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Webgenium Analytics: Component statistics simplified and automated. It was designed to be as easy as possible to be used and configured.
The component has been redesigned based on com_analytics, but is integrated with plugins that have been updated: BigShotAnalytics.

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Functioning of the configuration:
1 - Enter the Google's e-mail and password on Analytic's configuration.
2 - Go back to ?option=com_analytics, type F5 key. The component will serch Profile ID and Account ID (UA and ga-xxx: xxx) and loads the graphic set.

- Sending of Statistics by mail to the email field set in Joomla (just call? Cron task =) e.g.:
- Themes for the graph (Gray, Green, Black and White with red)
- Easy setup and use.
- Uses the graphics (without using flash, uses jQuery)

Webgenium Analytics: componente de estatísticas simplificado e automatizado. Ele foi projetado para ser o componente mais fácil de ser usado e configurado.
Foi redesenhado com base em com_analytics, mas é integrado com plugins que foram atualizados: BigShotAnalytics.

Funcionamento da configuração:
1 - Digite o e-mail e senha do Google da configuração do Analytics.
2 - Volte para option=com_analytics, e atualize a página, dando um F5. O componente irá carregar o perfil ID e o ID da conta (UA e ga-xxx: xxx), além de carregar os outros dados como o gráfico de acessos.

- Envio de Estatísticas para o campo de e-mail configurado no Joomla (basta apenas chamar ?task=cron), Por exemplo:
- Temas para o gráfico (cinza, verde, preto e branco com vermelho)
- Fácil instalação e uso.
- Usa os gráficos (sem o uso de flash, usa jQuery)

** Joomla 2.5 link:

Configuration page not in English, had to use Google translator to decipher field names;
Ease of use
Plugin would not log into Google Analytics account with the info provided, even upon verification that info provide was accurate.
I used this to: I don't because I can't. Seems like it would be a great plugin if it worked. I even changed my google app access settings and it still would not log in.


Posted on 24 October 2012
Simple and complete.

Adds value to the project and works perfectly.

Webgenium Analytics

Luiz Felipe Weber, Eduardo Reichert
Last updated:
Dec 09 2014
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Nov 19 2014
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