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JSP Store Locator for Joomla provides a rich interface to search and display dealer/office locations for a company who owns offices in multiple locations using Google Maps or Bing Maps.

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JSP Store Locator provides easy to use interface for searching location, zip code, area code and provides Google map to display the locations.

The administrator can easily add/edit the locations/offices from backend interface and publish/unpublished locations.

* Default map on initially load with a list of locations.
* Import locations by .xls files in JSP Store Locator by entering only Name, Address, Country, State, City, Area.
* Export saved locations in .xls file format in JSP Store Locator.
* Display customized Google Maps on Website frontend using Google Map Styles feature.
* Create Locations using Google Places API on a single click of a button in JSP Store Locator.
* Additional 3 Frontend JSP Store Locator Themes.
* Google auto complete address functionality on the search box in JSP Store Locator.
* Enable/Disable search option to show search option or not.
* Locate Me Feature to find nearby stores/locations.
* User can search location by ZIP/Postal code or search by selecting category/country/state/city/area.
* Users can generate categories and assign those categories to locations and also search locations of a particular category.
* Options to add custom fields (of type text) to locations from the backend and to show them on the frontend with locations list.
* Locations list on the frontend now comes with a slider so that users have the option to expand the display of the map to have a look at the locations in an enhanced way.
* Branch detail pop-up with additional info (Description of branch/location).
* The "Get Directions" option that provides a route planner to find out route from one location to another.
* Configurable width, height and zoom level for the map.
* Configurable fields like Branch Name, Contact Person, Contact Number, Gender, E-mail Id, Website, Description to show on list/map or not.
* Configurable parameters like Display Directions, Country name, State name, City name, Area name to show on list/map or not.
* No need to enter LAT/LONG info.
* Grid View for Full Branch List in JSP Store Locator
* Improved backend presentation.
* Improved support on our forum.

Change Logs:

Version 2.5: (23-February-2018) ( Features available only for Joomla 3.x.x )
A. Security Fixes for SQL Injection Issues
B. Fix for issue - Incorrect parameter count in the call to native function 'radians' on front end
C. Minor Bug Fixes for "JSP Store Locator 2.4"

Version 2.4: (9-February-2018) ( Features available only for Joomla 3.x.x )
A. Addition of 3 JSP Store Locator Frontend Themes.
B. Google Map Styles feature to display customized maps on Website frontend.
C. Bing Maps updated to Version 8.
D. Bug Fixes for "JSP Store Locator 2.3"

Version 2.2: (20-April-2016) ( Features available only for Joomla 3.x.x )
A. Optimized Import Locations by .xls file functionality.
B. Export Saved Locations in .xls files
C. Create Locations using Google Places API on a single click of a button.
D. Bug Fixes for "JSP Store Locator 2.1"

Version 2.1: (08-January-2016) ( Features available only for Joomla 3.x.x )
A. Import Locations by .xls files
B. Display Store Videos on front end
C. Google Autocomplete Address functionality on search box
D. Full Branch List entries in grid view
E. Bug Fixes for "JSP Store Locator 2.0"

Version 2.0: (15-May-2015)
A. New Layout in JSP Store Locator 2.0
B. Search directly by country, state, city or zip in a single search box
C. Upload Multiple Images to a Store
D. Store Image now also shown in map popup
E. Exclusive pages for Store details and Map directions
F. Exclusive page for showing full list of stores with filter options
G. Dynamic Pointers ordered by store numbers on both maps
H. Bug Fixes for "JSP Store Locator 1.8"
I. JSP Location is now known as JSP Store Locator

Version 1.8: (8-Dec-2014)
A. Added Bing Maps to JSP Store Locator 1.8
B. Major Bug Fixes for 'JSP Store Locator 1.7'

Version 1.7: (4-Sept-2014)
A. Major Bug Fixes for 'JSP Store Locator 1.6'

Version 1.6: (14-Aug-2013)
A. Introduced new themes in extension 'Classic' and 'Modern'.
B. Option to 'Add Image' for each location and display the same in a light box.
C. Option to skip loading 'jQuery'.
D. Feature to show 'Default / Location' Image for the initial screen.
E. 'Pagination' for locations.
F. 'JText' fixation for front-end.
G. 'Description' of locations now comes in a light box.
H. Option to configure 'Get Directions' search units (Miles/KMS).
I. Improved the presentation of 'Location Listing' and 'Description' on map pointers.
J. 'Pointer Type' option to 'Auto Generate Pointers' or to use 'Customized Pointers'.
K. Bug Fixes for 'JSP Store Locator 1.5'.

