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TW Twitter Sidebar displays a twitter widget on your websites to help bring your exclusive twitter content on your website through a sidebar twitter widget.

Display your twitter feed via a list or a responsive grid template directly onto your website by downloading the TW Twitter Sidebar. Website visitors can get a snapshot view of tweets on your Twitter account and join your growing twitter following to get exclusive updates of your twitter community.

Build a link between your website and your twitter community with TW Twitter Sidebar. TW Twitter Sidebar can help you acquire more twitter followers and encourage them to follow you on Twitter to get more twitter updates and to join worldwide twitter conversations.

View multiple tweets through a non-obtrusive widget displayed on your website with a Twitter sidebar that links to your real-time Twitter feed. Display the latest Tweets from a single Twitter account, multiple Twitter accounts, or tap into the worldwide twitter conversation around a topic grouped in a search result. A Twitter collection may be rendered in either a list or a responsive grid template. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to gain Twitter followers and include your website visitors in Twitter conversations. Download the TW Twitter Sidebar now!

The TW Twitter Sidebar is Built for Simplicity:

● Easy to use pre-built Twitter widget - The TW Twitter Sidebar is a no fluff, no-nonsense, easy to use Twitter sidebar widget that lets you share your Twitter feed with website visitors
● Ready to go with no tech skills needed - Quick and easy to install. Just download the TW Twitter Sidebar and display your Twitter feed on your website.
● Customizable via easy configuration on - You can get a Twitter timeline template by easily editing the widget configuration on

The Pros of Downloading the TW Twitter Sidebar:

The TW Twitter Sidebar lets you embed your Twitter timeline on your website. Website visitors will be able to see multiple tweets from your twitter account at a glance with TW Twitter Sidebar. Website visitors can tune in to your real-time Twitter feed or check out past tweets from your Twitter timeline without having to leave your website.

Embedded twitter timelines are an easy way to display multiple Tweets on your website in a compact, single-column view.

Download the TW Twitter Sidebar to increase your social media visibility:

The TW Twitter Sidebar, can help you:
● grow your Twitter following
● increase your Twitter connections
● strengthen your Twitter community
● add more avenues for interaction by displaying your Twitter timeline
● and increase your social media visibility by adding a Twitter widget

The Key Features of the TW Twitter Sidebar:

TW Twitter Sidebar features a link to the full twitter timeline display on added to your webpages.
TW Twitter Sidebar also features Twitter’s widget JavaScript to enhance the link with a fully-rendered Twitter Timeline.
TW Twitter Sidebar lets you display multiple tweets in a compact, single column view through an easy to use, intuitive Twitter sidebar widget displayed on your website.
* Bonus feature: You can also configure a Twitter collection through a template which can be rendered either as a list or as a responsive grid. This requires a widget configuration edited on

Configuration Options for TW Twitter Sidebar

• Twitter Username: The twitter username is added on url. If the Twitter profile URL is or then your twitter username is like - "twitter" or "twittertw".
• Margin Top to Bottom: Configure the top or bottom margin of your Twitter widget using this option.
• Twitter Width: The Twitter Widget width size in px.
• Twitter Height: The Twitter Widget Height size in px.
• Select an Alignment: You can set the alignment of your twitter widget display.
• Twitter Color Scheme: Twitter widget offers two pre-embedded color themes. Dark or Light.

Great extension

Posted on 15 February 2019
If you want a Twitter widget that works well on your joomla site,then you should test this extension
Ease of use
Easy configuration.
I used this to: The new website I just created.

Awesome Twitter widget

Posted on 14 February 2019
Twitter widget works like a twitter widget should:)
Ease of use
Twitter widget was easy to use.
Didn't need any support.
Didn't use the docs.
I used this to: I used the twitter widget on my health and fitness blog and also to help my twitter following on my personal blog. Wanted a twitter widget that was sleek - this did the trick. Keep juicing! Drew
A clean implementation of a Twitter feed - simple and fast - for left placed slide out., there's no image made for that...
Ease of use
Easy to use and mostly intuitive but it requires more options and tooltips to make this a solid winner
I used this to: Sharing feeds on my business site.
TW Pinterest Sidebar

TW Pinterest Sidebar

By Phillip Nikola
Social Display
TW Pinterest Sidebar displays a Pinterest widget on your websites to help bring your exciting Pinterest content on your website through a sidebar widget. The TW Pinterest Sidebar is a simple and elegant way to showcase your Pinterest account without taking up too much space on your website. It keeps your website free of busy, visual noise. TW Pinterest Sidebar has a unique design. A Pinterest ico...

TW Twitter Sidebar

Phillip Nikola
Last updated:
Feb 13 2019
Date added:
Mar 14 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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