IP Blocking, Site Access

Joomla CountryBlock is a module that allows site owner to grant access to certain countries or block access from certain countries. If admin does not specify the redirect URLs for blocked or granted countries, visitor's IP address and country/flag will be displayed.

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This module has been updated to support Joomla 1.0x/1.5x/1.6x/1.7x/2.5x/3.x. IP to Country data files are updated to Mar 2016.

Ne sert à rien

Posted on 05 April 2018


Ease of use


Value for money


I used this to: J'ai installé ce module pour éviter d'avoir des inscriptions "sauvages" sur la newsletter d'un site et il ne sert strictement à rien. Sije mets FR dans la liste, je suis bien bloqué (je suis en France) mais les inscriptions sauvages, elles ne sont pas stoppées.

Nice extension, works out of the box. The big plus is that being a module, you can select specific pages to block while the rest fo the website remains accessible.

I needed to block some countries for a technology site to reduce the chances of design ripoff and cloning. I paid my $10 for the extension, set it up in a matter of minutes on my Joomla 1.7 site, got a little mixed up with block and allow settings, mailed the developer and got clarification in under an hour. Works like charm and can also be run completely invisible.

Simple to Use

Posted on 27 March 2010

I had some spammers coming in from another country, so with this module I was able to block them out. Of course they could use a domestic proxy server, but I use RS Firewall to supplement this. Really easy to set up, and if you publish the module to "show no country", you won't even see it on your page. Nice work. Thanks.

great idea

Posted on 13 May 2008

would be usefull for denying the access to the backend, will reduce the chances of a web deface

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Country/IP Block

Last updated:
Mar 07 2017
Date added:
Jul 08 2007
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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