Version 1.5: (13-Mar-2013)
A. Locate Me Feature to find nearby stores/locations.
B. Hit graph to keep track of locations visited by users.
C. Hit graph to keep track of zip / postal codes searched by users.
D. Bug Fixes for JSP Store Locator 1.4.

Version 1.4: (28-Nov-2012)
A. Added feature to select configuration options from menu parameters.
B. Added JText language file support also for front-end.
C. Resolved the issues found in JSP Store Locator 1.3

All I need is the name and address as details in the Excel sheet. but there I have to enter a lot of additional information completely
Ease of use
You have to manually enter Longitude / Latitude for each address. My customer is completely overwhelmed!
Good support!
Value for money
I change to a more professional extension
I used this to: fashionstore-website
Owner's reply: Hello Mike,
We will simplify the process of importing locations in the upcoming version of JSP Store Locator.



Posted on 04 August 2017
Works as it is supposed to.
Ease of use
Takes a little bit to set up the Google API, but that is to be understood. The Component works very nicely.
I had some issues setting up the Google APIs. Support was helpful and timely.
Value for money
Excellent value for the money.
I used this to: We are using this to display restaurants/stores who offer a discount to our students.
This gives you an easy to use branch finder - much better than some high end solutions that some retailers use. Works well on mobile.
Ease of use
Out of the box - easily configured - gets trickier if you want custom layouts.
Excellent support - very responsive.
Short and concise, but the extension is pretty straightforward.
Value for money
Excellent - saves a lot of heartache.
I used this to: Branch finding on a trade product website.

A life saver

Posted on 28 June 2016
The extension allows you to list your branches or locations on an interactive map with interactive search and location detection
Ease of use
The app is relatively easy to use although can have a better interface to load the data
Support is impeccable, fast, friendly and efficient
Adequate documentation but not rich
Value for money
Very good value for money
Works great we had to import hundreds of Hotels with .xls files, Support helped me with the things I overlooked.
Ease of use
Great Support! I had a few questions and Omkar Ambre helped me getting it running
Value for money
I used this to: For a multi user website, around 50 different users have their own map.
Most map locators allow for one location. This is a true gem!
Ease of use
Installed in minutes with 11 locations.
Value for money
It was a great price already, then they have me a 25% discount!
I used this to: Clients who have multiple locations and want a "store locator".

Good Component.

Posted on 08 July 2015
Fast and Easy to Use.
Ease of use
Easy to set up.
Great Support.
Value for money
Yes, for me.
The component is very easy to use. Locations can be added easily from the backend. It gives detail information about each location in a separate view along with location images which is a very user friendly feature. Also we can categorize the locations and display them. No need to visit google maps to find direction from one location to other, it is integrated within the component itself.
Ease of use
Simple and easy.
Support team is quick to reply.
Installation, Configuration and uninstallation is given in detail.
Value for money
basically poor. the component makes heavy use of drop down lists as *required* input on the location form. maybe "usuable" w/10 locations
Ease of use
poor - again bad design. google supports geo-locate based on just zip + address - why require addl info?
responsive - but unhelpfull
Value for money
Owner's reply: Hello,
Thanks for your feedback.

The drop down functionality provided in backend is required since user might have stores in various geographical locations so the user might have to choose predefined location while adding stores.

In order to get accurate response from the API, we need to send full set of location information namely , country, state, city, zip and address. Hence all the data is required to be saved at the time creating a new location. If that info is not provided user might not get accurate results.

We have passed your feedback to development team for backend form to have select2 input/dropdown option.

Thanks & Regards,
JSP Team
This extension is worth every cent. Easy to set up, working right out of the box. I had a minor jquery conflict issue and contacted support and they helped me out right away. The flexibility in choosing filters makes it easy to adapt the component to ones needs. Great work!
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JSP Store Locator

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Nov 19 2014
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