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The most common reason a customer would cancel his planning of buying something is, lack of support available at time he was on verge of buying the product. It’s a well renowned fact that if you have power to interact with potential customers, you have high chances of selling your goods. Missing on customer for small businesses is just inevitable, whereas larger markets can take some amount of hit.

The Tagove extension for Joomla can significantly help you with increasing your sales and support for the customers. It would help the to-be customers to interact with your sales representatives and in return this would increase the sales and your profits take a ride to cloud nine. Trust being the latest currency of e-commerce, you gain trust and faith of customers this way and Yeah!! You earned yourself some loyal customers.

The new Tagove extension boosts a updated era of features and easiness for your customers. Agents can also handle multiple conversations by using our backend dashboard. The key features of Tagove Live chat are:

Mobile Optimized : This optimizing feature of Tagove allows customers to contact you and reach you from their fingertips. There is no further needs of a laptop or a full fledged desktop computer to reach you through chat channels. The best feature being that Tagove is a Lag free software, so customers can convey their queries without any lags and you can sell your products with ease here.

Proactive chat : There is no better time to initiate a chat when user is looking at a product for some time and you pop up a proactive message with a better deal or offer help to solve their confusion and change his mind in your favour. In this feature, triggers are used which will help the representative automatically reach each visitor, reducing the time consumption of switching from client to client and aid in a faster conversation.

Advanced Analytics : A very crucial feature to monitor your quality and give proper feedbacks. We don’t have a fix target to compare our performance with, we would just be free sailing raft without any destination. So, it helps us in setting our quality standards and also helps us in deciding our marketing strategies. You can take a note of visitors’ flow, usage patterns and make strategy accordingly.

Live Video Chat : By using WEBRTC and Flash technology for video chat, we can support almost all the browsers and platforms. We have designed Tagove Live chat to cater all the needs of customer including video chats to effectively gauge the customers.

Live Voice Call : No need of Telephones or to go through the trouble of calling the phone number again and again. Just one click and you can indulge in a voice chat with your potential client and boost about your product and increase the support.

Co-Browsing Software : The best part about it is that it works without installing any third party software or installing any plugin, it instantly works independently. Just Co-Browse with your customer or let the customer Co-Browse with you and you walk them through the trouble they are facing, guiding them & resolving their problems instantly with the proper guidance.

Screen Share : Most of the customers are not so tech savvy and they may need that extra level of dedication and help to solve a problem. Our screen-sharing is a seamless and full HD experience for both the parties with click of just a single button.

Live Call Recording : Many clients needs calls and videos to be recorded for training and quality purposes. We have also packed this ability in our package and we allow you to do so. So, that agents can get live feedback and also train upcoming batches for customer queries.

What makes Tagove as one of the best choice for live chat?

Hands down, Tagove had to be the best choice for live chat. It provides reliable features at a cheap price and also it has different versions for business and personal use. Tagove’s dashboard is also one amongst the simplest and robust platform to view all the customer activities. We also provide live chat software and assistance 24*7, from best trained experts from the industry. Tagove uses HTML5 dashboard which is quite easy to understand and even a person with no technical background could also understand it with no troubles.

Installing the Tagove’s Joomla extension is smooth as breeze. You just have to configure the plug in and installation is always free. It would work best with Mozilla Firefox 2, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet explorer 6. Also you need to make sure that no firewalls are restricting its functioning, if it’s not working fine, we suggest that you get in touch with server administrator. Though plug in is totally free for use either business or personal purpose, but one has to pay a nominal fee for the paid version, which has got an upper hand over free version.

Thus, to draw a conclusion here, Tagove’s Joomla Extension can solve most of your business queries and make it easier for you to do your business. We also suggest going for paid version as it would benefit you to gain more insights and help you to spread the reach of your business. Our representative can provide with free trial as soon as you book your order for Tagove Joomla extension. Just let us know that you are interested and we will get your trial account up and running.

Should you need any assistance, feel free to chat with our customer advocates on: http://www.tagove.com or email us at support@tagove.com
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Tagove - Live Chat

Last updated:
Nov 25 2017
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Jan 22 2016
GPLv2 or later
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