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Many modules and plugins provided by the jDownloads team are included in and are automatically installed with the jDownloads component.

jDownloads supports many languages. English and German languages are included with the component and many others are available on www.jdownloads.net or www.transifex.com.

Main Features

  • What is a Download?: Obviously it includes the file that is to be downloaded but in jDownloads there are many more optional features to show the user or potential customer. You may have a text description, multiple images, an MP3 or an MP4 preview complete with player. You can show size, author, price, rating, popularity, etc., etc. All of it configurable.
  • Unlimited Category Tree: The downloads can be organized by customised categories and subcategories. A folder is created for every category, usually the folder has the same name as the category, so you have exactly the same structure on your server as in your download area. There is an option to use a different folder name if desired.
  • Access Rights for Categories: You can set the 'download' rights for categories and downloads for every Joomla user group. So it is possible, for example, that all guests can view the category (and the files) but only registered users can download the files. And say users with Publisher or similar rights can create new Downloads including uploading the main download file, together with preview text, images, audio clips (MP3) and video clips (MP4).
  • User Groups: jDownloads fully supports now the Joomla Access Permissions and Access Levels for Categories and Downloads. This allows a wide variety of controlling user groups in who is able to see what, control download access and of course uploading of new Downloads.
  • User Groups Settings: jDownloads has the ability to set different download capability limits for each Joomla! User Group. Also for User Groups that have 'create download' permissions then each user group may have their individual selection of 'questions' asked by the creation/edit Downloads form the upload form may be set. Furthermore jDownloads resolves the 'challenge' of users belonging to multiple groups with an 'importance' value.
  • Frontend Edit functionality: You can define in the configuration, that particular user groups can edit/update/delete their own downloads from the frontend. Additionally you can select jDownloads user groups who can edit Downloads in specific categories from the frontend. ... and many others.

See a more detailed feature list here (not completed):

Great Component

Posted on 02 July 2011


This is great Component Arno....

just waiting for JD compatible with Joomla 1.6


great component

Posted on 01 July 2011

Hi Arno

first of all - thank you for jdownloads component and your hard work, its a really great download component for the Joomla Community.

feature i like most in jdownloads that you can add all files in database after creating category and upload even thousands of files in newly created category folder on server.... great component for lazy people like me to add one by one file.

jDownloads is a great choice if you want to build a powerful Biggggg.. download site

it is a very very good component

easy to use and install

Congratulations Arno Betz

I have used jdownloads on my main site and depend on it a great deal. It is quick to set up and configure, it is easy to add categories and download items. The support from Arno is very good indeed and that is for the free version. There is one fault in the tool though, the inability to incorporate a captcha into the download page, this should be possible through integrating a 3rd party captcha tool. I am trying to persuade Arno to support this. Regardless, it is an excellent tool and with captcha support it will be perfect. Rating it as good rather than excellent until it gains captcha support

Wonderful Extension

Posted on 03 June 2011

Thank you for such a great extension. This is one of the best Joomla Download Extension. I tried all download extension and nothing comes equal as jDownloads. jDownload has lots of great plugins, modules which can help us to build a powerful download site.

Some features i really like...

1. Layout Customization

2. Updating the old downloads

3. Front end uploads

4. Great icons

5. Lots of modules for top downloads, latest downloads, updates, etc.,

6. jDownload plugins for other Extensions like Ace SEF, SE404SEF, etc.,

and more...

Things which i miss...

1. RSS feed.

Hope in next version there will be RSS support...

The support forum for jDownloads is really great... I got answer for my questions within some hours...

Overall, jDownloads is a great choice if you want to build a powerful download site...

Thanks for giving such great extension for free...

A PERFECT extension!

Posted on 28 February 2011

As experienced Joomla user, I can say that this is one PERFECT extension! Not only that it has so many features, but developer does a brilliant job on replying to almost every user idea. Using it is easy, almost everything that came across my mind is already there... Backend layout settings is great idea, it gives possibility for not-programmers to setup layout as they like, they're not limited to just few options for it. Also, upgrading to newer versions (releases are also frequent) is piece of cake - no need to uninstall, backup stuff etc etc - all is straight forward. All that is in initial package is more than enough for even average user and much more than average download section of your website! Thanks once again for job well done!

Simply Amazing

Posted on 26 February 2011

I cannot live without this extension, arno is simply a great php programmer and this extension is better then even the paid extensions I have tried and I have tried a few.

I just migrated my site to Joomla 1.6 and now I wait for arno to upgrade this extension to be compatible and I will gladly wait so that should tell you how good this extension is.

Plenty of options and whats important to me is it can handle a lot of files and it handles them without much lag.

Keep up the great work.

Felt in love

Posted on 25 February 2011

Felt in love with this extension. I used several downloads extensions other different sites, but JDownloads is the most amazing. Incredibly powerful and simple to personalize to your needs. If I found a way to import simply datas from other download extensions, I would use it on all sites I'm managing.


Posted on 31 January 2011

In my opinion, this component has got to be the best thing for managing downloads. I own a number of websites and the CEO of my corporation which develops software and web design. On my software site, it has become a must! I encourage all to use this for managing downloads and should definitely support these fine people and their hard work. I have found it to be flawless, modifiable, easy to use and necessary. Keep up the good work!!

Could be

Posted on 23 January 2011

I tested the jDownloads extension but stayed with the Remository extension. Because with jDownloads i dont have a RSS Feed option and i can't limit no registered user to download only X files a day or sorting downloads by rating and path navigation i also like more then the drop down box navigation.

If the developed doesn't stop it could quickly be the best download extension. So i will keep a watch on this extension.

I give it 4 stars because it's extremely flexible to customize the design and has a lot of options.

Owner's reply: Hi Russler,
many thanks for your review. By the way, a option that you can set a daily download limit for registered users exist. See download options.


Arno Betz
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Nov 01 2018
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Aug 17 2007
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