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T-Ajax Category Tree Menu is a simple and powerful Joomla module that helps present content articles and content article categories in tree menu format that support AJAX load to adapt giant sites with milion articles and categories.

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Product Highlights

  • Nested categories support. You can select a category as tree root, its subcategories and content articles will become branches of the tree.
  • Anchor tags in content as branches! When enabling, all anchor tags (without href attribute) found in an article will become branches of the article node.
  • Full Ajax support! When user clicks a tree node, the menu then hits the database for the node's branches. No page reloaded.
  • Flexible & Multiple options for tree node icons! You can choose either Font Awesome or Font IcoMoon or Images as node icons. You are also given an ability to set tree node icon color
  • Dynamic Floating support! When your content is so long that may makes the tree menu hiden without this dynamic floating function
  • Auto scroll bar support. For large site with complicated and large menu system, scroll bar will appear as soon as neccessary to give your users the ease of access to your content
  • Multi-lingual support! Currently shipped with English and Vietnamese support
  • And a lot of other interesting features...


Its description matches its functionality. I have many subcategories and it loads them fast and correct. It offers different looks, colors.

Ease of use

It was easy to install and to use. Parameters are simple to understand and easy to change.


I had some issues with php version, they replied within 24 hours and solved the problem.

Value for money

This extension is worth its money, since it offers what it promises.

I used this to: I am using this extension for an animal website, which is based on large groups of categories with subcategories, organized in hierarchy. I am very satisfied with it and would recommend this extension to others.
T-Bootstrap Mega Menu

T-Bootstrap Mega Menu

Free | Menu Systems | T.V.T Marine Automation
9 reviews
NOW SUPPORT BOTH BOOTSTRAP 2 AND 3 (tested will Bootstrap 2.3.1 and Bootstrap 3.1.1) T-Bootstrap Mega Menu for Joomla is yet another mega menu extension for Joomla that utilized from Bootstrap framework. It uses the standard navbar markup and the fluid grid system classes from Bootstrap. Major features: - Multi-column - Flexible column widths which are configurable - Responsive - Cross-browser support - NO additional javascript - Less than 5KB additional CSS - Can be installed on both Joomla 2.5 and 3.x - Fast load and consume less server resources - Easy to customize - Switch between Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 right in the Bootstrap Mega menu Plugin - Ability to input CSS class for the top level div tag of the module. So, you can input something like navbar-inverse to make your mega menu inverted, navbar-fixed-top to make your menu fixed at top of the page. - Ability to add an image in the left side of the menu to make it as the site logo. Users can enable or disable this option to whether or not to use it. - Ability to enable the default link (home page URL) to the logo (if the logo is enabled). This URL is generated against the site languages. - Ability to align the menu on the left or right. - Built-in instruction text right inside the extension to help new users get familiar with the extension as soon as possible. Please hover your mouse over each and every settings to see the text. - Ability to include/excluded the default module's CSS if you have included it into your main template CSS. This help boost your site's performance
m p
T-Download Store

T-Download Store

Paid download | Paid Downloads | T.V.T Marine Automation
0 reviews
T-Download Store is a smart, fast, secured and powerful extension for Joomla to turn a Joomla-based website into an online downloads store by allowing the site owner to manage and sell any type of downloadable products and digital media via subscription plans - an innovation business model to sell digital media online. I. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS New Joomla 3 MVC compliance: The extension was built with strict MVC structure to ensure bugs free while improve performance and future maintenance Multilingual Support: Building your online download store with multi-language support to target multiple market segments with different languages in minutes. Multi-selling models: Free download products; paid download products via lifetime subscription plans and fixed period subscription plans. -Multi Payment Gateways Support: The extension is delivered with PayPal plugin to process online payments from subscriber. Other payment gateways will be available soon. The Built-in Coupon Code system: You can create unlimited coupon codes (aka discount campaigns) and associate those with specific subscription plans to give discount to your buyers. ACL Support: With the built-in access control list support, you get total control which users can gain access to what products and subscription plans. Each product can be associated with a user group so that you can give your subscriber access to what parts/resources of the website. -Tagging System Integrated: Joomla 3 introduces a new tagging system in the core. The extension was utilized and integrated tightly with the system to provide better SEO and users experience. Multi Currency Support: Yes, we know you want to extend your business to the whole World, Multi-currency is of course supported by the extension. Short Leaning Curve: The extension has its own "brain" and intuitive interfaces to make to usage of the extension as easy. Everyone can use it in minutes, even without reading our documentation. Extendable: The extension supports and triggers all available Joomla content plugins. It also has its own trigger to give developers ability to extend the extension the way as they want. Mobile and Responsive design: Utilizing from the Bootstrap framework (both version 2.x and 3.x) bring the extension a beautiful look while keeping mobile ready. All the major browsers and popular mobile devices are fully supported. -Fast, Secured and Reliable: Less external Javascript and CSS; Serious code optimization; Files storing outside the webroot; Strict security test; Downloads authentication; etc II/. Other Major Features of T-Download Store Support any type of downloadable and digital media Add featured to products and plans to attract clients. Powerful File Manager to manage unlimited files (downloadable items) Unlimited and nested product categories Relational database design And many more, see the our site for further details...
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TJ Bootstrap Migrator

TJ Bootstrap Migrator

Paid download | Migration & Conversion | T.V.T Marine Automation
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TJ Bootstrap Migrator is a Joomla extension that helps migrate your Joomla any kind of your Joomla content (your whole database) between Bootstrap versions. For your quick start, the default configuration helps you migrate your Joomla's comcontent and comk2 and custom HTML module content without any effort. In case you have other content construction kits, TJ Bootstrap Migrator also helps but you have to pre-define what tables and columns to be migrated. The rest will be done automatically for you. Product Highlights Simple & Magical Smooth migration between Bootstrap versions (no matter upgrade or downgrade) made simply without any effort. AJAX Power The migration process is made with AJAX to avoid high load on timeout on the server. Users have ability to set max records to process per each ajax request. Ten thousand K2 articles was migrated from Bootstrap 2.3.2 to 3.3.2 in a test with an old Linux laptop. The process took up 18.3 minutes only. Unlimited 3rd-party Extensions Support The software is delivered with support for migration of comcontent, modcustom, K2 component and allows users to define new extensions to migrate. Not only for Bootstrap The software applies selector syntax as the same as jQuery does. This help users not only migrate between Bootstraps but also between any of HTML class, id, tag, etc.

T-Ajax Category Tree Menu

T.V.T Marine Automation
Last updated:
Dec 22 2014
Date added:
Dec 16 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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