SVG helper plugin gives an ability to create a Joomla website graphics using SVG images with PNG fallback.

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It uses Modernizr javascript to determine if users web browser support SVG and stores it in users cookie.

After that magic goes to the server side. Before sending the page to user's browser server puts correct extensions to image files either .svg or .png

2014-01-05 - 1.3 - Getting rid of custom extention. Now any image picker can be used. Also, modernizr-server.php now generates a valid html code
2013-10-30 - 1.2.1 - Added automatic update feature
2012-12-20 - 1.2 - Plugin activates only if user specified extension found on the page (i.e. [ext]). Otherwise no additional code is used. Some code improvements
2012-11-19 - 1.1.1 - Minor fixes to meet JED requirements
2012-11-04 - 1.1 - Added custom extension operator field
2012-10-01 - 1.0 - Initial release

Had some issues integrating with my rockettheme template at first, found a work around, told the author about what I did, and not only did he thank me, but he improved what I did so that the gantry interface still worked for changing the sites logo. Having a vector logo is essential for making your site look awesome on retina displays and other high res mobile platforms. Absolutely A+! Can't believe this is free. Thank you!!!

Great extension it dos the job well make it easy the use vector grafik on your site.

ExSelf Quicksand Gallery

ExSelf Quicksand Gallery

Free | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | Joker
1 review
Quicksand is a rewritten system plugin of a 3rd party RSMediagallery which is great GPL gallery with lots of functions. Quicksand plugin just adds a feature of filter sets of images by tag. Note: You have to download and install RSMediagallery component first. Changelog: 2013-03-24 1.2 Added: button styling Added: "Filter" rename option 2013-03-14 - 1.1 Added: language support Added: Russian translation Improved: code Added: callback function to keep colorbox working after sorting Fixed: image with multiple tags appears once per gallery and can be filtered properly Added: "All" and "Labels" options can be used to rename defaults if needed 2013-02-23 - 1.0 First public release Added: Default Pirobox switched to Colorbox Improved: code 2013-01-28 - 0.1 Alpha release
c m p
ExSelf Gallery

ExSelf Gallery

Free | Galleries | Joker
1 review
ExSelf Gallery is a fully responsive image gallery with nice touch friendly image popup powered by Photoswipe. It handles photo album from VK social network (социальная сеть Вконтакте) or Facebook which makes easier to have up-to-date photo gallery on the website for non-geek users. Just copy link to a photo album from address bar of your browser, the plugin will make everything else for you. Free version hal limited functionality and generates link to author's ebsite.


Last updated:
Apr 01 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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