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This plugin can add youtube videos into your articles and get to play them in fancybox (lightbox). You have to simply copy the youtube link into the article without any tags. It uses jquery v1.7.1 and fancybox v1.3.4. You can use inline parameters too. Separate them with | and don't use any space character.

Example recognized syntax if videocode is yv0zA9kN6L8 :

at plugin parameters you can:
- switch the fancybox library to include or not
- can change overlay color
- can change overlay opacity
- set thumbnail width/height
- set fancybox window (video window) width/height
- enable/disable to show video title
- enable/disable video looping
- enable/disable the youtube control bar
- choose youtube control bar theme: light/dark
- enable/disable showing of fullscreen button
- enable/disable autoplay
- enable/disable to slide out the youtube controlbar
- enable/disable to play the highest resolution of youtube video
- select 2 more display methods of the video:
1. with SWFobject.js (if jQuery method didn't work)

What's new 1.7.4
- fixed minor bugs
- recognizing either https and shortlinks
- adding possibility of parameter overrides with inline parameters
- new parameter at backend to enable/disable usage of inline parameters

What's new 1.7.3
- fixed $params reset bug

What's new 1.7.2
- fixed small bugs
- jQuery library loaded only if needed
- Fancybox library loaded only if needed
- Fancybox css loaded only if not included

What's new 1.7.1
- jQuery 1.7.1
- Fancybox 1.3.4
- switch the fancybox library to include or not
- can change overlay color
- can change overlay opacity
- added 2 more display methods of the video:
1. with SWFobject.js (if jQuery method didn't work)

ver. 1.7
- jQuery 1.4.2
- Fancybox 1.3.1

So far so good. Essentially you just need to post a standard URL without all the junk at the end to get this to work right.

The price was small so I jumped at this module. I was trying to use JA Popup to do the same thing, but I had no end of misery getting it to function properly. This plugin was the solution I needed.

It isn't difficult to figure out how everything works, however an example would be useful as you need to strip the junk off the end of the youtube URL. Very excellent so far.
I was looking for an extension that would let me display thumbnails of videos in a list view that would then play the video on an article page or in a modal popup, but which also allowed me to put the thumbnail with my own text, rather than the Youtube summary (so it can be more easily translated using JoomFish).

I was starting to despair before finding this plugin, but it does exactly that. You can save each video as a separate article, together with your accompanying text, so there's no messing about with playlists or xml files, you're just using the Joomla core, so can control the number of items appearing in your list, and the paging.

It uses the full URL to the Youtube video rather than the more standard, so you do have to be a little careful if you're using JCE, which will convert full URLs to links if you don't enter them in code view or with the JCE visual editor turned off. If you leave them as links, then the thumbnails will appear twice with a little leftover HTML showing. But, as it's a one-click operation to unlink again in JCE, that's not too big a deal for me.

The plugin gives control over the size of the thumbnails on the page and the video in the modal popup, which script to use for the popup, and whether or not to load that javascript library (thoughtful, and useful for avoiding jQuery problems with multiple versions), the overlay colour and opacity, and Youtube controls, so there's a fair bit of flexibility. It's not possible to override global settings on a video-by-video basis (as you can with AllVideos), but again that's not an issue for me as I like consistency, anyway.

The developer responded very quickly to a bug that I reported, and I had a fix the following day, which augurs well for support.

A great little plugin at a very reasonable price!

Works cool

Posted on 24 January 2012
I just tried this plugin. Pasted the link in and it works cool. Few coins for it wasn't so much.

thank you
MG URVideo
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MG URVideo

By Molnár Gergely
Social Media
With this plugin, you can embed videos from,, and into articles from mentioned video portals simply by copying and pasting a video URL as plain text without any tags. The video will pop up in fancybox. At parameters you can: - turn on/off jQuery library inclusion - turn on/off Fancybox library inclusion - turn on/off translating links...

YouTube Video in Fancybox

Molnár Gergely
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System