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**Get the most out of Flickr on your Joomla! website with the Flickr Suite extensions. **

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The Flickr Suite offers the most profound flickr integration for Joomla. The combination of a component, a content plugin and modules cover the complete range of Joomla display methods. Clever use of module positions lets you seamlessly integrate the Flickr Suite into your template. Furthermore, from albums and collections to custom selections, the Flickr Suite can display it.

Key features include:
- Fully responsive
- Seamlessly integrates into your template by clever use of module positions
- Social sharing support
- Inteligent image loading only loads images when they are in the browsers viewport.
- Multiple thumbnailgrids
- Access to all your photos including private and restricted.
- All flickr media and selections
- Flickr collections (nested albums)
- Flickr albums
- Flickr galleries
- Flickr user streams
- Flickr group streams
- Custom selections of Flickr photos (+31 parameters available)
- Enable or disable download of photos (Joomla ACL protected)
- Additional photo info
- Geo-location displayed on a map
- Exif support
- etc..
- And more

Please visit our website for more information and an elaborate demo!

Nice component, easy to use, and a nice helpfull supportdesk. Worth the price.

My client, a big tennisclub, is using this component for private Flickr-sets, they don't want their pictures of their children free on the internet. This component did the job, and on my clients behalf the developer is going to make it possible to put the built-in download-function for high-resolution behind a login. Chapeau!

I already made this review on the plugin-starter-version of Flickr Suite, but my client bought the component, incl module and plugin to make flexible and dynamic use of big photo-sets on Flickr.

I had purchased this extension for use on my website. At one point the extension didn't work with the custom template I had created so I asked for help and the developer was able to provide a solution for my problem.
I'm rarely patient enough to take the time to submit reviews but I had to, this time. After trying a bunch of other Flickr modules, this by far is the sweetest out there! The UI is beautiful, its smooth and ridiculously customizable in terms of what you want to view (Flickr Collections, set, photo streams, galleries etc...) you name it, this module does it. I had a few glitches because I was using the old 1.5.23 but got ahold of support and a guy by the name of Jasper help me through all the minor issues!! I've never had such prompt and courteous support. I highly recommend this extension for anyone looking to pull Flickr into thier site!!!
Flickr Suite Content Plugin
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Flickr Suite Content Plugin

By Smålabs
Social Media
The Flickr Suite Content Plugin is a full featured, responsive (mobile ready) and versatile plugin to display flickr photos and flickr videos beautifully on your Joomla website using simple but powerful short codes. {flickr album=xxxxx} (where xxxxx is the album id) The Flickr Suite Content Plugin supports various type of media from flickr: - Single photo’s ( {flickr photo=xxxxx} ) - Sets/A...
Content Access Filter
Paid download

Content Access Filter

By Smålabs
Authoring & Content
With the content access filter you can grant or restrict access to parts of the content on your website based on a wide variety of conditions (over 25! available). Granting or restricting access to content is as easy as placing {show} or {hide} tags before and after the content you want to control the access to. For example: {show group=”jasper”}Hello Jasper{/show} Will show the enclosed messa...

Flickr Suite

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Jul 06 2018
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Nov 19 2014
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