Style & Design, Templating, Template Overrides

Style the core Joomla Protostar template without editing any files by using the simple styling tools and the custom inline CSS editor.

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Make the most of Joomla's core Protostar template. Style and never worry about overwriting on updates!

If you want to have many themes to choose from, easily add multiple custom CSS themes to the new custom/themes folder and be able to change the display as desired by simply selecting the file from a list in the protostar template manager.

If you want to rearrange the positions or have more positions, easily add multiple custom PHP templates to the new custom/templates folder, then easily select the desired template from the drop list in the protostar template manager.


  • Create multiple template index files and select one for each duplicate instance of the protostar template.
    Place the files in protostar/custom/templates.
    Though Joomla has the function to create template duplicates (preferred), it merely creates a database instance with an ID to allow new parameter settings, but the files remain the same. Any change to the files will affect all instances. The other method to create actual file copy of the template will provide files which can be edited without affecting the core but eventually just clutters the template directory.
    This Proto Option feature allows the use of multiple file templates in the single Protostar core directory without the clutter and no concern of overwriting on updates.

  • Add multiple CSS themes
    Place the files in protostar/custom/themes to make them available for selections in the template manager

  • Add custom PHP
    Create a file named user.php and place it in protostar/custom

  • Add custom parameter fields
    Create a file named user.xml and place it in protostar/custom
    To output the value of the parameter elements, write the coding in user.php

  • Set a custom favicon and never lose it on updates
    Add a global favicon which will serve all duplicates of Protostar, or set a different favicon for each duplicate.

  • Create installable themes and display templates
    Make exotic designs and package as a Joomla file installer which uses the standard installation system. File installer also supports update notification. Spawn a new revenue source when you sell each Protostar theme.

Every aspect of this plugin functions flawlessly. Easy installation without error and easy configuration.
Ease of use
Easy! Clearly explained and detailed descriptions for each field. Documentation is well written.
The plugin is free so I expect there will be community support using the comment at the documentation page.
Absolutely straight forward. Someone reviewed that there was little documentation, that person must have just skimmed the page. It exists.
I used this to: My website's Protostar template. I have 5 categories now with different styles and script behaviours which were all styled from the template manager. No need to create additional css file.

This is superb!!

Posted on 27 October 2018
Smoothly integrates with the protostar template to make designing quite simple
Ease of use
Very simple to use. I could easily make a duplicate of the original and set different display options including choosing different theme.
I had no cause to request support, but I see there is a comment tool and I suspect it is community based support since it's a free plug.
Very intuitive details of use.
I used this to: I have 3 websites which used complex templates and dependency on too many functions that broke periodically. I always wanted something simple but did not like the default appearance of protostar and not much options for design. My sites now look all kinds of exotic.
Ease of use
Dead straight forward to download, install and enable - then everything went wrong and I had to get into the server to manually delete it.
Is a "Post message" type at the bottom of the download page. I guess they'll get back to us.
Is the download page - I think the extension is still a little bit too young to have much written down.
I used this to: Sadly I didn't get to use it.. I was really looking forward to the basic Protostar being extended as I use it alot. Search Protostarplus (which I have used on 2 new live sites to great effect, my others are the basic model with color and layout hacks, which is why I tried this)
Owner's reply: Sorry you had a bad experience. Must be an issue with your hosting. Many other people use the plugin without error. Try inquiring at the Joomla support forum as there are many posts referring to JFolder issues.
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CMSE Proto Options

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Oct 21 2018
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Oct 18 2018
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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