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Cerontek FBWidgets package contains all Facebook extensions for Joomla. These Joomla Facebook extensions are ideal for connecting your Joomla website to Facebook. It simple, easy to use and backed up by our quality support.

★ Support for Joomla 3.x

★ Connect, Register & Login with your Facebook account

★ All the FB Social Widgets Modules
FB Connect Module (Signup/Login with one button)
FB Login Module
FB Registration Module
FB Add a Friend Module
FB Request Dialog Module
FB Like Button Module
FB Like Box / Fan Box Module
FB Send Button Module
FB Send Dialog Module
FB Subscribe Button Module
FB Comments Module
FB Comments Plugin
FB Share Button Module
FB Friendpile Module
FB Like & Share Plugin
FB Recommendations Bar
FB Recommendations
FB Activity Feed Module
FB Shared Activity Module

★ Live Demo for Joomla 3.x

★ Open Graph Integration.
Open Graph tags describe a page and gives FB information about the page such as the Site name, Title, Description & Image. This info is posted on user wall when he/she likes or shares content from your site.

  • You can enable/disable Open Graph tags from the Component Admin.
  • Open Graph tags are automatically integrated for the Like & Share plugin.

★ Email Notification
You can get an email notification whenever a comment is posted on your site. It can be enabled or disabled from the component admin. You can specify multiple email addresses to send notifications to.

★ FB Short Code support.
The FB Shortcodes allows you to use your User's FB name, a Fan page name, Profile picture, Number comments on a particular page etc. in your Joomla articles, modules and inside your template code as well (for developers). Using this you can create powerful personalized messages, sales page and more.

★ Multi-Language Support
It can load the FB library in all 77 Languages supported by FB.

★ Video Tutorials

★ Access to Priority Support Center for Members

★ Easy and Simple Installation.
Installation instructions are included with the package. All component, modules & plugins can be installed using the standard Joomla installer.

Good for newbies

Posted on 20 May 2013
I'm a joomla newbie and I was able to do the basic configuration no problem. Everything that I wanted to do beyond the basic the Cerontek team helped me really fast. I'm really happy with this extension.
We used these widgets on our new shopping site, everything worked perfectly. But we needed some special facebook relatd customization to bring uniqueness to the site. Cerontek send us a implemention offer with 24 hours which we accpeted. The customization was completed perfectly & delivered within 4 days. I am quite impressed with the level of support& professionalism from these people.

Not much to say on cons but they can add some more unique custom widgets to the collection in future.
I have been using these widgets for a while, the products are great and the price is right. A few of the widgets gave me a new way to connect with my readers. Customer support is great, I needed a little bit of customization for the Connect module, they delivered it within a couple of days and didn't charge me anything for the extra work. I would rate them 5/5.
I was working on a fairly large Joomla 3.x site. The requirement was to built the site on Joomla 3 platform. There were not many J3 supported extensions out there then, I had to bake my own custom ones and buy the rest.

I was not very experienced with social integration and definitely not comfortable coding modules from scratch. Found this page on my google search, checkout the J3 live demo and was happy to find all these extensions with Joomla 3 support. The modules all worked out great and with some minor support from the super fast support team I was done with the social integration. Thank you.
Hello, I've been using these for quite a while, just wanted to come back and leave few words. I have never seen so many modules in one place and the price is quite low compared to what they are offering. And since the extensions support unlimited domains I am using them on all my sites. I am very pleased with the products and the responsive support.
I have joined the club a while ago and wanted to express my opinion about the products and customer support. While the products are all great and simple to use, I was more impressed with the support I got from them. Every query I sent was replied timely and a very friendly manner. It's beeen a long time since I found this kind of one to one support online. to me, it's worth paying for the support alone!

Among the extensions, the "Add a friend" module stands out for me. I got a ton of friend request via that module from my readers. If you are not using it already, i highly recommend it.
I think it's very unusual and I like it and I suggest to you all to download it because it is for all of us thanks bermanfa'at successful greeting
Products are great, easy and simple to use. But, I had a conflict with one of my components and emailed support for help. Got a response withiin 6-7 hours and problem was fixed within less than 24 hours and that too on a Sunday! They also pointed out a non-relevant error that was on my site and adviced me how to fix it. I cannot be any happier with the support I received.
Excellent Component/Plugins and great and fast support, Thank you very much !!
I have yet to find another collection of Facebook widgets which has so many modules and plugins with such a reasonable price tag. I loved the segmentation as I could only install the modules that I needed, unlike some other packs where everything is installed all at once and confuses me.

Questions to the support team was answered promptly and the replies were descriptive enough for anyone to understand. The only thing I would want to see is some kind of a knowledgebase where I can look for answers. Other than that this was a great buy.

Cerontek FBWidgets

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GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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