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Embed Google Plus photo gallery to the Joomla! website. By using this module you can embed the "publicly unlisted" or "Shared with limited" categorized albums and all the public photo albums of any Google Plus user, even it is possible to show the latest uploaded images of the user. Along with the with the photos other related information like the album description, date of the album and photo, caption, place, number of photos could be added. These information will be visible at the album info area or below the images. You can manage enable or disable the visibility of these information.

--- Features ---
* Display all albums of an user
* Multiple Album display
* Embed the "publicly unlisted" or "Shared with limited" albums
* Show the public photo albums of any Google Plus user
* Display images from any particular Google Plus Photo Album
* Display the recently uploaded images of a user of the Google Plus
* Choose how many images will be displayed in the gallery
* Select the thumbnail size of the image gallery
* Choose the lightbox image size
* Crop the thumbnail for better view or keep in actual ratio
* Auto pagination for the gallery
* Control whether the jQuery will be loaded or not
* Set the load time of the jQuery

--- How to use ---

  • First Download and install the module.
  • Add the Google Plus user profile line in the Google Plus User textbox
  • Add the Album name at Google Plus Album textbox
  • For adding the "publicly unlisted" or "Shared with limited" albums user have to use the "authkey" of the album
  • Add number of Photos per page, Thumb image size, Photo Size for the lightbox and other options for the gallery

+ Image overlay issue fixed.
+ Security update
+ Restructured the codebase

+ Few Bug fix
+ Added option to show all albums and some specific albums

+ Released for Joomla 3.*

+ Fixed the latest photos bug

+ Core script update
+ Language version added
+ Multiple album support

* jQuery loading is optional now
* control the load jQuery time
* code structure changed (2.5 version only)

* Users can embed the "publicly unlisted" or "Shared with limited" albums

* Google Plus user profile link parse issue fixed

no value for money

Posted on 28 August 2014
Easy to pay, install and deploy. Download instructions not clear, keys are mentioned that are not sent and after a day appear not to be necessary.

Display in moduleposition does work.

Display module in article, as is the normal Joomla! practice does not.

(using professional RT template)

The name of the album is used as a selector and symbols are not allowed. These boundaries are not convenient for customers who make their own albums. It would be much better to use the unique album number in the url to select the albums to display as GooglePlusSlideShow does.

Although the module does work in a moduleposition after consideration this rating is Very Poor. From a basic yet quite expensive module it may be expected to work flawless out of the box.

The concept is good and as soon as an improved version of JGOOGLE PLUS PHOTO GALLERY is available I will test it and rate it.

Happy find!

Posted on 15 July 2014
Easily installed, functioned instantly and trouble free. Thank you @Nasir Khan for this great extension!

@Fellow users -- If you intend to display multiple albums, make sure you don't use commata within your Album names and keep the respective titles as short as possible. Makes it yet easier to handle. :]
Purchased, installed in both a Joomla 1.5, and Joomla 2.5 version. While the title of the module shows, the actual gallery and images are no shows.

Contacted developer for support, who requested access to the site to troubleshoot. He logged in and could not get it to work either.

Despite repeated emails for a status update, have heard nothing.

Very disappointed as this would appear to be a TREMENDOUS module if we can get it to work. Perhaps Google changed their API? Whatever, the developer has been a no show since soon after purchase.
This module works excellent. A small struggle to get it work, but my mistake due to wrong google+ profile url. Nasir supported me very quickly and after 5 minutes it worked!

Great Extension

Posted on 13 June 2012
I have installed this module in my website and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the extension.

Great Photo Module

Posted on 21 May 2012
I think this module is brilliant

Easy to add albums, rename, resize.

Problems occur if you like me have mulitple albums on the same page, because you can only order 9 modules that are sharing the same module position. the rest will appear here and there in any order that pleases them.

An upgrade would be to add an plugin for articles to integrate albums in them
Owner's reply: hi bjanski,
Thanks for using this module. I am really glad that you were able to use the features properly.

But i am not sure why you gave me the rating 4. You mentioned that only 9 modules can be ordered for a module position. But today i tried and successfully ordered 15 modules for the same position.

You suggested to build a plugin to load albums into the articles. Well i will try to do so. But at this moment Joomla has an option to add modules into the articles.

Well, thanks again and if you need any assistance regarding Joomla you can contact me.

-- nasir
Downloaded this module yesterday to display images from a Google+ album. Setup was easy enough. But I had a minor issue with the size of the photos being displayed. Author worked back and forth with me via email until we got the problem resolved (user error btw). Definitely recommend this module to anyone that needs a good Google+ photo gallery.
Love this module. Very easy to use and lays out beautifully.
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JGoogle Plus Photo Gallery

Nasir Khan Saikat
Last updated:
May 27 2016
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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