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This is a free plugin for the JoomShopping online store that allows you to send order data to CRM Bitrix24.

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How to use

To send leads to Bitrix24, which allows you to form and work with a client base.

The plugin sends to CRM:

  • Name and surname (2 fields),
  • Phone,
  • E-mail,
  • Address (indicated in the profile for registration: country, postcode, city, street, house number, apartment)
  • The total amount of the order (including shipping costs and taxes, if included)
  • Product Name
  • Product code,
  • Manufacturer code
  • UTM-parameters from url for ad channels tracking.

This plugin is suitable primarily for businesses that use the basic CRM functionality. The order data plugin places into the lead comment .

Plugin settings

The plugin supports 2 ways to send data to Bitrix24:
- import
- webhook


The simplest way to link Bitrix24 with third-party sites. It does not require any special knowledge, but limits the variety of data that can potentially be transferred to CRM.
CRM host
Your Bitrix24 address without https and www
CRM Port
Leave the default value if you have cloud-based CRM and you do not know what it is.
Import path
Similar to the previous paragraph.
Login Bitrix24
Email The import of leads takes place on behalf of a user who is designated responsible. Usually, for importing from third-party sites, it is recommended to create a separate user with limited rights for security reasons.
Account password for importing leads.
Order Name Prefix
JoomShopping assigns orders to numbers: 000001. The prefix inserts your phrase in front of this number. For example, "Order No."


Requires creating an incoming webhook in the applications in your Bitrix24. Webhook must be granted lead rights.

Webhook Secret Code
You get it when you create an incoming webhook in your Bitrix24.
Assigned id
Responsible Bitrix24 employee by default. Id can be found in the list of employees.

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WT Bitrix24 for JoomShopping

Sergey Tolkachyov
Last updated:
Feb 15 2020
Date added:
Dec 18 2019
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System