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A library package to facilitate many content display functions when used with the free accompanying extensions.

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  • In Joomla content, show link to all current author's posts instead of a contact form
  • In Joomla content, show X count of related articles by tag, with image, title, text and javascript pagination
  • Show author profile with photo, name, website, about. A photo field is added to the author settings.
  • Easily customize the layout of each Joomla content category or single pages with menu item assigned. Using intuitive shortcodes and included pre-defined formats
  • Video player with playlist. Able to display videos from any source which allows sharing. Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion etc
  • Audio player with playlist. Stream internet radio or play any .MP3 file from remote or local location.
  • Insert Googlemap with just an address
  • Add PayPal shopping cart anywhere
  • Add polls anywhere
  • Add thumbs up / thumbs down vote to any item
  • Add contact form anywhere
  • Add slide show of any content type anywhere
  • Create OnePage display for product promotions. Include parallax, slide show, shopping cart, contact form, poll, video, audio and navigation.
  • Add clickable video banners to the Joomla core banner manager
  • Cut off any block of content within a post for registered members only by wrapping with [member Message about hidden content here]content here[/member]
  • Add Facebook or Disqus comment to any content
  • Add multiple instances of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr feed
  • Set horizontal element containers to adjust height evenly with the class equalheight
  • Set any content to lazy load

Object Shortcodes

Shortcodes can be used in any extension, including Custom Module. They are easily inserted with the included CMSE Shortcode editor-xtd button.

  • Insert video anywhere

    Add just the video URL locally or from Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion and any source which provide an embed URL.

  • Insert audio player anywhere

    Add just the URL to an audio file in .MP3, OGG format to output an audio player. Will also accept URL from any audio service which provide an embed URL, including MixCloud, SoundCloud, DatPiff etc.

  • Insert contact form anywhere

    This will output a simple contact form in any extension.

  • Insert Joomla articles anywhere

    Output the intro image and full text in any extension with a text area content method. This is great for aside relative content.
    To limit the output text, add a numerical value to the argument
    [article="55" 100]. This will also display a readmore button. To change the label of the button, add text string in a 3rd parameter. [article="55" 100|Click to see all]

  • Insert link to Joomla article, K2 item, Mosets Tree list

    Complete with intro image and title. Used for inserting related article in between paragraphs of a post. Can be used in any extension.
    [jarticle="30"] [k2item="67"] [mtreelist="45"]

  • Insert Google Map anywhere

    Just add an address and the standard Google map will be displayed in any extension.
    [googlemap="55 main st miami fl"]

  • Insert Facebook page feed

    This will output a Facebook page feed embed. Will accept other parameter to define the output like show faces, width, height, posts.
    [facebook page="http://facebook/joomla"]

  • Insert Facebook post anywhere

    Just get the URL to any post at Facebook and easily embed in any extension
    [facebook post=""]

  • Insert Facebook comment anywhere

    Just get the URL to any comment at Facebook and easily embed in any extension
    [facebook comment=""]

  • Insert Twitter page feed anywhere

    Easily embed a Twitter page feed. Add parameters to define the output
    [twitter page=""]

  • Insert Twitter post

    Easily embed Twitter posts
    [twitter post=""]

  • Insert Twitter comment

    Embed Twitter comments just by placing the URL in the shortcode
    [twitter comment=""]

  • Insert vertical accordion slides anywhere

    Content slides allows addition of content with sub heading and reduces page clutter. Add slides with ease.
    [slidetab The Title]
    content here
    Add style class to each slide with a simple parameter
    [slidetab The Title|styleclass]
    Add a slide group wrapper and style all sliders
    [slidetab The Title]

  • Insert tabs content anywhere

    Fill a post with useful aside content within tabs. Easily insert the tabs block anywhere within an article, custom module or any other extension.
    [tab The Tab Title]
    content here
    [tab Other Tab Title]

  • Member Only Content

    Block parts of content from guests. Can be used in any extension
    [member You need to login to view this block of content]
    Content that is allowed only to registered users

  • Insert container elements anywhere

    Add visual div elements in a post and define the layout as desired with any style class, inline CSS or javascript attribute.
    [div class="pull-left width_70 break"]
    content here
    [div class="pull-left width_30 break padleft-20"]
    content here

