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The free Joomla! Plugin nx-YouTube Custom Field is a new Custom Form Field which allows you to effortlessly embed a YouTube Video before or after any of your Joomla! Articles (like every other Custom Field). And yes, as it should be in the Year 2017 I’m glad to tell you: its fully responsive. Compared to the most other YouTube Embed Plugin, nx-YouTube Custom Field offers you an additional set of options which can be quick configured for every Frontend Instance of the Plugin.

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Das gratis Plugin nx-YouTube Custom Field **erlaubt es Dir mit kleinstmöglichem Aufwand ein YouTube Video auf deiner Artikelseite einzubinden. Das Custom Field kann vor oder nach dem Content oder auch nach jedem Joomla! Artikeltitel eingebunden werden. Und ja, wie es sich heutzutage gehört ist das Plugin natürlich vollständig **Responsive und Mobile tauglich. Im Vergleich zu den meisten anderen YouTube Plugins ermöglicht Dir das nx-YouTube Custom Field weitere Nützliche Konfigurationen wie: Fünf verschiedene Einstellungen zur Videobreite, Drei Ausrichtunsoptionen und der Möglichkeit das Video mit einem Schatten nach aussen (Box-Shadow) zu versehen.



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Overview With the nx-youtubeBox Module you are able to display Youtube Videos & Playlists in a Responsive Container on any Moduleposition or Textblock of your Website. You have no longer to put in manually the iFrame Script into your Textfields and hope that your WYSIWYG editor not stripe it out after saving. You don't have to set up any width / height values of your Videoplayer, nx-youtubeBox takes 100% of the width from its parent element and calculates the height automaticly. Main Features Responsive Supports Youtube Videos Supports Youtube Playlists Fullscreen Option per Module Instance Supports out of the Box multiple instances on the same Page Headermode (define a max height of the videoframe in percent & move the overflow if needed) Blocklayer (lock your player frame - click actions on the video are not longer possible) VideoBox Rotation (up to 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise) Integrated Bordersettings Integrated Shadowsettings for outer & inner Shadow And for sure the basic youtube API Features like: Autoplay Show / Hide Annotations Show / Hide Controls Loop Playback Show / Hide related Videos Video start time iOS Inline Playback Define default volume or mute the player Introduced in Version 1.0.4 VideoBox Rotation Now you can easily Rotate the VideoBox up to 90 degrees, in combination with the integrated Border and Shadow Options you can create a Polaroid styled look for your Videos. Integrated Bordersettings Now you are able to setup a border (incl. Radiusoptions) for your Videos. Inner Shadow Options First Huge Update for our Blocklayer! Now the Blocklayer supports an inset Shadow Option - This adds a Special look to your videos. Checkout our Demosite & Github Wiki for more Informations.

nx-YouTube Custom Field

Last updated:
Aug 08 2017
Date added:
Jun 21 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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