's for the list. Added the possibility to add icons and thumbnails. Also added support to list directories. Update 2011-02-13: - Joomla 1.6 now also supported as parallel package. - Swedish added to languages. Update 2011-02-13: - Added support for Ajax when stepping through directory list, i.e. the whole page don't need reloading if using Next/Previous buttons. - Added jQuery conflict support between "Simple File Upload" and "Simple File Lister" (Technical: $app->set('jquery', 'true')) Update 2011-02-17: - Added functionality to browse sub-directories. - Added setting for allowing browse of sub-directories. - Added breadcrumb when browsing through sub-directories. Update 2011-03-05: - Added support for sorting files by name. - Added setting for "user sort" and "default" sort order. - Added Module Class Suffix property. Update 2011-03-24: - Bug fix, relative paths, like "./../tmp/" was not showing the correct links. Update 2011-05-21: - Bug fix, paths gone wrong if using a sub-domain like "http://sub.domain.com" instead of "http://domain.com/sub". Server base path must be set under advanced parameters! EDIT 2011-05-22: Delete function added! You can now set Simple File Lister to allow the user to delete files in the list. You can set it to allow delete for any user, even not logged in (NOT RECOMMENDED!) or on registered and logged in users or only those users who are set as "Editors" in your Joomla site. I also fixed a bug that threw you back to default directory if changing the sort order inside a sub-directory. Please use the delete function with care! Joomla 3.0 version released in separate package! Take Care! Regards, Anders
m l
Simple File Upload

Simple File Upload

Free | File Management | Anders Wasen
67 reviews
This is a very easy to use, yet powerful, upload file(s) module for Joomla. It can be as simple as just adding the directory to upload to, or you can chose to use any of the below listed functions. Version 1.3.5 is tested and verified on Joomla 3.3! !!!Security Release 2012-01-02!!! JED found an exploit in the code where they managed to upload a file named "file.php5". Unfortunately I had not added php5 to the blocked extensions list but now (version 1.3.5) it is added along with .php6 and an extra check to see if ".php" exists in the file-name! Please make sure to update to version 1.3.5 as soon as possible! UPDATE 2010-01-04: To be even more on the safe side I have now added code to inspect GIF comments. There is a new option called "Block PHP GIF comments" in the settings which is default set to "Yes" which will read any GIF comment and block the upload if the comment contains any PHP code! !!!Security Release!!! It includes the following key features: - Multiple modules on the same page with different settings - "Add Note" to uploaded files - Image re-size - Automated thumbnail creation for images - Image compress for JPEG and PNG - Now supports both "User Named Directory" and "User Defined Directory"! (see below) - CAPTCHA - List files in upload directory in pop-up (FancyBox) - Multiple files upload - Notification e-mail - And more... More features: - Integrated Ajax in Joomla framework - "Blacklist" of extensions (threat-protection) - Multi select file browser for FireFox 3.6+ versions - Info popup-box now contains the link (URL) - URL attached in e-mail notice - Redirect option after uploading - User Named Directory: You can set a root path for User Named Directories, e.g. "/home/users/" and then select which users should have the option to use the directory. - User Defined Directory: You can select from the list of users and add custom directory paths for the user. - Multiple choice of upload paths added. If a users has "User Named Directory" and/or "User Defined Directory" the user will get a pop-up box asking for the directory to upload to. - List files option from upload directory in "pop-up" - Form Fields can now be collected into the same file. A few JED Image Galleries are using a parameter file for labels/description of images. - Multiple languages. Joomla 3.0 is now supported! User Named Directories and User Defined Directories now also works on Joomla 3.+! Take care! Regards, Anders

Simple Pop-Out

Anders Wasen
Last updated:
Sep 24 2015
Date added:
Sep 24 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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