SpotIT is a image based quiz or game component where players have to locate the position of a hidden object in an image.

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Based around the classic football quiz 'Spot the Ball' the competition setter selects an image and using the instructions in the Component manager removes the object (ball) to hide from the image. The setter can define the level of difficulty by altering the size of the grid and limiting the number of player attempts.

The player then has to mouse click on the grid to guess the position. If successful the player is alerted on screen and automatically via email. Custom messages can be created to inform the winner or looser.

This is an ideal competition component for football sites but can also be used of any kind of 'Find the hidden item' or 'guess the location' picture quiz.



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MapIT lets you display Google maps in content or module positions on which you can draw polygons, poly-lines, circles, rectangles, routes and markers with measurements and data pop-ups. This works like Mapinfo or ArcGIS but in your website allowing you to put layers of info on to custom Google maps. All layer data is stored locally in your application. Poly-gons, polylines, circles, rectangles, routes and regions can be drawn in layers on the map to create custom data maps. Each map has unique parameter controls like zoom range, line colour, line size, detail text. Great for trekkers, cyclists, off-roaders or any sports that need to generate map routes with points of interest. You can also let your users add routes or points of interest through the front end of your site with this clever component. Street View and Location based services can be integrated using the 'Locate Me' button (browser position for Android devices, iPhone, iPad, new browsers), Directions, Polyline lengths and polygon areas are calculated on the fly. Each drawn item can have a pop-up info balloon to deliver measurement metrics, text or image content with additional hyper-links. MapIT allows users to add features to maps through a front end login. Maps can be assigned to individual menu item and any level of Joomla User Access Controls applied. MapIT is responsive to any device and is ideal for any Tablet or Smart-phone application. So if you want to Map it use MapIT.
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Kieran Kelly
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Jan 17 2016
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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