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User Enhancement Manager extends the core user features in Joomla, and allows you to easy add custom fields to user registration forms, clean up unwanted users from your site, and create magazine like author profiles for blogs.

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The extensions allows you to:
- Set Expiry date for Joomla user accounts
- Automatically ban or delete inactive Joomla accounts
- Add custom fields to user profiles (without any coding), with ACL
- Create front end author profiles to article layouts
- Display of a users Gravatar images on user profile and in their author profile
- Log user activity, so you can identify when accounts are being shared
- Front end public user profiles with ACL
- Log in as - user your super user password to log in as other users and test their access
- Log in via email - allow users to use their email address instead of username when logging in
- Test email configuration - easily test the mail settings for your site set in your global config

If you've ever considered writing a profile plugin to add additional fields to the Joomla user forms, then I'm telling you now you are doing it the hard way, this extension will make your life so much easier as you'll be able to easily add or remove custom fields without any coding.
If you are frustrated with using com_messages to test your site email settings, then look no further as we have an easy way to test.
UE Man extends the core Joomla functionality, it does not replace it. You can use this software to create community sites with public user profiles.
Make your user's life easier by allowing them to log in with their email address (which they will always remember).
Troubleshoot user issues on your site by logging in as that user.

In summary, this extension is a one stop solution that improves the user experience in Joomla. If there is something missing that you would like to see, please don't hesitate to contact us and suggest a new feature.

What's new in 1.6.2

Fixing invalid error when sending emails due to 3.5.1

Fixed null expiry date

What's new in 1.6.1

Added super user exemption to expiry date

Added .csv to user export filename

Swapped import and export icons

Encrypt plain text passwords supplied in import

What's new in 1.6.0
+ Added Joomla Updater functionality
+ Implemented user import
+ Import user feature added
+ Implemented block users x days after forced password reset
+ Implemented force password reset after x days
+ Add user export
^ Updated F0F version

What's new in 1.5.5

Null bug fix

What's new in 1.5.4

Fixing PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /libraries/joomla/database/driver.php on line 1527.

What's new in 1.5.3

Fixed F0FTemplateUtils issue

What's new in 1.5.2
Applied jQuery validation fix for mandatory checkbox

What's new in 1.5.1
Fixed ordering on user logs view

What's new in 1.5.0
+ Implemented ability to allow users to choose their groups

What's new in 1.4.0
+ Implemented log in as email instead of username
+ Added export button to logs view
+ Added send Test Email
+ Added one click logout menu

What's new in 1.3.0
+ Implemented Log in as feature. Added authentication plugin.

What's new in 1.2.0
+ Added profiles (by group) view
+ Implemented front end public user profile with ACL
+ Implemented ACL on custom fields

What's new in 1.1.2
- Fixed blank fields on author profile
+ Added IP lookup to show location of IP address in log

What's new in v1.1.1
- Fixed Issue #1: Error 400 on rebuild for logs view
- Fixed CSS issue

What's new in v1.1.0
- Implemented auto user cleanup

What's new in v1.0.1
- Fixed checkbox display on front end user profile
+ Added error checking for User - UE Man Log plugin
- Fixed system plugin

What's new in v1.0.0
! Initial version

Great Extention

Posted on 06 April 2017

Very Good Just what I needed

Ease of use

Very easy no complex set up


Very Good


Clear and Precise

Value for money

Very cheap for what it can do

I used this to: Managing members on a choir website

Good product, good support

Posted on 09 September 2016

Bought this a week ago and it's looking really solid.

Ease of use

Very well built, good UX.


Submitted questions both as pre-sales and for buyer support, and quickly received succinct & knowledgeable replies.


Solid documents.

Value for money

So far so good for our needs.


I wanted a way of adding custom field to the Joomla user registration without get complicated or editing language files etc.

Ease of use

This extension is easy to use, and I was able to add text fields as well as check boxes as well. Use instead of the default user profile


Superb support. I needed a small tweak, and within an hour the support fixed my problem and also made it available to all users as an update


The initial documentation I looked at was simple and easy to understand, (although the extension is easy to use so not really needed)

Value for money

If you want to customise your user profile - registration form it is very much worth the small cost

I used this to: I can now ask specific questions or gather specific information from those registering on my site.
Owner's reply: Hi Adrian

Thank you for your review, I am glad you found our Joomla User Enhancement Manager (UEMAN) useful and its always a pleasure to be able and support our clients.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly again.


User Enhancement Manager - UE Man

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Last updated:
May 03 2016
Date added:
Feb 15 2015
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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