  • Insert PayPal cart anywhere

    Easily add PayPal cart fields in an extension.
    [paypal cart="Big Shirt|20|images/shop/shirt.jpg|L|M|S"]

  • Insert poll anywhere

    Polls help to boost posts and this shortcode makes it simple to add a poll in any extension.
    [poll title="Is Earth Flat?" answer="Yes|No|Maybe|On Mondays Only"]

  • Insert countdown clock anywhere

    Use this shortcode to display a countdown clock in any extension.
    [countdown="2019-05-26|The day has come"]

  • Insert randomized content anywhere

    Create a random quote, image, video or any other content type in any extension. The random function executes per page load.
    Some text and images
    other text and images, video etc

Brings a large roster of options to add into contents, that normally are set by several separate components or plugins from third parties.
Ease of use
Has a little curve of learning, but simplifies the way to set things up on content. Even an administrator with little experience can run it,
Email support service has a good response time and is very detailed and eager to help.
Since is missing,one thing that helps a lot to get hands on onto the plugin is that eases the transition from other CMS based on shortcodes
Value for money
Not so expensive and extends a lot the functionalities of the site. I can apply it as many as needed,
I used this to: One of my latest customers wanted a magazine and one issue was the media placing. This plugin helped a lot with the media integration. Basically as an alternative to Raw code, easing the handling to less experienced administrators or operators without any technical background.
CMSE Audioplayer

CMSE Audioplayer

Multimedia Players
This module will display an audio player and the current show host on air, along with their photo, show title and the host's name. The player can be fixed to the foot of the browser window or display in any position. A playlist can be assigned. Features Play local or remote MP3 audio file Play internet radio stream RTMP or MP3 Show details of current show host on air Option to remove entire pla...
CMSE Proto Options

CMSE Proto Options

Make the most of Joomla's core Protostar template. Style and never worry about overwriting on updates! Style the core Joomla Protostar template without editing any files by using the simple styling tools and the custom inline CSS editor. If you want to have many themes to choose from, easily add multiple custom CSS themes to the new custom/themes folder and be able to change the display as desir...
CMSE Countdown

CMSE Countdown

Timed Content
A count down to an event Easily style and reformat with built-in custom css editor Add multiple instance on a single page Parse plugin shortcodes Add HTML or plain text above and below the counter...
CMSE Custom Fields

CMSE Custom Fields

Custom Fields
With CMSE Custom Fields and Custom Layout plugin for Joomla Content, a Joomla website owner will be able to easily insert Video playlist, Audio playlist, Poll, Google map, Chat room, PayPal cart, Social media feed, and Joomla custom fields, while posting an article. Optimize and maximize each article page without moving back and forth between components to prepare content. Insert captivating and r...
CMSE Files

CMSE Files

Easily attach files to articles for download. This is a custom field plugin that will enable attachment of any file type as defined in the settings. It does NOT allow file upload! It merely reads from a defined directory where the files are located. However the files are placed in that directory is the concern of the user. Either FTP or the Joomla media manager. Features Download count File inf...
CMSE Reset

CMSE Reset

Ratings & Reviews
Easily reset article hits and votes to zero(0) without manual database editing. This is simply for those who wish to reset a page hit and vote data just because they want to restart. If ExtraVotes plugin is installed and in use, this reset plugin will also handle those votes. Install Enable Edit an article and click Publishing tab to see the buttons at the bottom right...
CMSE Overlay

CMSE Overlay

Popups & iFrames
Display alerts, advertisements, warnings, cookie policy accept and more with an overlay window that requires user action to close. There are 2 available modes which can be enable individually or together. Fullscreen Window: cover the entire browser window and set a content container in the center with any type of media. Set a background color with transparency or opaque. Blur the page images to...
CMSE Custom

CMSE Custom

Authoring & Content
This module is an alternative to the Joomla core Custom Module extension. It functions similarly but includes enhanced features to allow advanced display using custom CSS and javascript coding while publishing the module. There is also an included random image display function that enables single random image or multiple shuffled images. It doubles as a random quote function if only text is enter...

CMSE Library

Last updated:
Jan 26 2019
Date added:
Jul 01 2018
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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